Best budget DSLR cameras to buy this Diwali

By Anirudh Regidi | Updated 7 Oct 2014

Cameras are a must for any occasion and few can match the speed and flexibility that a DSLR offers. For those just starting out with advanced photogrpahy or those on a tight budget, here a selection of great, budget-friendly DSLRs.


Nikon D5100 (Rs.28500)

This might seem like an odd entry, considering that upgraded models of this camera are already out. But this was, and still is, a superlative camera and at this price, offers the best value for money for any wannabe photographer.


Canon EOS 600D (Rs.37,000)

While officially priced at Rs.37,000, this one can be had, from the right place, for as little as Rs.27,000. This camera is roughly equivalent to the Nikon D5100 and is for the Canon fans among us.


Nikon D3300 (Rs.28,500)

Another camera that is only expensive on paper, the D3300 can also be had for much less and if you do get it for much less, it's an excellent entry-level camera.


Canon EOS 1200D (Rs.32,000)

This camera can be had for as little as Rs.20,000 and if you're on the lookout for a DSLR and you spot one at this price or lower, just pounce on it without hesitation!


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