Top 10 Best PC Games in India

Updated 15 - Jun - 2019

Our list of the Top 10 Best PC Games that are highly recommended for their gameplay, graphics and experience. Click on the individual Best Computer Games listed to read detailed reviews and know more about them.



This is the game that actually started all the hustle and bustle of Battle Royale games and it is the reason this genre has reached a phenomenon that it is today. The entire concept of 100 players land on an island and grab whatever weapons and ammo they can find, and aim to survive and fight to death, sounded pretty similar to a Battlegrounds/hunger games style. PUBG is a more realistic FPS game as opposed to the more cartoony and arcadey Fortnite by Epic Games. If you are one of those who like to get their survival instincts triggered with some thrilling and realistic action then PUBG is the way to go.



The game that started off as a straight up imitation of PUBG has now evolved into a Minecraft generation arena shooter. Since Epic Games launched Fortnite back in July 2017, the developer has changed the overall concept of the game that gives it a steep learning curve. There's more to Fortinite than just blatant survival based battle royale game like PUBG. Unlike PUBG, Fortnite players can also instantaneously build their own buildings for their defence. Fortnite offers you everything that PUBG has plus the building system with the exception being a realistic game play that Fortnite fails to offer.

Here's is the summary list of Best PC Games In India 2019, Top 10 Computer Games

Product NamePrice starting fromAvailable at
Apex Legends2999 flipkart
Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare3700N/A
Divinity: Original Sin IIN/AN/A
Dirt Rally 2.0N/AN/A
Metro ExodusN/AN/A