Best Tempered Glass for Phones in India (2022)

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amfilm tempered glass

amfilm tempered glass price in India
One of the best-tempered glass manufacturers in the industry, amFilm has made its mark by offering durable, scratch-resistant screen protectors for a wide range of smartphones. These are easy to install and provide an edge to edge protection to your smartphone screen and reduce the risk of damage during sudden impacts or falls.

The screen protectors are extremely easy to install and can resist fingerprint grease, dirt and grime so your screen looks new even after months of use. Moreover, its 0.3 mm thin design provides full touch screen compatibility and you won’t feel any hindrance while using the phone’s screen. To make sure that the screen protector fits securely onto your mobile screen, amFilm has added a silicone gel adhesive on the edges as well.

To ensure that their screen protectors are compatible with most phone covers and cases, amFilm makes them a bit smaller than the actual size of the phone so you won’t have to compromise with the looks and style! Last but not least, the original touch experience despite its 9H hardness (thanks to the 99% transparent screen), thus providing you with an immersive and seamless experience in all aspects!

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Supershieldz price in India
This Philadelphia-based company has emerged as one of the leading screen protector manufacturers in recent years. Be it the eye-catching iPhone, highly efficient Samsung smartphone, good-old kindle or your favourite wearable or watch, Supershieldz offers high-quality screen protectors for all kinds of devices.

These are made from high-quality tempered glass to ensure maximum durability and enhanced protection from chips and scratches so the screen looks as good as new even after months of use. Their most recent screen protectors are designed with 2.5D tempered glass and have rounded edges to provide comfort to fingers and hands. Its oleophobic and hydrophobic coating resists sweat, oil and fingerprints. Supershieldz has ensured that these 0.3 mm thick screen guards can handle everyday wear and tears, and added features like 9H surface hardness and highly transparent guards so you can enjoy your favourite movies in high clarity without compromising the safety of your phone. The protector covers the screen entirely and also negates the halo effect which makes your viewing experience even better! You won’t require the services of a professional while installing this screen guard as it’s very easy to apply on the device’s screen.

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IQ Shield

IQ Shield price in India
If you are on the lookout for some really good screen protectors for your devices but don’t know which brand to trust then it’s time you head over to IQ Shield’s website. It is a leading manufacturer of protective film for a wide range of electronic devices and smartphones. They have revolutionised the traditional clingy screen protectors with the help of their innovative device protection technology (aptly named “IQ Shield).

You will be glad to know that despite its premium quality, each product is affordable. These robust films are made of thermoplastic polyurethane(TPU) which ensures greater flexibility, so you can easily fit it on the screen of your device. The tough, scratch-resistant surface safeguards the device from chips, scratches and smudges while the anti-UV layer contributes to optical transparency of the screen for comfortable viewing and prevents yellowing. IQ Shield claims that these screen guards can self-heal from minor scratches and nicks in a few days and thus don’t need to be replaced very frequently.

You won’t have to worry about any hiccups as these screen protectors are designed to provide comfort to fingers while gliding the screen and the bubble-free adhesive ensures easy installation and leaves no residue when removed.

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Skinomi price in India
If you have ever looked up products to protect your smartphone’s screen from damage then you must have come across Skinomi. But if you believe that this leading manufacturer of screen protectors only makes tempered glass for mobiles then you’re in for a surprise! Skinomi offers multi-layered tempered glass screen protectors made from durable Thermoplastic Polyurethane(TPU) for a wide range of devices ranging from smart wearables to guitars (Skinomi make protectors for natural wood skin too!).

TPU contributes to the durability, flexibility and toughness of the screen guards and protects the screen from chips, nicks and scratches. The additional UV protective layer prevents your protector from yellowing and keeps the screen crystal clear and transparent for a longer period. Moreover, its acrylic adhesive makes the installation process easier and leaves no residue when removed. Skinomi has even equipped the screen guards with advanced technology that helps them revert to their original state and recover from light scratches and nicks. This helps in reducing the frequency at which you switch the screen guards. You can easily install or remove these on your own as the anti-bubble silicone adhesive provides easy installation, resists dust, oil and fingerprints and doesn’t leave smudges on the screen after removal.

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Illumishield price in India
Here’s yet another leading manufacturer of tempered glass for mobile that you can rely on for safeguarding your phone from dirt, grime and scratches without spending a fortune. Illumishield offers a multi-layered tempered glass screen protector made from durable Thermoplastic Polyurethane(TPU). The Illumi AquaShield screen protectors are high definition, smooth to touch and highly responsive and are compatible with a wide range of phones including iPhone, Samsung and Google Pixel. You can even get them for protecting the screen of your Apple Watches and other smart wearables. The silicone adhesive present in the screen guard and the wet install process help in easy installation without introducing any air bubbles between the screen and the tempered glass. You won’t have to worry about yellowing as its UV protective layer reduces yellowing to ensure a transparent screen for a long period. The aqua shield cover provides edge to edge protection to your phone screen so you don't experience the halo effect while using the phone and makes the entire experience smooth.

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Witkeen tempered glass

Witkeen tempered glass price in India
If you are an iPhone owner who’s a little more worried about its safety and don’t mind spending a little more for a tempered-glass screen protector then you can check out these screen guards by Witkeen. The company primarily manufactures covers for iPhones and their screen guards for iPhone 6 and 6S have received great feedback from customers. The kit comes with wet and dry wipes, dust removal stickers, a user manual and all kinds of warranties that the company offers.

These tempered glass protectors have a thickness of 0.33 mm and don’t cover the rounded edges of the iPhone which allows you to pick all kinds of covers without any obstructions. This also adds to the life of the protector and ensures that it stays in place for a longer period.

It features 6 layers of protection which includes an explosion-proof layer, silicone resin layer, anti-reflective layer, tempered glass and an oleophobic coating to prevent scratches and nicks from damaging the screen. It also reduces the impact during a fall or accident without compromising on the performance in the touch functionality.

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Maxboost Screen Protector

Maxboost Screen Protector price in India
Maxboost is one of the most popular screen protectors and offers affordable tempered glass for mobile. The tempered glass screen protector is thinner than most protectors in the market (approximately 0.25 mm) and features 9H hardness for greater strength. These screen protectors are scratch-resistant and have a hydrophobic and oleophobic coating that repels fingerprints, smudges and water stains to keep your screen new for a longer time. Maxboost’s open edge design makes these protectors case-friendly and less prone to breaking.

Maxboost knows how difficult it can be to install the screen protectors for people with shaking hands and hence offers a simple installation and alignment frame so you don’t have to aim and line it up against the phone’s screen. All you need to do is put the frame on your phone, align the screen protector and press.

Maxboost also makes screen protectors for iPhones and is compatible with 3D Touch technology which makes it easy to use. It even offers liquid screen protectors for Samsung smartphones and flexible gaming protectors for Nintendo switch so you won’t have to worry about their safety round the clock!

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OTAO price in India
Founded in 2005, OTAO has served premium quality products to over 7000 clients (including 300 brands) across the world and has emerged as one of the leading manufacturers of screen protectors in recent years. The company excels in high-end tempered glasses, of various kinds (2.5D, 2.5D FC, 3D edge/full/UV glue etc). You can pick the one depending on your requirement and ensure that your phone’s or watch’s touch screen isn’t scarred with tons of scratches and nicks. You can get screen protectors for several brands including iPhone, Samsung, VIVO, OPPO, iPad, and various other laptops, camera and watch brands.

OTAO makes sure that you don’t find it difficult to apply or remove the screen protectors without introducing any air gaps or leaving behind smudges. The screen protectors provide full-body protection, have minimal thickness and visible angles and a transparent look so you won’t remember there’s a case protecting your touch-screen enabled device! These protectors are very sensitive and even work on phones with an on-screen fingerprint unlocking feature, making it one of the best and safest investments for your phone!

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Stillersafe price in India
Have you felt the need to look away from the screen multiple times due to the strain in your eyes? If your answer was yes and if you have been feeling uncomfortable using screens all day long then you can check out Stillersafe’s Zero Eye Strain smartphone screen protectors. Stillersafe acknowledged the increasing demand for screen protectors that also help in reducing the strain to the eyes and came up with the innovative Micro louvre glass. Micro louvre glasses are extremely flexible screen protectors that consist of four layers of glass and have ZES (Zero Eye Strain) protection that prevents unwanted rays from entering your eyes and prevents dryness and redness of eyes. The company uses advanced Japanese technology that makes these hard to detect so people won’t be able to recognise there’s something on the screen. It even has dark angles so you get more privacy and others can’t see your phone screen from the side. While Stillersafe makes screen protectors for almost every device out there, these Zero Eye Strain protectors are only made for certain brands like iPhone, Xiaomi, Samsung, OnePlus and iPads.

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Spigen price in India
Trusted by millions of smartphone and wearable owners, Spigen is known for its high-end phone covers and screen protectors. You can rely on this company to provide you with ultra-slim, transparent and easy to apply or remove.

Spigen has come up with three different types of screen protectors to fulfil the needs of all kinds of smartphone users. The Neo Flex screen protectors provide edge-to-edge coverage and preserve the clear screen without resulting in any rainbow effects or glares. The self-healing technology ensures that the protectors are free of minor scratches and fingerprints.

The Glas.tR Nano Liquid protectors are made of Silicon Dioxide. They optimize screen protection without compromising the durability of tempered glass. The nano-hydrophobic technology used in these protectors adds an invisible coat that strengthens the screen and makes it resistant to oil and scratches.

The third is the Curved Crystal series which includes screen guards featuring precise curvatures, to ensure that the screen is fully covered and protected down to the last edge. The clarity and exact cut-outs help enhance the original touchscreen experience while actively protecting your phone!

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List Of Best Tempered Glass For Phones In India (Dec 2022)

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