The Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers under Rs. 5,000

By Team Digit | Updated 13 Oct 2014

One of the most useful accessories that smartphone users can own is the portable Bluetooth speaker. Not only are they great for picnics or small parties, you can also use the really good ones as your primary speakers thanks to their ease of use and efficiency. Let’s take a look at some great Bluetooth speakers you won’t have to spend too much on.


Logitech X100

Price: Rs. 1,790 (Flipkart)

The Logitech X100 is great for carrying around thanks to its diminutive size and weight (159 grams). Despite its size, the X100 is loud and offers around five hours of battery life. The X100 is also available in a number of bright colours.


Jabra Solemate Mini

Price: Rs. 3,399 (Snapdeal)

The Jabra Solemate Mini is a unique looking Bluetooth speaker that’s designed to resemble a sneaker (hence the moniker ‘Sole’mate. Get it?). Apart from the design USP, the Solemate Mini is also reasonably loud and quite easy to carry around.


Creative D100

Price: Rs. 3,512 (Snapdeal)

The Creative D100 may be the most plain looking speaker in this list but it’s also the most powerful. The D100 has good bass output for its price thanks to its twin drivers. Its portability is enhanced by the fact that it runs on AA batteries.


JBL Flip

Price: Rs. 4,538 (Snapdeal)

The JBL Flip is a sleek Bluetooth speaker that is the best sounding one among its competition. The Flip outputs clear audio even at relatively high volume and is perfect for small parties.


Ultimate Ears Mobile Boombox

Price: Rs. 4,799 (Flipkart)

The Ultimate Ears Mobile Boombox is a great sounding Bluetooth speaker with amazing battery life. In fact, it’s as good as some Bluetooth speakers that cost much more. Well worth the price.


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