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Intel Smart Retail Solutions: Advantech iRetail Intelligence Platform with Video AI

By Team Digit | Published on Jun 14, 2019
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Here is an intelligent store monitoring system by Advantech called iRetail. The concept is easy to understand if you know how cookies in a website work. Basically, they collect information about the user’s behaviour within different parts of a website for targeted marketing purposes. For example, if a user was seen showing more interest in the laptop section of an electronics store, that user will get more laptop suggestions. Advantech’s solution applies the same principle to a brick and mortar store using cameras and large displays. It monitors the shop floor to see who is interested in what by measuring the time they spend in each section of the store. It then reports its findings in the form of usable numbers to the storekeeper. That way, the store can change the products it sells depending on what the customers prefer the most.


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