Best Bread Toaster for Every Kitchen

Toasted bread is the staple breakfast for millions worldwide, making it one of the most popular morning meals globally. But what is the reason behind its worldwide admiration? Well, from ...Read More

Philips 2-in-1 Toaster (HD2583/90)

Philips 2-in-1 Toaster (HD2583/90) price in India
Are you particular about how brown your toast should be? Then the Philips 2-in-1 Toaster is the ideal pick for you! Featuring a total of 8 browning settings, this electric toaster allows you to adjust the brownness as per your preference. It comes equipped with a couple of large variable slots to ensure it can fit different bread sizes. For even browning to take place on both sides, the appliance uses a self-centring mechanism. With an integrated bun rack that can be used for warming rolls and pastries, the Philips 2-in-1 Toaster goes over and above your generic toaster! It also boasts a cutting-edge reheat function that can be used for warming toast and a defrost feature for thawing frozen bread quickly. In terms of safety measures against short circuits, this appliance leverages an auto shut-off tech. Its other notable details are a removable crumb tray, a cancel button, and a durable build.

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Bajaj Pop-up Toaster (ATX 4)

Bajaj Pop-up Toaster (ATX 4) price in India
With the Bajaj Pop-up Toaster in your kitchen, your breakfasts couldn’t be any easier and quicker. Thanks to its multiple slots and auto pop feature that automatically pops the bread slices out once they are done, the appliance helps you save a lot of time. Powered by 6 adjustable browning settings, this toaster can fix up any type of toast you like! It has a cool-touch body that helps in saving your fingers and hands from accidental burns. It provides instant heat to quicken the toasting process and helps in saving electricity, consuming merely 750 Watts of power to function optimally. Usually, while toasting the bread slices, a few toasted bread crumbs fall. To eliminate this problem once and for all, the Bajaj Pop-up Toaster comprises a removable crumb tray that makes cleaning easier. In addition to these features, it also has a non-skid base, a mid-cycle cancel button, and a cord storage space.

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Wipro Vesta Bread Toaster

Wipro Vesta Bread Toaster price in India
Every family member might have different preferences when it comes to toasted bread. While some may prefer a golden-brown texture, some might like a darker texture. To meet the needs of every individual, the Wipro Vesta Bread Toaster has a 7-level browning system. The appliance has eliminated the need to manually take out the bread from the slots as this toaster can pop up toasted bread as soon as they are done. This helps prevent burnt toasts! In addition to being an electric toaster, this appliance can also be used to reheat toasts and thaw frozen bread. Earlier, burnt bread crumbs from toasters led to a lot of cleaning efforts. But the Wipro Vesta Bread Toaster has also solved this problem innovatively since it comes fitted with a detachable tray. You can also cancel an ongoing function (reheat, defrost, toasting) with the help of its built-in cancel button.

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Bergner Bread Toaster

Bergner Bread Toaster price in India
Some toasters give unevenly toasted bread; that is, one side is toasted more than the other side. The Bergner Bread Toaster leverages a unique self-centring mechanism that can toast the bread evenly on both sides! It boasts a total of 4 browning settings that allow you to toast the bread to different levels. Keeping in mind the dangers of short circuits, the appliance uses a best-in-class auto shut-off function. Thawing frozen bread generally takes up a lot of time. But with the Bergner Bread Toaster, this task can be achieved in one go within a few seconds! Plus, it can also be used to reheat toasted bread. The appliance also has a high lift function that helps you to remove smaller pieces of bread easily. Its other important specifications are an aesthetic yellow body, an ergonomic design, and a cancel button.

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Agaro Grand Pop-Up Toaster

Agaro Grand Pop-Up Toaster price in India
You had to insert your fingertips in the slots in standard toasters to take out smaller bread slices. In contrast, the Agaro Grand Pop-Up Toaster keeps your fingertips protected against burns, thanks to its high-lift lever. This function enables you to take out the smaller slices seamlessly! Its extra-wide, 1.5-inch slots can accommodate various bread types, such as white bread and sandwich bread. It also has an automatic pop-up function that takes out the bread as soon as it is done. To protect your kitchen counter from an unnecessary mess, it comes fitted with a removable crumb tray. It has a 7-setting browning mode (1-2 for light shade toasts, 3-4 for medium shade toasts, and 4-7 for dark shade toasts). Moreover, its refined stainless-steel body enhances the aesthetics of your kitchen!

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Usha Pop-Up Toaster (3720)

Usha Pop-Up Toaster (3720) price in India
This multi-functional toaster comes along with 7 settings for variable browning controls. This gives you maximum flexibility and enables you to focus on other household chores! For your convenience and protection, the appliance has a high lift option that lets you safely take out smaller slices of bread with ease. It keeps your countertop clean and mess-free with its crumb tray that enables you to remove the crumbs before they get burnt. While in operation, the body of the Usha Pop-Up Toaster remains cool. This is because of its cool-touch body that helps prevent accidents. This pop-up toaster is equipped with a 6 Amp plug with earthing to ensure safe operations and protection from electric shocks. It also has a cord winder that lets you wind up the cord neatly after use, making way for hassle-free storage. It also has an LED indicator, a plastic shock-proof body, and a mid-cycle cancel function.

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Bajaj Avengers Pop-Up Toaster

Bajaj Avengers Pop-Up Toaster price in India
If you have kids at home or are simply looking for ways to make your daily boring toasts a bit interesting, then you must consider buying the Bajaj Avengers Pop-Up Toaster. Why? Well, as the name suggests, this toaster would imprint the Avengers characters on your toasts (Iron Man’s mask and Captain America’s shield)! Featuring a 7-level variable browning function, you can make different types of toasts without any hassle. It can keep the bread at the centre that helps ensure uniform browning takes place. The Bajaj Avengers Pop-Up Toaster uses 600 Watts of power, the Bajaj Avengers Pop-Up Toaster can give quick and efficient results. Moreover, it would also take care of the leftover bread crumbs with its slide-out crumb tray. To facilitate easy storage, this pop-up toaster features a cord winder. In addition to these specifications, it also has illuminated function buttons, a steel finish, and a sleek design.

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V-Guard Pop-Up Toaster (VT210)

V-Guard Pop-Up Toaster (VT210) price in India
With the V-Guard Pop-Up Toaster, you will wake up to savour light, crunchy, and evenly crisp toasts every morning! This 800W pop-up toaster features auto bread centring technology, providing fast and uniform heating while preventing any contortion. To prevent burnt fingertips and convenient removal of smaller bread slices, the appliance comes with a high lift lever. It has a cutting-edge variable browning control, giving you complete freedom to choose from 6 toast settings - extra-light, light, golden-brown, just-right, crisp, and well-done toast. The V-Guard Pop-Up Toaster also comprises an illuminated cancel button that enables you to abort heating at any given time. Moreover, its removable crumb collection tray makes cleaning hassle-free. The appliance also has extra-wide bread slots to suit any type of bread.

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Havells Crust Pop-Up Toaster

Havells Crust Pop-Up Toaster price in India
The toaster is available in a unique cool-touch body. This feature ensures that no matter how hot the inside of the toaster gets, the toaster’s exterior remains well-insulated and cool. Hence, it enables you to handle the toaster without getting burnt! The cage of the Havells Crust Pop-Up Toaster is made of food-grade stainless steel. This makes the appliance rust-free and more hygienic. It also comes with a defrosting button that lets you take the bread out of the fridge and put it inside the toaster directly without having to wait for it to thaw. This helps you save a lot of time. The toaster boasts a 7-heat setting control that gives you a greater amount of flexibility on how much you want to toast the bread. Thus, it enables you to customise the bread's brownness and crispiness! Its other functionalities are a bread release knob, an auto shut-off system, and a reheat mechanism.

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Prestige Toaster Grill (PGMFB)

Prestige Toaster Grill (PGMFB) price in India
The Prestige Toaster Grill has an advanced non-stick coating on its grill plates, hence eliminating the need for excessive oil during cooking. Since it can be used for both toasting and grilling, this toaster with a grill can fix up both sandwiches and toasts! It requires very little power to operate, as low as 850 Watts. Thus, you need not worry about a soaring electricity bill! Powered by a thermostatic controlling function, this appliance prevents overheating and accidents. Its indicator LEDs let you know when the grill is plugged-in, preheated, and when it is ready to cook. While the red light is for power or heater, the green light is for grill-ready or cut off. Since its handles are made of heat-resistant materials, you can open and close the appliance without having to worry about burns. It also has an elegant black finish body, an ergonomic handle, and a durable build.

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List Of Best Bread Toaster For Every Kitchen

Product Name Seller Price
Philips 2-in-1 Toaster (HD2583/90) Amazon ₹ 2,250
Bajaj Pop-up Toaster (ATX 4) Amazon ₹ 1,455
Wipro Vesta Bread Toaster Amazon ₹ 1,849
Bergner Bread Toaster Amazon ₹ 1,349
Agaro Grand Pop-Up Toaster Amazon ₹ 3,599
Usha Pop-Up Toaster (3720) Amazon ₹ 1,679
Bajaj Avengers Pop-Up Toaster Amazon ₹ 2,709
V-Guard Pop-Up Toaster (VT210) Amazon ₹ 1,173
Havells Crust Pop-Up Toaster Amazon ₹ 1,570
Prestige Toaster Grill (PGMFB) Amazon ₹ 1,399
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