13 new mobile games you should check out

By Anirudh Regidi | Updated 19 May 2015

Hundreds of apps and games are added every day to the Play Store and iOS App Store. It's a tough task to figure out the best games you should spend time on, so we have done it for you. Here are the best games you should check out this month.


Goat Simulator
Already a smash hit on the PC, this insane, irreverent and frankly absurd sim has found its way to an iOS or Android device near you. Now’s your chance to be the goat, wherever you may be. Latch on to vehicles, head butt everything in sight and generally spend the most insane day of your life. Why is goat simulator so popular? Nobody knows. But that doesn’t mean that we can stop playing. Ever.

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Robots Love Ice Cream
If you’ve always been a fan of Space Invaders and for some obscure reason, felt that the game would have been so much better if the aliens were robots that loved ice cream and that your spaceship was an ice cream van that shot ice cream at said robots, the Robots Love Ice Cream is the result. The game is the Space Invaders of the modern era, complete with absurd visuals, solid mechanics and fun gameplay.

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Tap Titans
Oh no! The world is overrun by villainous Titans and only you have the power to save it! “Tap to attack, tap to slay, tap to collect gold, tap to hire heroes. Tap to activate devastating skills, tap to unlock powerful auras, tap to summon mysterious artifacts. Tap to explore beautiful worlds, tap to meet helpful fairies, tap to revive heroes, tap to collect lost treasures.” Tap your way to victory, put those pesky Titans to rest and drive them off your planet. In your thumb lies true power.

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Super Mega Worm
The Earth is on the brink of destruction, a fate brought on by us humans. Mankind is the most destructive force that Mother Earth has ever seen. We’ve ripped her apart in our quest for resources, burrowed deep into the planet for oil and waged war that laid waste to most of our planet. Mother Earth has had enough. Humanity had its chance and it is now time to wipe them off the face of the Earth, and what better tool for the job than Super Mega Worm, a.k.a Wojira. Wojira only sees humans as pests and parasites and will go out of its way to wipe this scum off the face off the Earth. Burrowing its way through the outer crust, this fell beast will purge the world of humans and their robots of mass destruction. Take command of this beast, nurture it, help it grow and transform into the super weapon that it was always meant to be. Guide Wojira and save the world.

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Spout: Monochrome Mission
There will be a few oldies among you who still remember the joys of the original Moon Lander game and its clones. Those simple, monochrome vector graphics had a charm of their own and the mechanics and physics were surprisingly complex for that time. Enter Spout: Monochrome Mission; a game that harkens back to that era, but reimagined for the modern age. You pilot a pixelated rocket ship about a series of obstacles, all the while worried about your flight vector and inertia, using the exhaust blast from your rocket to reshape the world around you and overcome seemingly insurmountable odds. A fun, simple, yet incredibly addictive game this. Give it a whirl, you won’t regret it.

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Out There
Space is a vast and inhospitable place. No decision is taken lightly for your very survival depends upon it and thus, neither should this game be taken as lightly. A simplistic and elegant art style belies a surprisingly complex and deep game that will have the wannabe spacefarers among you hooked. You are an astronaut lost in the far reaches of space. You awaken from the depths of cryo-sleep in an unknown place and must make your way back home, all the while managing resources, avoiding hostile alien races and dealing with an ancient power that holds your fate, and the fate of mankind, in its hands. Play this game and save the human race. It is your destiny.

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Eve of Impact
Earth is under siege by the most persistent asteroid barrage that it’s ever seen. Scientists quickly managed to hack together a force field to protect the planet and have placed the entire world’s nuclear arsenal at your disposal. Tap to launch missiles and take out those Asteroids before they lay waste to this lovely planet you call home! Knock asteroids off course or blow them up outright, but whatever you do make sure they don’t hit the planet, even the debris can cause massive damage. The fate of the world rests on your thumb!

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Puzzle and Dragons
When a game claims to be the most popular game in Japan, you know that Pokemon somehow involved and depending on the demographic, so is manga. When it comes to Puzzle and Dragons however, you’ll be right on the former count. Think of this game as a cross between Bejeweled, Candy Crush, Hearthstone and Pokemon (whew)! As awkward as that might sound, the game can be insanely addictive and is also extremely challenging. You solve puzzles to activate a set of Pokemon-esque colour coded monsters and use them to fight hordes of enemies in dungeons. At the same time, you level up these your own monsters, accessing ever more potent attacks. The colour combinations you swipe will activate a monster of that particular colour. There really is some thought behind this.

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Simple Rockets
If you’re a huge fan of physics, rockets and space, not necessarily in that order, take a look at SimpleRockets. It’s a simple enough game at first glance, you have various modules, you use those modules to build a rocket and then you use that rocket to put a satellite in orbit, land on the Smoon or on Sjupiter or whatever else floats your boat. When you look deeper you realise that the game features quite a robust physics engine and implements many of the concepts used by NASA in their actual rocket launches and space programs. Master this game and you’ll make it to NASA in just no time at all (we may be exaggerating just a little bit).

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Boson x
We can’t describe this game any better than the developers, who say, “Boson X is a fast-paced rotational runner set in a particle accelerator.” Yes, a particle accelerator. Depending on how much of a physics nut you are, you’ll either squeal with joy at the thought of experiencing the inside of a particle accelerator or moan with horror at the corruption of a sacred, scientific instrument. Either way, the game is a lot of fun and one of the best endless runners out there. As a bonus, your death has you blowing up in a shower of particles, inside a particle accelerator. It’s almost poetic.

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Space Chicks
The quest to find the perfect mate is eternal and it traverses boundaries of race, space and time. Space Chicks is an Endless Runner (like Temple Run), except this time, you’re chasing after Space Chicks (the humanoid variety, not literally chicken) across a galaxy. You bounce along over planets with varying gravity, time your jumps so your escape velocity is right and kill bad guys and pilot spaceships at the same time. This is a wonderful game to the pass the time with and takes the endless runner to the next level.

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A very addictive puzzle game this, har·mo·ny requires you to rearrange boxes of colours into harmonious palettes. The catch is that each box is restricted to a set number of moves, forcing you to really think about your actions. The game is free2play, but thankfully, free from ads as well. Puzzles are accompanied by “harmonious music and harmonized sound effects” for a truly harmonious experience. ‘nuff said.

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Deadly Bullet
This is a game with a heavily idealistic and very lofty target, the freeing of a people of a dystopian metropolis with a single bullet. You are that bullet, the deadliest bullet to ever exist, a conical piece of lead with a single-minded focus and the ability to take any path that it sees fit, even a circle. Pilot this deadliest of bullets through the metropolis, laying waste to the droves of thought police and chugging powerups en-route. Be the bullet. Save the metropolis!

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