Best Nebuliser Machines in India for Home Use

By Kajoli Anand Puri | Price Updated on 16-Nov-2021

Using nebulisers is an effective way to administer various medicines, mainly because they ensure that your body absorbs the medicine faster than it would when the same drug is administered orally. At times, nebulisers are also used to prevent respiratory diseases from developing or progressing further. As they are easy to use and do not impact your ability to breathe normally or speak, they have become quite popular in recent times amongst people who are prone to developing respiratory conditions. If your doctor has recommended you get a nebuliser, then it’s time to browse through the following as they are some of the best nebulisers in the market. Although the prices of the products mentioned in the list given below have been updated as of 16th Nov 2021, the list itself may have changed since it was last published due to the launch of new products in the market since then.

Omron NEC 101 price in India

The Omron NEC 101 was developed based on the advice of respiratory therapists and has a small particle size of MMAD 3.9 µm, which means that the medicine should reach the lower parts of the respiratory tracts too. It has a total capacity of 12-ml. The nebulisation rate of this product is 0.3-ml per minute, which is quite sufficient for most medical scenarios. The box has two masks - one for adults and one for children, making this a fairly versatile product. It also comes with two spare air filters and a carry bag to meet your needs.

AmbiTech NC-11 price in India

The AmbiTech NC-11 has a capacity of 5-ml, making it appropriate for people who need a high volume of medication during each round. This device has a nebulisation rate of 0.2-ml per minute, along with an MMAD of 4Aum. This should help ensure that the medicine can reach all parts of the respiratory tract, resulting in effective treatment. It has a temperature range of 0-40-degrees celsius, which should make it suitable for a range of medications. It has a maximum power of 75W, ensuring that the medicine is administered quickly.

Dr. Trust Bestest Compressor Nebulizer price in India

The Dr. Trust Bestest Compressor Nebulizer has a built-in flow adjuster that lets you choose how quickly the medicine is administered. The range starts at 0.5-ml per minute and goes up to 5-ml per minute. This nebuliser comes with two different mask sizes, one for adults and one for children. It also has a mouthpiece that you can use to breathe in the medicine if you prefer the same. The operation is simple - you just have to fill the medicine in the appropriate vial, switch it on, and breathe. The Dr. Trust Bestest Compressor Nebulizer has a chamber capacity of 8-ml.

Control D Compressor Nebulizer price in India

The Control D Compressor Nebulizer has a total power of 75W, which should ensure a strong gust in the mask. Establishing all the connections between the wires and the mask is easy as there are colour coded components that let you know when things are connected properly. This nebuliser has an ABS plastic casing, which should make it quite durable. It also has a built-in handle, making this appropriate for people who need their medicine during workdays, and need to carry the nebuliser to work. One of the sides has vents that can help cool the nebuliser down, preventing any damage caused by overheating. The tube is fairly long, so you should be able to place this on your bedside table and lie in bed while taking your medication.

Dr. Morepen CN-10 price in India

The Dr. Morepen CN-10 has a total capacity of five ml, ensuring that it can hold a sufficient amount of the medication. It has a nebulisation rate of 0.2-ml per minute, which is good enough for people who don’t need a very heavy flow during each round of medication. The brand claims that this product does not make a lot of noise while operating. This means that if a patient plans to use this while sleeping or resting, it won’t disturb them. The Dr. Morepen CN-10 comes with a single mask for adults and a long tube.

Dr. Trust Portable Nebulizer price in India

If you commute to work daily or travel regularly, you need a nebuliser that can keep up with your lifestyle. The Dr. Trust Portable Nebulizer might just be the perfect device for you. It has a detachable medicine chamber with a total capacity of 10-ml, making this the best nebuliser for travellers who cannot always carry extra medicine vials. It has a single button operation - all you need to do is click a button to switch it off or on. You can either run it by inserting two AA batteries into the device (for wireless operations) or connect it to your laptop via a USB cable. It has a nebulisation rate of 0.25-ml and does not make more than 30db of sound. This means that even if you use it in your office, you won’t have to worry about it disturbing others.

Beurer Nebulizer price in India

The Beurer Nebulizer has been made using German technology and can be used to treat issues in both the upper and lower respiratory tracts. It has a working pressure range from 0.8 to 1.45 bar and a high nebulisation rate of 0.4-ml per minute. This should make it a good option for people who need high volumes of medicine to be administered quickly during each round. The inhalation time should be short compared to other nebulisers, making it one of the best nebulisers in the market. The box includes two types of masks, one for children and the other for adults, so this product should suit your requirements no matter who you need it for.

iGRID portable nebulizer price in India

The iGRID portable nebuliser is a device that you can carry with you no matter where you’re going to ensure that you never miss a dose of medication. The nebuliser vaporises liquid medicine and turns it into an aerosol format with particle sizes ranging from 3-5 microns. This means that it should reach different areas of the respiratory tract easily. The mask is attached to the body of the nebuliser, which means there’s no need for tubes. All you need to do is press a single button, and the nebuliser will start working.

AccuSure XL Nebulizer price in India

The AccuSure XL Nebulizer is one of the best nebulisers in the market for people who want a device with a long run time, as this one runs for four hours. This means that it is appropriate for people who need continuous administration of medicine for long durations. The nebuliser comes with a pediatric mask as well as one for adults. The build of the product is such that the tubes can be stored in a box built into it. This should ensure that you never misplace its components or have to scramble to look for them right when you need them the most.

Philips Respironics Innospire Nebulizer price in India

The Philips Respironics Innospire Nebulizer uses the brand’s sidestream technology to ensure that the medicine is administered quickly. It offers a short treatment time of 6-8 minutes, providing quick relief for the patient. Its maximum pressure is 44 PSI, and the maximum flow rate is 9.4-l per minute, which should also make it a good option for emergencies (as long as your doctor confirms the same). The chamber has an 8-ml capacity, and the MMAD: 80% < 5 microns.

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List Of Best Nebuliser Machines In India For Home Use (Aug 2022)

Product Name Seller Price
Omron NEC 101 Amazon ₹ 1,599
AmbiTech NC-11 Amazon ₹ 999
Dr. Trust Bestest Compressor Nebulizer Amazon ₹ 1,199
Control D Compressor Nebulizer Amazon ₹ 1,199
Dr. Morepen CN-10 Amazon ₹ 1,195
Dr. Trust Portable Nebulizer Amazon ₹ 1,899
Beurer Nebulizer Amazon ₹ 1,679
iGRID portable nebulizer Amazon ₹ 1,699
AccuSure XL Nebulizer Amazon ₹ 1,299
Philips Respironics Innospire Nebulizer Amazon ₹ 1,399

Best Nebuliser Machines in India for Home Use Faq's

What is nebuliser?

A nebulizer is small machine that turns liquid medicine into a mist, which makes the medicine easy to take through breathes.

Is nebuliser good for cough?

Not prescribed but nebulisers may be used to relieve coughs and other symptoms caused by respiratory illnesses.