ایچ پی Envy 15-J049TX

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By Digit Desk | اپ ڈیٹ شدہ on(urdu) 09-Apr-2019
Market Status : LAUNCHED
Release Date: 06 Sep, 2013
Official Website : HP
61,000 Available at 1 Store
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Market Status : LAUNCHED
Release Date : 06-Sep-2013
Official Website : HP

Key Specs

  • OS OS
    Windows 8 (64 bit)
  • Display Display
    15.6" (1366 x 768)
  • Processor Processor
    Intel Core i5 (4th generation) | 2.5 GHz With Turbo Boost upto 3.1 GHz
  • Memory Memory
    1 TB SATA/8GB DDR3
Price : 61,000 (onwards) Available at 1 Store
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ایچ پی Envy 15-J049TX Specifications

Basic Information
Model name : Envy 15-J049TX
Launch date (global) : 2013-09-06
آپریٹنگ سسٹم (مع ورژن) : Windows 8 (64 bit)
لیپ ٹاپ کی قسم : Ultraportable
Resolution : 1366 x 768
ڈسپلے سائز (انچ میں) : 15.6
Display technology : HD BrightView LED-backlit Display
Wireless connectivity : WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0
کنیکٹوٹی : 4 x USB 3.0, HDMI
خصوصیات : Built in webcam, multi card reader, Backlit keyboard
پوائنٹنگ والا آلہ : Touchpad with Multi-Touch Gesture Support
ریم شامل ہے (gb میں) : 8
ریم کی قسم : DDR3
Physical Specifications
لیپ ٹاپ کا وزن (کلوگرامز میں) : 2.19
لیپ ٹاپ کی ابعاد (ملی میٹر میں) : 379.5 x 250.7 x 27.94
پروسیسر کے ماڈل کا نام : Intel Core i5 (4th generation)
گھڑی کی رفتار : 2.5 GHz With Turbo Boost upto 3.1 GHz
انتہائی کم وولٹیج (ہاں یا نہیں) : Y
گرافکس پروسیسر : Nvidia GeForce GT 740M
Storage drive type : SATA
Storage drive capacity : 1 TB
آپٹیکل ڈرائیو : DVD RW Drive with Dual Layer Support
بیٹری کی قسم : 6 cell
پاور کی سپلائی : 65 W AC Adapter
آواز کی ٹیکنالوجی : Beats Audio

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ایچ پی Envy 15-J049TX Brief Description

The ایچ پی Envy 15-J049TX has been launched on 06 Sep, 2013 in India. Know detailed specifications about this Laptops product. The ایچ پی Envy 15-J049TX is available in India.

ایچ پی Envy 15-J049TX Price in India updated on 9th Apr 2019

ایچ پی Envy 15-J049TX Price In India Starts From Rs.61000 The best price of ایچ پی Envy 15-J049TX is Rs.61000 on Flipkart.

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User Review

Overall Rating
4.9/ 5
Based on 10 Rating
  • 5 star


  • 4 star


Based on 10 Rating

user review

  • Nice product with External Optical Drive
    JEBAM JEYA RAJA on Flipkart.com | 01-02-2014

    As usual Flipkart delivery is the best in the market. Please note the Optical Drive is not included but it came as the external drive. There is no information about this in the specs. Keypad back-lit is the most wonderful feature in this laptop. The price is very aggressive when comparing to the show rooms. Nice gaming experience. Multimedia is also good.

  • Great laptop & Superb Flipkart delivery
    Nidhi on Flipkart.com | 01-01-2014

    I got the laptop delivered on Jan 1 so it kind of came as Happy New Year from Flipkart and this review comes from the new laptop only :-D Delivery in 2 days and it was sealed pack so very happy with the Flipkart experience as always. With regards to the laptop, it has great specifications and fitted perfectly to all what I wanted in the laptop. Though I haven't yet gotten a chance to use it much till now, it looks to be perfect with its 8 GB RAM, beats audio, 1 TB hard drive. All in all a good purchase. 2 things though I will definitely highlight and the reasons for the 4 rating and not 5. - I hate the new touchpad in the laptop, the left and right keys are esp quite uncomfortable for me to use. Also, strangely this laptop comes without a backpack included in that INR 61K price!! HP could have done better there. - Second point is more a feedback for Flipkart - i called the customer care twice to confirm if I would get the DVD external drive because I read it in the comments of other users that it is part of the package only. But both times I was told that I won't be getting it. Even though I asked them to check the actual contents of the package, they both refused saying other buyers must have received it as an offer. Let me clear it for other buyers - you will SURELY GET the DVD-RW drive as it is part of the original contents from HP only. Would be great if the Flipkart team is more observant of the details they provide on the website and customer care to be more open to check the actual packaging as there are chances that some details are missed. Otherwise, very satisfied with the purchase.

  • VFM is seriously underrated for this machine...!!
    Nilay Shah on Flipkart.com | 01-12-2013

    yes u heard right....resolution is not up to mark..viewing angles are limited.. display resolution is a common problem wid every laptop in dis price range now a days, so whichever brand u buy, u r gonna face d same prob...but other then display, everything is spot on...beats audio seriously does make difference here..awesome... all 4 usb ports are 3.0 which is great. feels very sturdy. backlit keyboard is good. so its a complete value for money...i would say no other brand will give u this many features at such price...and this one looks even more premium then it should be at such price...i got it for 56k... i would recomend it for everyone who want some serious performance...because even without detecting the nvidia graphic card, it shows 4.9 rating for inbuilt intel 4600 HD graphics...i guess it would be around 7.0 if it would detect nvidia for performance rating.. and yes it has auto detect option for which of these two graphics to use for specific task...saves battery..only for high graphics games it will choose nvidia graphics, for any other tasks intel 4600 HD is more than enough........ so overall its a great buy for multimedia and gaming purpose...and flipkart's service was great as always...i got 5% discount on 59300/- FROM FLIPKART... with hdfc credit card... i got HP branded backpack and external DVD R/W

  • A Very Good Decision
    Samran Hannan on Flipkart.com | 01-11-2013

    I purchased this laptop about 2 weeks ago and I have spent sometime with it to write a review. Firstly I would like to thank flipkart for their very prompt services. I needed the laptop ASAP and I forwarded my request to flipkart. You will not believe me but the order was delivered to me in perfect condition the very next day. I was delighted and I would like to congratulate flipkart on such prompt services. And now coming to the real deal... This is an amazing laptop for it's price and the offers that one can avail during diwali season. To start with, the laptop screams PREMIUM !! From smooth glass silky finish to the curves to the fine edges and to the engraved Beats Audio logo. You see it with your own pair of eyes and feel it with your own hands and you will be able to relate to what I just mentioned. It is very light and sleek making it very portable and stylish to carry by hand which is something very important for me because I'm always on the go and my laptop goes wherever I go. What even adds further to the style quotient is the back lit keyboard, it surely looks so damn good in the dark and it is as useful if I may add. Another really cool thing about this machine is that it's always so COOL... it barely heats up at all. It doesn't even make any noise at all.. I guess its the difference between an Ivy bridge and a Haswell... Now I shall come to the audio department... Beats Audio is amazing ... Believe the hype. It has 2 speakers above the keyboard and 2 below with amplifiers and sub woofers... Yes!! you read that right... I played some dubstep(although I'm not a fan) and the sound quality exceeded expectations... It is loud but crisp and the bass drops gave me goosebumps !! Now since it clearly says that this laptop is ideal for gaming purposes, well let me just fill you in on that. I have some of the most latest games like Battlefield 4, Arkham Origin and Crysis 3 installed on this laptop and well I was more than satisfied by its performance. Arkham origins had no lags at ultra high settings, Battlefield 4 and Crysis 3 were very smooth as well. Well the Nvidia GeForce Gt 740m is definitely a very good card for a laptop. I even tried playing these games without the laptop being on charge and there was barely any drop in performance !! I somehow feel that the display of the machine could have been better but I'm more than happy with what I got in the contrary... :) :) And yes yes yes.... buy this laptop from here or anywhere, you will get a HP laptop backpack and a really nice looking HP USB external optical drive (DVD-RW) To sum it up, its the best decision that I made and another good decision was by buying it from here... All those who are interested in buying this laptop, stop thinking and just order it ... Its a very good laptop !!

  • Best at the price and beyond.
    sarthak gupta on Flipkart.com | 01-11-2013

    Okay so I bought this laptop from a store in Nehru place, Delhi and it's been around a week or so since I got my hands on this machine for the first time. Physical Stuff: pros: 1. Very light for its size although when you look at it, you expect it to be lighter. 2. Gorgeous. Killer looks. 3. Backlit keyboard is a delight to use. 4. Speakers are pretty nice. Initially I had thought that the "beats audio" is like just a gimmick and wont make a difference. And quite frankly it is not that that significant on speakers but plug in some good quality headphones and use the built in beats audio equalizer accordingly and its actually outstanding. 5. The headphone jack is actually a headphone/mic jack. So instead of buying a headset for you laptop with a separate jack for mic, you can just plug in the headset that is compatible with phones, like a single pin for mic and headphones. 6. Fingerprint sensor is pretty good. 7. Screen is okay. 8. Some people complaint that on the left side of the keyboard if you press any key the whole keyboard goes down. I'd like to point out that this is not the case. 7. Batter backup is amazing. Cons: 1. Feels fragile but it actually pretty sturdy. 2. Its impossible to open the lid with one hand. You'll need to hold the base of the laptop as the hinges might not be that good or whatsoever. The thing is, this "issue" i have seen in every new HP laptop. 3. In order to improve the looks what hp has done is made the laptop extra extra thin on the front side and goes thicker as you go along the edge towards the backside as you can see in the side angle picture on flipkart itself. While its kept on a soft surface like a bed or a mattress, if you click the touchpad button, the whole laptop kind of leans towards you. Again this wont happen if you keep it on your lap or on a table. Although this is not that big of an issue and can be overlooked (like almost all the issues of this laptop) 4. Touchpad and keyboard will need some getting used to. Also since the material of the keys and the keyboard is not glossy plastic (its more ike matte) there's always a concern in my mind to not accidentally hit any key with a nail while typing. But then you get used to it in no time and exra care with your new laptop is not a bad thing. 5. Dust magnet. Hard to clean the keyboard (but that's mostly due to my laziness) Performance: Pros: 1. Runs the most graphics demanding games on ultra/very high graphics. (Witcher 2 on ultra with no lag although frame rate drops at times. Farcry 3 on ultra. Lag on the pause menu but butterly smooth game. Crysis 2 on Ultra totally awesome. 2. The webcam is pretty nice and clear and works well in low lighting. 3. IT DOES NOT GET HEATED!!!! With hp, i had my doubts about overheating of the laptops (very common in hp). Still I went for this machine and was surprised. After playing Witcher 2 on ultra for 4 hours, Farcry 3 for 2-3 hours and crysis 2, it wasnt awfully hot. It was cooler than the general heating in other brands like dell or samsung. 4. Coolsense is actually effective (initially I had my doubts). Heating is different when i play with the laptop on my lap, than when i keep it on a table. (I have the laptop on my blanket right now and i just placed my hand at the vent and the air was "cold". Coolsense is awesome) 5. Lowest screen brightness level is quite low so it doesnt hurt y eyes when i operate the laptop in the dark. Btw dark is the best thing with this keyboard, BACKLIT!!!! 6.Beats audio equalizer is very very good with headphones. CONS: 1. windows 8! It's kind of complicated and glitchy. Although Microsoft is releasing something called windows 8.1 and i think the glitches and bugs wont be in the update. Summing up, this is a great laptop. Although outnumbered, the pros of the laptop easily outweigh the cons. I mean this is a proper gaming-multimedia laptop. I'd give this a 9/10 rating.

    Nitin Potdar on Flipkart.com | 01-10-2013

    About product: The best kind of ultra book with such a low price (I bought it for 56515). Performance: excellent Noise: Almost nil Heating: Very low Battery life: 5hours min with normal usage. Back lit keyboard helps and looks awesome when working in low light Best configuration at lowest prize. I was searching for such configuration and for prize since a month finally I got it. Service & Delivery: Initially I have placed the order on 4th OCT and was verifying for order status on 5th evening and realized that the price has been slashed by 1000Rs and HP has came up with DIWALI offer, hence I asked to cancel the order placed on 4th and reordered it on 5th evening with help of Flipkart customer care and within no time everything smoothly executed, I received my order on 7th OCT by noon, it was INTACT and packaged well. Excellent job by flip kart.

  • Awesome laptop!!!
    Tarun Prasad Sahu on Flipkart.com | 01-10-2013

    Really an awesome laptop. Bought it last week from the market coz I got at Rs.2000 less than flipkart price. Some of the good features are: Light weight Sleek and sexy design Heating is almost nil Pre-loaded HP softwares for better performance Battery gets charged within 1.5 hours and 4.5 hour battery backup Amazing audio Very good transfer speed with my hard disk( 120mbps average) External dvd drive Back lit key-board Graphics is excellent And no dislikes till now…

  • All Good Except Keyboard
    Shajeer on Flipkart.com | 01-10-2013

    Hi, For the person who had the doubt, the Laptop does come with an external DVD writer. Also with a HP Laptop Bag although it was not mentioned in Flipkart :-) . Just got mine yesterday. As for the Laptop itself, it is very good. I had some apprehensions about the screen as it is not HD, but once i have got the Laptop, the screen is pretty good and looks HD for all practical purposes . Apart from Screen all the other things like Speed, Battery life are all excellent & the beats audio is fantastic. As another reviewer pointed out, the only concern is the keyboard which is a bit flimsy especially on left side. The keypad contains a number pad on right side which has resulted in all keys becoming small & harder to type (and key misses when we type fast).

  • Worth the price. Brilliant gaming experience
    Avinash Khatua on Flipkart.com | 01-10-2013

    I did not buy this product from Flip kart as the price offered here and in the market varied like about 2k. Firstly the product is very sleek and stylish and light weight . It gets the design from Mac book (honestly.) Pros: 0. DVD- Believe it or not , this product comes with an HP External DVD R/W . Amazing. 1. Display- LED does its charm here. Amazing quality and 15.6 inch does please in 1080p movies. 2. Audio - Beats audio speakers and woofers below rocks the ambiance in gaming/music/movies. 3. Keyboard- The backlit led keyboard is the usp of this product. In dark the keyboard glitter like diamonds. 4. Graphics- Nvidia Geforce 740m can give desktop graphics a good fight. Tested MOH-Warfighter, Metroll, FarCry3, Modern Warfare 3 in high settings and all performed wdt any glitch. 5. USB- 4 usb 3.0 properly placed both sides with hdmi on left side. 6. the audio jack charging jack and rj45 jack are on same right side. 7.Battery- well been few days of buying so gives me arnd 3-3.5 hrs of backup. 8. Weight- Not much bulky. Cons: 1. Audio- Woofer at the bottom is a bit ..errr.. u know. Thats it. No more Cons.

  • Perfect model at this price
    Narayanan Dayalan on Flipkart.com | 01-10-2013

    This laptop is perfect, it handles everything without any problems. The only problem what i see on this product, it comes with external DVD RW drive, which is not a good idea (may be because it is sleek). Hp could have built with 7200rpm hdd rather than 5400rpm. It didn't get heated up even if i work for more than 5 hrs. This item delivered quickly, set up quickly, and I was using it right away. Windows 8 was a little confusing at first, but got used to it after a while. Some users says they have issues on keyboard, but i did not face those on my piece. This model somewhat look like macbook, Overall, i love this model.

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