Best Thriller Movies On Zee5

By Team Digit | Updated on 06-Apr-2021

In the icy-cold winter nights, what could be better than getting a goose-bumping dose of best thrillers on Zee5? Nothing can get your heart running and blood pumping in a way that a good thriller movie can. Luckily, Zee5 has the perfect collection of Hollywood suspense movies, Hindi suspense movies, and other thrillers movies list to binge-watch. No surprise if the best thrillers on Zee5 keep you up throughout the night with their cracking ends. So, pick up your popcorn bucket and wrap your blankets because we have got you covered.

This nerve-wracking thriller feast is a dramatised version of one of the most scandalous jailbreaks in India. This Hindi suspense movie is inspired by the 2016 events when six inmates absconded from the prison in Delhi. The narrative of this fascinating thriller is aligned with the goings-on post-surgical strike. Directed by Sanjay Gandhi and acted by Amit Sadh, Rucha Inamdar, and Rahul Dev, the movie is fascinating enough that you will remain on your couch’s edge from start to end.

This murder-mystery movie revolves around an alcoholic police officer fighting a traumatic past and dealing with his inner demons. Against his will, he is sent to a government guest house in Himachal Pradesh to investigate a teenage girl’s demise. Initially thought to be a wolf attack case, the needle of doubt points to the five suspects present in the guest house at the time of the girl's homicide. It is nail-biting to watch how Shashi Bhushan unveils the real killer when the odds are piled against him.

This crime thriller’s story is based on a real-life psychologically deranged mother who pushes her two daughters into the crime world. The sisters were accused of abducting children, running a vast pick-pocketing cartel and brutally killing those who seemed useless to them. They were the first female duo of India to be given capital punishment for mass murders. This sensational movie shocks and thrills even the serious watchers and simultaneously throws a volley of questions about rampant crime scenario.


This psychological crime thriller is one of the top suspense films on Zee5. The story of this hair-raising movie revolves around a quaint gangster and his three sons. With a vast line up of gifted stars, the movie presents an incredibly intriguing story of a Delhi crime family as they fight with one another for personal interests. Directed by Rohit Karn Batra, this best thriller on Zee5 is a spellbinding depiction of how ruthless a mafia family can be.

Barot House is one of the best thrillers on Zee5 that traces the story of an upper-middle-class family. This sensational-drama revolves around the Barot family as they try to figure out the murder mystery of two daughters of the house. This family suspense has many twists and turns, making it worthy of watching in this bleak season. Packed with the powerful acting of Amit Sadh and Manjari Fadnni and loaded with supernatural elements, it is engrossing to explore what happens when a juvenile resorts to killing?

This intense court-room drama weaves a beautiful story whilst dissecting the death of 36 immigrant children in Uttar Pradesh. The story of this twisted psychological thriller is inspired by real-life events. With corrupt minds trying their best to veil a harsh truth, it would be awe-inspiring to uncover what happened next when a respected individual is indicted of mass murders. Nail Polish is one of the best thrillers on Zee5 that gets darker with each step.


This new thriller from Zee5 stunningly weaves the outbreak of China’s deadly virus that looms on the horizon. This hair-raising thriller’s story is grounded in the realities of the India-China tensions and a lethal pandemic. With an extraordinarily relatable and gripping storyline, the movie has taken a gimmicky grab at topical issues. In a tough time when the whole world is dealing with the coronavirus pandemic, it would be exciting to watch a thriller-drama made on the same concept.

Yaara is one of the best thrillers on Zee5 that tugs the right emotional chords, even for the serious watchers. Premiered on International Friendship Day, this friendship-thriller celebrates the bond between four friends, Rizwan, Phagun, Mitwa and Bahadur, who are always there for one another. The lives of 4 different boys are hit hard by circumstances, and destiny brings them together in the dark alleys of the underworld. This crime drama unfolds the beauty of four criminals’ camaraderie and their rise and fall in the crime world.

Taish is both a 2.5-hour long movie and a sextet web-series to binge-watch on Zee5. The story of Taish revolves around a few aggressive people who have been tending their rage for years. This revenge-thriller shows the hatred between two families whose lives change for the worse when an eternally infuriated boy’s path crosses with a gangster. Whatever happens next changes their entire lives, and everyone enmeshed in this hatred. ‘Taish’ teaches a powerful life lesson that rage triggers rage, and revenge is never an answer.


An underdog-as-winner is an evergreen subject, and director Prakash Jha understands this fact well, so he has streamed this thriller-drama on Zee5. Based on a real-life event, the story of Pareeksha shows the life of a rickshaw puller in Bihar who aspires to get his child admitted to the city’s best private school for a better life. With his other accountabilities like family’s food standing and bills raking up, how far a rickshaw puller goes to realise his dreams for his child is inspiring to explore.

Omerta is one of the best Indian thrillers movies on Zee5. This biographical crime drama is based on real-life events that include Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh’s crime of abducting Western tourists in India in late 1994, his imprisonment, his release in exchange for the IC-814 hostages in 1999, and the assassination of Daniel Pearl in 2002. So, even if the plot of Omerta is not a big surprise, Bollywood’s golden boy, Rajkummar Rao, gives teeth to this nail-biting thriller with his pitch-perfect performance.

The Tashkent Files is one of the best suspense movies Zee5 that engrosses the watchers from the start to the end. The story of this gripping conspiracy thriller is based on the mysterious demise of India’s 2nd PM Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri. This thriller movie is not political propaganda but an attempt by worthy actors like Pankaj Tripathi, Mithun Chakraborty and Naseeruddin Shah to unveil the truth – whether late PM Shastri had died a natural death or was assassinated. The movie will keep your blood pressure soaring.


Bamfaad is a ZEE5 Original romantic thriller drama film that beautifully portrays a passionate love story between Naate and Neelam. It is riveting for both romantic and serious watchers how two strangers meet accidentally, fall in love, make brave choices and go through a pile of pain and pleasure for the sake of being together. The movie is a roller-coaster ride of emotions that bring back the memories of Bollywood’s small-town love story with loads of actions, suspense, romance and drama.

Drive is one of the best Hollywood suspense movies on Zee5. Based on a 2005 novel, this action-thriller’s story-line revolves around an unidentified Hollywood stuntman who also acts as a getaway driver for criminals and a part-time mechanic. The crux of the story comes when he weaves a plan in an attempt to aid his neighbour in pulling off a heist. But the plan fails, and he inadvertently puts at stake everyone’s lives, including his own.

Directed by James Wan, Insidious is a supernatural horror thriller. With creepy images and a spine-tingling soundtrack, this Hollywood thriller on Zee5 is hugely frightening. The movie shows the grim life of the Lamberts family and how their son strangely slips into a coma as soon as they move into their new house. While figuring out his current state, the family lives their darkest nightmare, fighting evil spirits who possess his body. Caution! Insidious is not for the faint-hearted.


Trapped is one of the top suspense films on Zee5 that tells the story of a guy who mistakenly gets locked inside a Mumbai house with no electricity, food, water, or any neighbours. But this brave boy struggles against all the setbacks to survive. Now, his life is hanging by a thread of hope. Will he survive this ordeal? The best part about this scary survival drama is that it was shot in less than a month but does wonders to engross the watchers.

Mercury is a silent thriller movie that every serious watcher must watch. The story of this top suspense movie on Zee5 revolves around five deaf and dumb friends who accidentally kill a visually impaired man deformed by mercury poisoning. They toil hard to cover the demise of that man. But suddenly, the dead man comes out of his grave and starts terrorising them in mysterious ways. What is the truth behind his death? Will he take revenge? Watch this silent thriller to uncover the truth.

Lahore Confidential is another romantic thriller drama on Zee5 that will keep you on the edge of your seat, thinking whether you should pray for the country or the couple. The story revolves around an ISI agent and an Indian spy who fall in love with each other. The movie’s theme will take you to the peak of a dilemma, making you wonder if we should die for duty or personal relations. This spy thriller has a strong sense of excitement and patriotism, coupled with a dose of old school romance.


Unlock is the story of an obsessive woman who realises that she is about to lose the man of her dream to her roommate. She moves heaven and earth to make things right again, but all the doors seem shut. Eventually, she installs an app that grants a wish in just three steps. As soon as she allows the app to access her privacy, her love starts progressing. It is enthralling to explore whether it is just an app or a supernatural entity that grants the wish.

Hacked is a gripping romantic thriller that unveils the deep dark side of the internet, social media and the digital world. The movie warns about the dangers of cybercrime and how it can ruin one’s entire life. The story of this cyber-thriller revolves around a fashion magazine’s editor who befriends a teenage boy. Things are going right when one dreadful night, their relationship changes for the worse. The movie offers a sense of vigilance that is often lacking in today’s digital age.

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