15 free, on-sale games and apps on Google Play Store

By Sameer Mitha | Updated 14 Jul 2017

It is that time when we list some great games and app deals for you. As of writing this story all the games and apps that have gone free or are on discount on the Google Play Store are still valid. If you are reading this list and are interested in picking up any of the following we suggest you hurry. The clock is ticking.


Put simply, Batch Watermark Pro is an image signing application which allows users to append text on multiple images in a fast way. So, if you are one that clicks lots of images and are looking for a number of fonts and colours to customize your images with, then this is the app for you. 
MRP: Rs 20
Current offering: Free


We have Google Maps and Apple Maps when we navigate the road, but what if you are in a boat? Not the ideal app for use in India, but if you travel abroad where boat services are active, then this can be a good travel companion. It tells you the location of fueling stations, which is always a nice addition. The app also helps you discover locations where you can find hieroglyphs, rope swings, and hikes to waterfalls.
MRP: Rs 100
Current offering: Free


Travel to Barcelona!

If you are traveling for the first time to Barcelona, then this is the companion app you need. The app will be your guide to historic locations, places to shop, and of course, major tourist attractions. Sure, you could download Google Trips, but hey, this is an app dedicated to Barcelona

MRP: Rs 70
Current offering: Free



PIXELMAN is a retro styled endless-flying game where you don the role of, you guessed it, PIXELMAN. He has a cape and symbol on his chest (wonder where he got the idea), but the fact that he looks like an 8-bit character justifies his name. Did we mention you have obstacles to overcome in this game?

MRP: Rs 65
Current offering: Free


Orb Smash

If Tetris was all about orbs then this is what the game would be. The objective of the game is simple – match the colours of the orbs, get the high score, show off on leaderboards!

MRP: Rs 70
Current Offering: Free


Daregon: Isometric Puzzles

If you are a geometry nerd, then this is the puzzle game for you. The objective of the game is simple - find the way out of some of the most challenging mazes.

MRP: Rs 70
Current offering: Free


Nimbbi - Icon Pack

Dark, Transparent, Minimalistic, Ring-around icon pack is now available for free! If you are one looking to jazz up your smartphone with unique icons then this is the app for you.

MRP: Rs 39.99
Current offering: Free


HD Wallpapers - Full HD (Pro)

The name says it all, doesn’t it? The app offers more than 880 HD wallpapers with a new wallpaper being added each day. 

MRP: Rs 35
Current Offering: Free


LockMyPix Photo Vault - Hide Photos & Videos

If you don’t like people asking for your phone and then going through your photos, then this is the app for you. LockMyPix hides private photos & videos and protects against unauthorized access. The app does this by using military grade AES encryption.

MRP: Rs 120
Current offering: Rs 75


Magnifying Glass Flashlight+

Ever wanted to magnify the text on your smartphone without digging into the settings GRANDPA! Well, this is the app for you. The app not only provides 2x,3x,4x,8x levels of magnification, but has a built-in flashlight as well. 

MRP: Rs 185
Current offering: Rs 55


Quick App Lock Pro - protects your privacy

If you don’t like people accessing information on your smartphone, then how about locking the individual app? Don’t know how? Then Quick App Lock Pro is the one for you. Quick App Lock Pro locks apps by displaying the lock screen whenever a locked app is launched. Those who do not know the unlocking pattern will be unable to launch locked apps. So, no one that asks for your smartphone will be able to read your messages, mail or WhatsApp if you don’t want them to.

MRP: Rs 180
Current offering: 60


Table Tennis Touch

If you are looking to play Table Tennis on the go, then Table Tennis Touch is the one for you. Serve, spin and smash your way to ping pong glory! The game offers a bunch of modes such as career, mini games, multiplayer and more. 

MRP: Rs 240
Current offering: Rs 55


Faces of Illusion 

If you are intrigued by magic and illusion then this is the game for you. Based in the lore of 19th century Paris, a young journalist witnesses the kidnapping of a theatre star, Beatrice Le Brun. The ambitious girl then undertakes her own investigation. You are now the one that will solve the mystery!

MRP: Rs 350
Current offering: Rs 210


Tennis Champs Returns

Do you remember playing the Tennis game on your good old NES? Would you like to recreate the same magic on your smartphone? If yes, then this is the game for you!

MRP: Rs 170
Current offering: Rs 85


The Secret Order 4

Another game to offer magic, mythology, mystery and puzzle you explore 47 ancient locations and test your skills in 58 mini-games.

MRP: Rs. 350
Current offering: Rs. 210


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