Best gaming monitors to buy in India

By Anirudh Regidi | Updated 7 Oct 2014

If gaming is your thing, choose from one of these monitors to ensure great visual performance. Day in, day out.


BenQ GW2255HM (Price: 8k)

A budget friendly monitor that offers an incredible contrast ratio (1100:1) and decent colour reproduction and viewing angles. What more do you want?


BenQ GL2460HM (Price: 12.5k)

This is our favourite monitor in the 24-inch category. Think of it as the GW2255HM, only larger. There is some backlight bleed, but it still offers great value for money.


ASUS PB278Q (Price: 45k)

While it's very much on the expensive side, this 27-inch monitor from ASUS is among the most gorgeous 2K panels we’ve ever come across. If you can afford it, this is an excellent option for high-res gaming.


NEC EA273WM-BK (Rs: 45k)

This is a 1080p panel, but it’s an NEC panel and it does justice to that name. The quality of this panel is simply excellent and whether you want this one or the ASUS PB278Q mentioned above only depends on the resolution you prefer.


BenQ GL2760H (Rs: 16.5k)

If it’s value for money you want, the GL2760H is for you. It’s a better than average monitor, but it sports a 27-inch screen and has very decent stats. Perfect for the more budget conscious gamer.


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