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Intel Smart Retail Solutions: AOPEN Intelligent Self Service Kiosk

By Team Digit | Published on Jun 13, 2019
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Here’s one by AOPEN, an Intel partner that specialises in making packaging and weighing kiosks. In any self-service billing kiosk, there’s always the risk of the customer billing their items incorrectly or dishonestly. So, to avoid such cases, AOPEN has made an intelligent self-service kiosk with an eye to watch out for human errors during billing. AOPEN showed the example of a store in which only nuts and dry fruits are sold. This is because many of them are similar in appearance and can be misidentified. AOPEN’s intelligent self-service kiosk uses Intel’s technologies like Movidius and OpenVINO Toolkit to recognise the bag placed under the scanner correctly. This avoids incorrect billing by the customer. Although it’s still a proof of concept at the moment, this solution can be seen in a large supermarket in the future.


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