Best Weighing Scale For Body Weight (2022)

By Afrah Khan | Price Updated on 17-Oct-2022
If you think that only overweight people use weighing scale machines daily, you need to reconsider, as every person conscious about their fitness and health needs to track their weight ...Read More
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Voetex Zone Weighing Scale, V-0132

Voetex Zone Weighing Scale, V-0132 price in India
If you are on a weight loss or weight gain journey and want to monitor your progress consistently, then this weighing scale by Voetez Zone might come in handy. Suitable for personal use, the scale has an elegant design that gives it a unique look and the toughened glass on the top ensures that it can withstand the weight of the person using it without breaking. Thanks to its step-on technology, you can immediately view the weight on the large and bright LCD screen. The dimensions of this 2.26 kg weighing machine are 28 x 28 x 3 centimetres, and it can handle weights up to 180 kg (440lb). It has 4 sensors for accurately measuring the weight and has an auto on/off function as well as a low battery indicator to ensure smooth operation at all times. Powered by 2 AAA batteries, this sleek machine can prove to be a great addition to your living space as it is stylish and extremely easy to use.

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Dr Trust Electronic Weighing Scale, IGH00112

Dr Trust Electronic Weighing Scale, IGH00112 price in India
Dr. Trust has launched many amazing devices for health care and fitness, and this digital weighing scale is one of them. It displays the accurate reading (of weight ) on its digital LCD screen (that has a blue backlight so you can easily read even low light) in no time (that is a step on technology made). It even has a small-sized, durable and portable USB cable so you can plug it into the laptop, power bank or any other compatible power source without any hassles. It sports a tough glass which adds to its strength, durability and style, making it worth the bucks! Its product dimensions are ‎32.26 x 27.69 x 5.59 centimetres, and it weighs approximately 1.52 kg and won’t take up much space around the house. The scale also displays room temperature. It has patented Accu gauge technology which uses sensors to measure weight accurately. Last but not least, it has an auto-off function which turns off the machine when not in use, and it also has low battery and overload indications to ensure proper usage.

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Sasimo Digital Weight Machine

Sasimo Digital Weight Machine price in India
Sasimo 6mm Automatic personal digital weight machine is a heavy-duty electronic weight machine with attractive looks and accurate weight measuring capabilities. It sports an eye-catching design and blended corners that not only add to the looks but also ensure that nobody gets hurt by the edges while using it. It uses 2 AAA batteries which means that you can easily replace the battery when the scale runs out of juice, and you can also replace the battery when needed. The LCD screen can also display several alerts along with the weight like “Lo” which means low battery, " Err " in case you didn’t follow the steps correctly and need to weigh again for accurate results. It also has several other symbols so you can easily handle the machine. The scale can weigh people as well as things in the range of 0.2 kg (minimum) to 180kg (maximum), so people of all age groups can use it.

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Dr Trust Electric Weighing Machine with Tray

Dr Trust Electric Weighing Machine with Tray price in India
If you have an infant at home and need to weigh them every other day to keep track of growth, then this weighing machine by Dr Trust can help you out. The machine can weigh up to 150 kg which means that adults can easily check their weight but what makes it unique is that it comes with a tray that can be used to weigh infants as well! The removable weighing tray can be placed on its top, and you can lay the baby on it comfortably to check their weight without any hassles. The readings are shown on the 6.6 cm LCD, and it is equipped with high-precision strain-gauge sensor technology, which provides accurate results every time. You can also record the weight in its memory for future reference and use the HOLD function to ensure that the weight is measured precisely if the baby is wiggling or tossing, making it a great addition to new parents’ homes!

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Realme Smart Scale, OB02388

Realme Smart Scale, OB02388 price in India
Realme Smart Scale can manage your weight accurately and can be a great investment if you need a detailed analysis of your weight loss or gain journey. The Realme Scale highlights reach on a high-precision BIA sensor that can seize bio-current information in your body. The Bioimpedance Analysis and advanced algorithms can give you a measure of several metrics like body fat content, muscle content, and other vital statistics. It offers 16 types of Health Measurement units that help track your progress easily. You can also check your heart rate in real-time using this scale using its heart rate monitor. You can weigh your pets and even fruits as it can measure a minimum weight of 50 grams, and it can weigh up to 150 kgs post which it shows an alert. Its compatibility with the realme Link app allows you to share the data with your friends, family or doctor easily. It keeps a record of data of multiple users without any mixups. Last but not least, this 2.3 mm ultra-thin scale is powered by four AAA batteries that can be on standby for 360 days.

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Dr Trust USA Elegance Weighing Machine 514

Dr Trust USA Elegance Weighing Machine 514 price in India
Dr Trust is such an amazing brand that we could not help but include another product in this list! This weighing scale acts as a multi-functional machine that can display the room temperature (in Celcius) and measure your weight. Its top is made of premium quality tempered glass and has a thickness of 6 mm along with rounded edges to handle weights up to 180 kg while ensuring the user’s safety. All you need to do is step on the scale, and it will use the Accu-gauge sensors to accurately measure the weight (in kg, pound and stone), which is then displayed on the backlit LCD so you can read it even in low lighting conditions. The scale automatically turns off when not in use, thus increasing its battery life. It has a compact design which makes it highly portable. It uses two 1.5V AAA batteries and has an auto-calibrated scale, so you don’t have to spend hours setting it up before weighing something.

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HealthSense Ultra-Lite Personal Scale (PS126)

HealthSense Ultra-Lite Personal Scale (PS126) price in India
If you are looking for a stylish and compact weighing scale, you should check out the PS 126 by HealthSense. This plastic weighing scale isn't overpriced and has user-friendly features such as the “Step-On” technology which enables you to measure your weight without doing anything besides stepping on the scale and reading the results on the 3.5 inches backlit LCD screen. It can be useful if you want a simple weighing machine to track your progress as a part of your weight loss/gain journey and don’t want to spend additional bucks for those fancy scales with complex features that you have no use for. It has four high-gauge sensors that accurately measure the weight up to 180 kgs (400 pounds), and you can get readings in pounds and stone as well with a single press of a button. The scale has a skid-proof top that offers a custom foot grip to prevent users from slipping and can prove quite reliable for everyday use at home.

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Lenovo Smart Weighing Scale HS11

Lenovo Smart Weighing Scale HS11 price in India
Lenovo has entered into the health and fitness industry after conquering the tech industry. This smart weighing scale by the company has a seamless design composed of glass and ABS base that resists dirt and moisture quite well! Its ultra-thin design ensures you have a stable footing, while the toughened glass (Lenovo claims that it has equipped it with military-level toughened glass) provides its top with the strength to weigh the objects up to without breaking. You can get metrics of up to 20 health indicators (water percentage, fat, lean weight, etc.) and other valuable insights, thanks to its Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) feature! It can record data of up to 30 people with ease and is highly compatible with a wide range of operating systems, including Android and iOS, for ease of connectivity and tracking. If you think its features single-handedly give it an edge over its competitors, there’s more. It has a hidden LED display and brilliant light-emitting technology that ensure high readability in all kinds of lighting conditions and give it a minimal yet modern look.

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EAGLE EEP1002A Weighing Scale

EAGLE EEP1002A Weighing Scale price in India
This smart weighing scale is useful in getting your weight and BMI accurately at home. You can see several metrics like bone mass, water, BMR, lean weight and several other vital metrics on the large LCD screen with dimensions 109 x 62 mm, while the platform has dimensions 300 x 300 mm, so you can stand on it comfortably. It can measure up to 200 kgs with accuracy within 100g and weighs 1.9 kg only, so you can move it around the house or carry it around with ease. It has an auto on-step function that switches on the machine when you step on it while the auto-zero and auto-off features reset and turn off the machine once you step away. It also alerts when the weight is placed incorrectly on its toughened glass top. It also indicates to the user when the battery is low, so you can replace the four AAA batteries (1.5 volts) and keep it ready for use at all times. Last but not least, it has a phone connectivity feature that allows easy sharing of data.

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MEDITIVE Smart Weighing Scale

MEDITIVE Smart Weighing Scale price in India
This smart Bluetooth weighing scale can help you check your and your baby’s weight regularly at home with ease and accuracy. Its baby mode lets you measure the weight of your infant or toddler as you can simply weigh your weight and then again with your baby in arms, after which it calculates the baby’s weight quickly. The scale has Bluetooth connectivity so you can quickly connect it with your phone and get vital body-related statistics like muscle mass, body age, skeletal muscle rate, protein, bone mass, body fat rate, BMR, and visceral fat in a report. You can weigh objects ranging between 10 kg to 180 kg with an accuracy of up to 100 grams.I. Its high-precision sensors and auto-calibration function ensure precise results every time. It is compatible with Android (4.3 or higher versions) and iOS (7.0 or higher versions), so you can timely sync data to apps like Google Fit and iHealth, respectively.

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List Of Best Weighing Scale For Body Weight (Dec 2022)

Product Name Seller Price
Voetex Zone Weighing Scale, V-0132 Amazon ₹ 829
Dr Trust Electronic Weighing Scale, IGH00112 N/A N/A
Sasimo Digital Weight Machine Flipkart ₹ 548
Dr Trust Electric Weighing Machine with Tray Flipkart ₹ 3,299
Realme Smart Scale, OB02388 Amazon ₹ 1,999
Dr Trust USA Elegance Weighing Machine 514 Flipkart ₹ 1,099
HealthSense Ultra-Lite Personal Scale (PS126) Amazon ₹ 1,510
Lenovo Smart Weighing Scale HS11 Flipkart ₹ 1,510
EAGLE EEP1002A Weighing Scale Flipkart ₹ 2,999
MEDITIVE Smart Weighing Scale Flipkart ₹ 1,799