8 new Android games you should check out

By Team Digit | Updated 17 Sept 2015

What do you need that powerful SoC on your phone for? Why for playing games of course! Here are the picks for this month!


Zombie killing game will never go out of fashion it seems. So, this month, by the developers of Dead Trigger 1 and 2, we get Unkilled. It is a redesigned first person shooter that lets you blast through mobs of zombies with extreme fluidity. The gameplay is almost similar to the Dead Trigger games we have played so far. There are extra features like time “bullet-time” buffs, rockets and more.



Z.O.N.A Project X Lite
Do you remember Stalker or have been a fan of the original S.T.A.L.K.E.R series? Then this is the game for you. It is still under development but features awesome graphics. You are in the Z.O.N.E and the future of mankind depends on you in a world that has been a subject to a nuclear war. 



Lara Croft Go
Lara Croft Go is just a good looking puzzler, which offers a ton of puzzles that you have to solve to move ahead in the game. Square Enix has done a superb job making the graphics look amazing and the puzzles equally challenging.



Pokemon Shuffle
Pokemon fans rejoice, now you can battle your favorite pokemon on your phone. This is also Nintendo’s first attempt at mobile gaming as a developer. This game is not meant for hardcore Pokemon fans since the game has more of puzzle based gameplay, which is simple and move based.



Dungeon Boss
Dungeon Boss is all about killing the..well, Dungeon Boss. This dungeon crawler offers turn based fighting and killing the main boss at the end of each level is the main objective, but to get to him you will have to clear his minions first. Don’t get fooled by the cutesy looking graphics of the game though, the fights are much more challenging as well as rewarding.



Another puzzler, Framed is more like rearranging a comic book. You need to arrange the puzzle correctly to advance in the story but even if you are not able to, you would end up with some interesting or funny outcomes.



Star Wars: Uprising
Star Wars uprising is more than just an action RPG. All Star Wars fans should try this game atleast once as the story is set between Star Wars: Episode VI and Episode VII. The game also has massive multiplayer and totally customisable characters. Go ahead, be one with the force.



Cute Things Dying Violently
Did you like Super meat boy which incorporates cute characters and gruesome deaths. If yes, you should check Cute Things Dying Violently. The goal is simple, clear the stage without dying. It's easier said than done though!



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