The best fantasy movies on Disney+Hotstar

By Andrew Lu | Published on 01-May-2020

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We’re all itching to get out of our houses and get back to normal life but alas, most of us are still stuck at home. So, what better way to spend your extra time away by checking out some these must-watch fantasy movies on Disney+Hotstar. Fantasy a genre has been around for a long time and thus we have a ton of cool stories and tales to draw from, which is why these top fantasy movies on Disney+Hotstar stand out as some of the best in the category. A lot of these films tell some of the greatest stories along with possessing a unique vision of what fantastical creatures and worlds look like. So, on this list of the best fantasy films on Disney+, you’ll find a few classics as well as a few surprises. 

With the world of fantasy taking over mainstream media, we’ve been spoiled when it comes to the genre. There are so many cool fantasy movies but we can’t include them all on this list of the best fantasy movies on Hotstar. As we’ve said before, some of these films are true masterpieces and classic, but we’ve also got new fantasy movies on Hotstar that are as cool as the legends. So, join us as we take a magical and fantastical trip into the best fantasy films on Hotstar. 


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How could we not include the classic that is Fantasia? A true masterpiece of animation and atmosphere, Walt Disney’s third film was by far his most ambitious and it shows in every frame of this film. A true extravaganza of audio and visual flourished, Fantasia features music by  Leopold Stokowski and the Philadelphia Orchestra. A collection of short animated features, Fantasia is a film that has to be seen to be experienced. If you consider yourself a true Disney fan, then you cannot afford to miss fantasia on Disney+Hotstar. 

Doctor Strange

Probably the first true fantasy film in the Marvel cinematic universe, Doctor Strange is a fantastical and magical look at the hidden and forbidden worlds of the Marvel universe. Starring an incredibly charismatic Benedict Cumberpatch, Doctor Strange tells the tale of one Stephen Strange as he gains the power of mystical energy after a harrowing accident that throws his life in chaos. As the Sorcerer Supreme of the MCU, Strange is the first and last line of defence against the Dark Arts. 


Even though the remake didn’t garner the same amount of praise as the original, Dumbo was still a fun adventure for the whole family. Directed by Tim Burton, the film has a unique vision and is a fitting take on the character for a more modern age. As a part of Disney’s live-action reboots of classics, Dumbo does the original the justice it deserves and flies into 2020 with renewed spirit. 


A James Cameron film through and through, Avatar was truly a fantastical and visual spectacle that has to be seen to be believed, for better or worse. The story is really nothing to write home about as it features generic hero-guy rescuing a more primitive civilization. That’s about it. But, what truly drives the film are the incredible visuals of Pandora, the planet where this tale is set on. Also, remember that this was made in 2009! That’s 11 years ago. 

Alita: Battle Angel

If you’re going to watch one film off this list, make it Alita: Battle Angel. Directed by Robert Rodriguez, the film is one of the most faithful adaptations of the source material. Also, you’ve got Killer Rollerball and robots that are proficient in the act of ass-kicking. With cutting-edge visuals and strict adherence to the original manga, the film really resonated with fans even though it did not make too much money at the box office. 

The Shape of Water

The Shape of Water is truly a masterpiece of modern fantasy. We would have also included Pan’s Labyrinth here but sadly, that film is not available on Disney+Hotstar, yet. Be that as it may, The Shape of Water stands up there as a dark fantasy tale that will be remembered for its beautiful set design and practical effects. Oh, and the love story between an aquatic mer-man and a mute woman will probably be the sweetest thing you’ll see in a long time. 

Aladdin (1992)

Forget the live-action remake and feast your eyes and ears on some of the best-animated sequences ever put to film. From the thumping and foot-tapping soundtrack to the always entertaining genie voiced by the late, great Robin Williams, Aladdin is a classic in every sense of the word. I’m sure a lot of you reading this even remember the songs from the film? Well, time to relive that magic with this absolute masterpiece. 


One of the newer films on this list, Onward is actually a pretty slick and fun little film. Produced by the animation geniuses over at Pixar, every frame oozes quality and the Pixar shine. The story itself is rather straightforward as it tells the tale of two brothers who must go on a magical quest to bring their father back from the dead. Oh, and did we mention they live in a world full of magical creatures that have since forgotten magic and live just like us? 

The Kid Who Would Be King

A sort of re-telling of the legend of King Arthur, The Kid Who Would Be King is the second feature film by director, Joe Cornish. It’s the quintessential British fantasy film as Arthurian myths are also close to fantasy as you’ll get. Cue the extracting of Excalibur from the rock and a young, slightly crazed Merlin to boot. The Kid Who Would Be King is s wonderful and wholesome fantasy film for the whole family. 

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