Project Precog: A look at Asus' ambitious dual-display laptop

By Team Digit | Updated 6 Jun 2018

At Computex 2018, Asus unveiled its vision of the future of notebooks. Called Project Precog, the device is a looks like any other laptop at first glance, but instead of a traditional keyboard, it features a second display! Let’s take a quick look at what the device has on offer.


Of course, the highlight of the phone is the dual-displays. The idea is that users will get more more flexibility and use with such a setup. Project Precog sports a virtual keyboard which is said to automatically activate when a user approaches. Further, it can also automatically adjust the keyboard depending on where the user places their fingertips.


The two displays are joined via a 360 degree hinge, similar to what you would find in most convertibles. This allows the device to be used in stand, tent, book or flat mode.


In book mode, the device is propped up on a stand and the laptop is used like a dual-display monitor. The device can also be connected to accessories like a keyboard for input.



In tent mode, the screen of the device is tilted and is propped up on itself. This mode can be used when you want to watch videos or (like in this image), you want to give a presentation.


The Project Precog device at the Computex showfloor featured two Thunderbolt ports, a 3.5mm headphone jack and a microSD card expansion slot. However, since this is just a concept, the ports that the final version will feature is not yet known.


Of course, the fact that this is a concept version of the phone, didn’t dissuade Asus from making it look good. The device sports glass rear panels that give off a sheen. The panels also feature a lines that go across the rear.


Project Precog is not just about the dual-display, it also focuses on AI. The device supports Intel’s Movidius Vision Processing Unit (VPU) with Windows Cortana and Amazon Alexa voice services. Project Precog is expected to become a market-ready device that can be shipped to consumers in 2019.



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