12 upcoming tech & lifestyle stuff worth lusting over

By Prakrit Dhondiyal | Updated 22 Sept 2014

Here we give you a sneak peak into some of the more awesome and exciting tech and lifestyle products that might just be making their way into our lives over the coming months.


RADO Ceramic Touch Dual Timer

Known for some of the most sought-after watches around, Rado has always attempted to add a tinge of modernity to their watches. The latest addition to their ‘Hyperchrome’ collection is no exception to the rule. Introduced at Baselworld 2014, the Ceramic Touch Dual Timer turned several heads with the absence of the time/date adjustment crowns. The watch is minimalistic to look at, and has two dials. Both dials can be adjusted using the outer rim of the watch. Instead of the traditional knobs, the Dual Timer uses a touch-sensitive frame to allow the user to set the time. Stylish, classy and modern, this watch is the focus of interest for chronophages everywhere.


The InkCase+

The InkCase+ is an interesting concept for a gadget and a bold project for Singapore-based company Oaxis. Expanding from their initial project InkCase which gave your phone an e-Ink back panel for visual appeal, the InkCase+ promises a lot more. The device claims a secondary responsive e-Ink screen that flips on and off your phone’s screen in a phone case. The InkCase+ is primarily built for people who spend time reading on their Android device, though the device emulates your phone’s screen in any situation. To combat the power used by the admittedly power hungry LCD screens, the InkCase+ shuts down your main screen and uses the e-Ink screen as a display. We’re not sure what the connectivity of this device is. If it’s through direct contact, Oaxis’ power saving claims may hold true. We look forward to seeing the final product for ourselves.



The Scribble pens are exactly as the name sounds – and much more, really. The purpose of these pens is to be able to copy any visible colour and reproduce it to the best of their ability. Scribble has two products –
The Scribble Stylus and the Scribble Ink. Both pens are equipped with a colour sensor at the back which analyses the subject from where you want to reproduce the colour. The Stylus connects the colour sensor to your tablet digitally. The Ink, on the other hand, is outfitted with a refill containing five colours. It reproduces scanned colours using basic CMYK colour codes.


Ninja ZX-14R ABS 30th Anniversary

One of John Abraham’s favourite bikes (as revealed to us in our interview back in July 2013), the Ninja ZX-14R returns this September with its 30th Anniversary special edition. With the classic pride of ‘you can’t improve on perfection’, Kawasaki has done little to change the bike for the release. With its 1441cc four-stroke, liquid-cooled, DOHC engine and 22 litre fuel tank, this monster has a boatload of nostalgia to offer for Kawasaki buffs. The bike has, however, decided to stay a little more true to its name, adopting a black and red colour scheme. The 50th Anniversary edition looks a lot more like a sleek Ninja than the classic green hulk that the first one was.


The Backtracker

An interesting device for cyclists, the Backtracker is accurately tagged as ‘the 6th sense for cyclists’. This apparatus can be attached to the rear of your bike, right beneath the seat. The Backtracker then (as the name suggests) keeps a track of vehicles behind you upto a distance of 150 yards (about 135 metres) and alerts you via a display attached to your bike handle. The display consists of a row of LEDs, each indicating a set distance between you and the vehicle behind you. In addition to the distance between your bike and the vehicle, the Backtracker can intelligently ascertain the speed at which it is travelling. The rear unit also works as a backlight to warn oncoming vehicles at night. The device is created by Ikubu, based in Stellenbosch, South Africa. They specialize in developing cutting-edge computer vision and radar systems. The Backtracker is a crowdfunded project, due to launch soon.


Table Air

Table Air is a compact and intelligent air purifier with a PM2.5 filter, ultraviolet disinfection, odor removal, and multiple air purification functions. The device also includes a built-in WiFi module,
which can be controlled directly through Table Air’s mobile app, giving the user access to functions like having a remote switch and controlling the wind speed of the device. Table Air can also can assess the surrounding air quality and provide travel health recommendations. The proverbial cherry on top is its stylish design, which makes it a perfect complement to any existing home decor.


Magnetic Dumbbell

What can be both light and heavy, give you the well-toned and muscular body of a wrestler (over time) as well as look geekier than Yoda in Terminator make-up? The O2 magnetic dumbbells look like the ID discs from Tron. They are two rings comprising of strong  electromagnets, the strength of which can be set by adjusting the level of electric power according to the workout intensity wanted by the user. The dumbbells’ display indicate 8 circled bars, each representing an additional weight of 3kg. The user can very conveniently select a training weight ranging from 3kg-24kg at a glance. Even the repetitions of each training-set are indicated on the display in
the middle of the device. The O2s make it unnecessary to carry different dumbbells for different workout levels. The one set of magnetic dumbbells will always meet the current needs of the user. Lightweight, portable and above all – incredibly geeky.



The Dimple is an attempt to add a tactile feel to today’s touch only devices. It’s essentially a small NFC sticker. Each of these stickers consists of 2 or 4 NFC buttons which can be customized to the user’s references. The Dimple uses the device’s Near Field Communication capabilities to help you make your frequently used apps and processes more easily reachable. It’s also great
for people who dislike the plain slab-like phones that smartphones are today and like having buttons on their devices. Thin, compact and convenient, the Dimple is a great addition to your phone or tablet.


The R-Kaid-R

For all the arcade gaming fans, the R-Kaid-R is a retro portable gaming device created by Lovehulten for the sole purpose of being able to carry arcade games around with you in your backpack. The R-Kaid-R also comes with a custom-built leather satchel to carry it around comfortably. Compressed into a small hand-crafted wooden box, the R-kaid-R has a uniquely aesthetic look about it. The device has a small screen (which actually looks like a CRT monitor. A little too much retroism going on here, if you ask us) and a static control pad consisting of an old-school joystick and 9 buttons. It is powered via USB and has a SD card slot for the user to boot roms off. It is, however, a limited edition buy. There are only around 50 models which will be available in all, so it’s a first-come-first-serve purchase.


The Ai.Frame

The Ai.Frame is an open-source miniature humanoid robot. The robot’s sophisticated structure is designed to make motion both precise and versatile. Operated by an efficient controlling system, the Ai.Frame executes your commands almost instantly. The Ai.Frame has abundant
upgrades as well as customizable commands – it has been designed to be exceptionally versatile. Powered by smart servos and sophisticated sensors it can perform up to 10 pre-programmed motions. You can program over 300 distinctive motions and put together thousands of combinations with multiple control devices. The robot can be controlled using a regular game controller or a touch screen device (using the readily available Android/iOS app). It’s meant to be easy to control and affordable, compared to the more expensive options out there.


Electric Objects EO1

Imagine if you could have a canvas up on your living room wall which changed its content to your needs. Something you could personalize based on your own mood and feel. Monet one day, Dali the next; and if you’re feeling contemplative, stare out into Van Gogh’s Starry Night, lost in thought. The EO1 is a Kickstarter project that can give you access to recreations of several works of art for your home. It is designed to fade into the background, like a photograph or painting. It becomes a part of the user’s home. The screen is subtle and toned, as compared to a regular LCD screen. The EO1 also has custom designed graphic art, with subtle animated movement in the design. The main function of the EO1 is to bring art off the internet and onto the device. Thus giving it a platform that does art more justice as well as provide you with a space to truly appreciate it for the way it was designed to be seen.


Lumo Lift

A persons daily poise indicates several different things, including their confidence, overall appearance and public image. Continuing the rising trend of health-related wearable tech. The Lift is a product of Lumo Body Tech – an entrepreneur venture by some of Stanford’s alumnus. The Lift is a small device that one can attach to their clothes. It monitors your regular posture and reminds you when you’ve been slouching for too long. It can either be worn under your clothes, or as a badge on your lapel. The Lift keeps tabs on your daily posture and keeps you updated on the amount of time you spent in the day with your shoulders held back and your back straight, as you normally should. If you’ve spent too much time in a bad posture, the Lift vibrates slightly, to remind the wearer to improve his/her stance. The Lumo Lift comes in 10 different shades and is the successor to the company’s earlier product – the Lumo Back.


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