Now a smartwatch with 30-days battery life!

Vector smartwatch delivers 30 days of battery life, 10 times more than the Apple Watch.

Published Date
23 - Mar - 2015
| Last Updated
23 - Mar - 2015
Now a smartwatch with 30-days battery life!

Vector has announced two smartwatch models, the Luna and the Meridian at the Baselworld show in Switzerland. The company claims that the low-powered OS embedded in the watch will deliver a 30-day Battery Life. The watches are available for pre-order from the company's website and will be launched over the summer.

The Vector smartwatches don't have a touchscreen display, but come with three physical buttons that control the device. The wearable has a simple design with a stainless steel body and users can choose between the round-faced Luna and the rectangular Meridian design. Both the smartwatches have a metal link, with optional leather or rubber interchangeable straps.

Vector brand is a team by ex CEO of Timex Joe Santana, Vector CTO Andrei Pitis and ex Nike Designer Steve Jarvis. The smartwatch offers step, calorie and distance activity tracking and sleep tracking as well. It has built-in contextual awareness that allows the device to understand patterns in user behavior and comes with a sensor-activated notification system.

Vector promises that the wearable will have a 30 day battery lifeWhere to buy 1299 1299 3150, which is ten times more than the Apple Watch. The company says that the extremely long battery life is a result of the monochrome memory LCD screens, and the low-power custom OS of the wearables.

The watches run on a system exclusive to Vector and are compatible with smartphones powered by iOS, Android and Windows Phone operating systems. The Meridian version will sell for $199 and the Luna will be priced at $349.

Low battery lifeWhere to buy 1299 1299 3150 is one of the biggest challenges that smartwatch developers have been facing. Recently Asus launched the next ZenWatch which promises a 7-day battery life. The much awaited Apple Watch has also fallen short of expectations with only a day of active battery life.

Source: Vector