Best headphones under 2000 for bass freaks

By Hardik Singh | Updated 12 Oct 2017

If you are into bass heavy music like EDM, Hip-hop, and so forth, you would want a pair of headphones where you can really feel the beat. However, finding bass heavy headphones in a budget can be a little tricky. With IEMs, on-ears and even over-the-ear headphones to choose from, which ones should you buy? Here is a list of headphones you can consider buying.


Soundmagic E10

Price : Rs.2199
The Soundmagic E10 is an all-rounder in this list as they produce one of the best audio output as compared to other headphones here. They offer a tight bass, a brilliant mids and are very comfortable reproducing higher notes.



Price: Rs 2000 approx
While Sony’s XB range is meant for bass lovers, the XB30’s offer a good mix of bass and mids. They come with tangle free cables and are one of the best looking IEMs in this list.


Sennheiser CX275s

Sennheiser is a well-known name in the audio industry and the CX275s are a budget friendly pair of IEMs from the company that you can buy today. They are lightweight and come with a carry pouch.


Skullcandy Method In-Ear Headphones

The Method In-Ear Headphones are for people who are look for heaphones they can exercise with. These are available in various colours and are the only sweat resistant pair of headphones in this list. Further, the secure fit design is holds its position better than normal IEMs.


JBL T110 Pure Bass

Price:Rs.1300 approx
Talk about wearing your heart on your sleeve. As the name would suggest, the JBL T110 Pure Bass headphones are meant for bass lovers. 


Like the JBLs we mentioned previously, the JVC HA-FX101B are also made keeping bass lovers in mind. They have a good passive sound isolation and a durable rubber exterior.


Panasonic RP-TCM125 Ergo fit

Price:Rs 850 approx
The TCM125’s have been our all time favorites when it comes IEMs. They have a snug fit, are inexpensive and have a very pleasing sound signature. Futher, they are available in different colours.


Sony MDR-XB450

If you don’t like IEMs, then you might want to take a look at the Sony MDR-XB450. Like Sony’s XB30’s we mentioned earlier, these also come with a tangle-free cord and have a rich bass-heavy sound.


Sennheiser HD201

Price: Rs.1990.
If you are looking for over-the-ear headphones under 2000, then the HD201 are also a good option. These are not as bass heavy as the XB450s we mentioned earlier, But overall they are just as good.


Audio Technica Sonic Fuel

If you are looking for a circumaural pair of headphones which can be easily folded and do not compromise on audio quality, then this might the pair for you.


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