In Pictures: Best of InfoComm 2016

By Abhijit Dey | Updated 16 Sept 2016

We got the opportunity to head over to InfoComm this year, which witnesses a huge convergence of professional audio/visual and information communications solutions under one roof, every year. Among the numerous booths and talks organised, these are our picks of the best attractions we saw at the show.


BenQ had a lot of display concepts and projectors (including a massive 4K one) installed at their booth. Out of all the products, their transparent display managed to catch our attention.


Christie is a well-known brand in terms of audio-visual products, and they had several types of projectors on display, where the ceiling projector (pictured here) looked the trippiest.


Another huge name in this space, Epson had a gigantic laser projector to show off at the event. The projector was so massive and bulky that they had to chain it up to the frame holding it above. Imagine streaming the Champions League final on this mean machine in your residential complex.


Right since BMW used projection mapping to unveil the Series 3, people were blown away by the concept. Now it has caught up everywhere and we got a glimpse of some of it, combined with stereoscopic 3D enabled through 3D glasses at Infitec’s booth.


Modern Stage Services used four systems to collectively project a single clip inside a dome, something which you must have already seen in a Planetarium, but here the difference was a far better colour gamut and brightness.


A professional audio-visual show can’t be complete without massive LED walls, and our search ended at RGB Share’s booth, where they had a humongous LED wall for our pleasure, along with other shapes in which these LED modules could be transformed.


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