Corsair's new bundle combines the Carbide SPEC-05 mid-tower case and VS650 PSU

By Sponsored | Updated 20 Dec 2018

Corsair’s Carbide series has made quite a name for itself over the years. Packing in all the necessary features required to build a PC, they serve as an entry point for beginners. Whether you’re building a budget gaming rig or a high-end one, the Carbide series will be able to accommodate it all, as long as the components are compatible. The Carbide SPEC-05 is an upgrade to the SPEC-04 with a new design including a completely transparent acrylic side panel. And now, Corsair has revealed a special bundled package that includes their VS650 PSU along with the SPEC-05.


Evolved curved design aesthetic on the front panel

The Carbide SPEC-05 takes a departure from the angular design that was introduced with their Bulldog lineup. However, this isn’t a complete overhaul in design since the curved design is reminiscent of the angular aesthetics. While the curved slit is more of a design element, it also functions as an inlet for air intake with the aid of the front fan.


Edge-to-edge transparent side panel

Side window panels allow builders to show off their powerful components on the inside. You know what’s better than a window panel? A fully transparent side panel. The SPEC-05 makes use of an acrylic panel on the left to ensure every component of yours is visible. It can be opened by removing the four screws on the four corners using the included Allen or hex key. With a slight tint to it, the bright LEDs shining on your components will be toned down slightly.


Super fast USB 3.0 port on the front 

Stretching and bending to reach your USB ports on the back IO panel won’t be a problem with the SPEC-05. You will be able to connect your peripherals, pen drives or external hard drives directly to the two USB ports on the front IO panel. And the best part, one of them is a USB 3.0 port enabling high-speed data transfer.


Generous support for cooling solutions

Shipping with a single red LED 120mm fan on the front, the Carbide SPEC-05 supports five more fans inside. The front panel supports up to three 120mm fans, two on the top and the third one can be installed after removing the hard drive cage. Once you’ve removed the hard drive cage, you can also install two 140mm fans on the front which is a first for the Carbide series. The top panel supports dual 120mm fans and the rear supports a single 120mm fan. Coming to the radiator support, you will be able to install up to a 240mm radiator on the front panel.


Unrestricted airflow inside 

With the absence of an optical drive, there’s nothing restricting the airflow entering the system from the front panel. The hard drive cage is modular, so it can be removed completely. This increases room for another fan on the front panel, leading to more air intake inside the case. Although there aren’t any exhaust fans installed, an additional fan(s) on the rear or top panel will do the job for you.


Ample amount of space for HDDs and SSDs

You can install up to three HDDs in the hard drive cage that also doubles up as SSD trays. If you are going to rely on SSDs only and not on hard drives, then you can simply remove the hard drive cage. In this way, you also get access to the additional fan mount on the front panel. Now you’re probably wondering where do you install your SSDs. Well, there are two slots behind the motherboard plate on the top left.


Cable routing holes for a clean build

A cleaner looking build will always look aesthetically pleasing. However, having appropriate cable routing holes makes it easier to build the system instead of having to spend extra time and effort figuring out the right path. There are several cable routing holes all over the motherboard plate so that all your PSU cables can be routed to the appropriate components. Multiple cable tie-points are also present which will enable a tidier build.


Removable dust filters to keep your case clean

One of the biggest enemies of your components is dust. And the best way to prevent dust from entering your system is the use of dust filters. The SPEC-05 is dependent on the front panel for air intake. A dust filter is integrated right inside the front panel so that it can block most of the dust trying to enter the case. Additionally, you will also find a dust filter on the bottom of the case under the PSU. Both the dust filters are removable, so cleaning them becomes easier.


Bundled with the Corsair VS650 PSU

When you’re building a new system, you’re probably looking for a new power supply unit as well. To make it easier for system builders, Corsair is bundling their VS650 PSU along with the Carbide SPEC-05. The PSU will be more expensive when you’re buying it separately, even when considering power supplies from other brands in the same wattage. However, by opting for this bundle, buyers will be able to score an impressive bang for the buck. Corsair’s VS650 is capable of running on a continuous power of 650W with 80 PLUS efficiency. It will be able to handle all your components including high-end graphics cards such as the NVIDIA RTX 2070 or the Radeon RX 590.

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