Best Mobile Phone Holder Stand for Bike / Cycle / Scooty (2022)

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Decathlon phone holder

Decathlon phone holder price in India
If you’re searching for a good phone bag to carry all the essentials on your biking trip, this product can be the best phone holder for cycles. To help you enjoy bike rides to the fullest, Decathlon has introduced a mobile phone holder for bikes that can fit on the handle of your bike and provide a clear view of your phone. It can be mounted on the stem or the handlebar in portrait or landscape mode. You can fit your phone by simply sliding it on the holder without using any tool. This weather-resistant holder features a waterproof pocket that can store important items like cards, etc. The sturdy holder can be fixed using a screw clamp and can keep the phone from slipping during sudden jerks, minor accidents or falls. This Decathlon phone holder has a touch-sensitive top cover and is compatible with the handlebar/stems of diameter 2 cm to 3.5 cm and phones of dimensions 15.5 x 8 x 0.8 cm.

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Autofy charger and phone holder

Autofy charger and phone holder price in India
Autofy X-Grip offers a charger and waterproof phone holder for bikes, scooters and scooters. It is compatible with all the major phone models (with screen size, 3.5 inches to 6.5 inches) and can firmly keep them in place as you manoeuvre through traffic or ride through rough terrains. This waterproof holder features X-shaped hands that keep your phone from falling when you encounter bumps or travel off-road. The X grip tips are made of silicon, which offers extra padding and safeguards the edges of the phone. It also features a USB port (5V/2A) to make sure you can charge your phone anytime, anywhere while riding (the LED indicator indicates whether the phone is charging or not). The anti-skid cushion pads ensure that the mobile doesn't get scratches on the back, so it looks brand new for a longer time. You can use it to make travel vlogs, capture mesmerising views using the 360° rotatable ball head, and switch between portrait or landscape mode with ease.

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BOBO Phone holder

BOBO Phone holder price in India
Bobo offers the BM4 Jaw grip phone holder compatible with two-wheelers, be it a motorcycle, bike or scooter (it comes with 22, 25 cm place holders and 35 cm metal buckle). You just need to rotate the knob on the right-hand side to open the jaws and mount it on the handlebar of your vehicle. This phone holder makes sure all the ports and buttons of your phone are easily accessible without any restrictions. The holder is compatible with all smartphones with a screen size between 4 to 7 inches. The holder can also prove useful if you love creating travel vlogs or simply recording your biking adventures and road trips as it can be rotated 360° (thanks to the rotatable ball). You can even switch between portrait and landscape mode to capture videos and photos with greater precision and clarity. The damper ball is also effective in absorbing shocks and preventing the phone from getting damaged.

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AMKETTE iGrip Phone holder

AMKETTE iGrip Phone holder price in India
Amkette offers iGrip secure phone holders for bikes, bicycles or scooters, which can be mounted easily on the handlebar at any angle according to your convenience. You can adjust its orientation without any tool to get the perfect viewing angle while driving. Its six grip points ensure that your smartphone is well protected against bumps and sudden jerks and doesn’t slip out of the holder while traversing rough terrains. The silicone gradle provides a firm grip, while the polycarbonate body of the holder increases the durability of the product so it can endure a little rough handling and normal wear and tear. It also includes Allen Wrench, which should be used to tighten the bolts so the holder is mounted firmly to the handlebar and no one can easily remove the phone from it. It is compatible with phones with a screen size between 4.7 to 6.5 inches. Last but not least, its compact, lightweight and sleek design, coupled with the wide clamp, makes it one of the best phone holders out there.

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Leosportz Bicycle Mobile Phone Holder

Leosportz Bicycle Mobile Phone Holder price in India
This phone holder by Leosportz is made of high-density polyester fabric and features a reflective night strip that can be useful while travelling in the late evening or low lit areas and can prevent collisions as it glows in the dark. This compact phone holder can be placed on the handlebar or the top tube without difficulties. It can also act as a mini backpack and can be used to store sunglasses, debit or credit cards, power bank, earphones, charger, cash and other essential items that you might need on long bike rides. The makers claim that it can withstand all kinds of weather conditions and is waterproof (can handle light rains and splashes of water). You can place your phone in the holder in the front and navigate using the GPS easily without losing focus while riding the bike. The case safeguards your phone during extreme weather conditions, and the velcro strap-on combined with the elastic cord make sure it firmly grips the handlebar, so it doesn’t fall due to jerks or speed breakers.

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Travalate TR1559 Bicycle Phone Holder

Travalate TR1559 Bicycle Phone Holder price in India
Travalate TR1559 is a phone holder for cycles. It can help you navigate and explore lesser-known roads with ease. It is quite easy to install as you only need to strap it on the handlebar or the top tube of the bike so you can have a clear view of the phone’s screen at all times while riding. There are two side pockets in the holder that can be used to store wallet, cash, cards or other essential items. It is made of 1000 D polyester fabric, which makes it durable and strong. The top cover is made of TPU and is touch-sensitive and transparent, so you can use your phone while it’s inside the case. The soft, non-scratch base combined with the strap protectors makes sure that your phone doesn’t get damaged during bumpy rides or accidental falls. This compact cover is compatible with phones with a screen size up to 6.2 inches and a minimalistic design so that you can use it every day without any troubles.

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BROLAVIYA Phone Holder

BROLAVIYA Phone Holder price in India
This phone holder for cycles can prove to be useful for riders who want to use their phone for navigation and other important purposes while riding their bike. Its sturdy build helps keep the phone in place and protects it from scratches and shocks. The anti-slip mats help reduce the impact, so your phone stays intact, while the aluminium holder is designed to withstand bumpy roads, jerks and minor collisions and falls. It can also be mounted on trolleys, treadmills, etc., for easy storage and use of phone while working or travelling. You can adjust the angle by simply unscrewing the holder as it can be rotated 360 degrees and is quite easy to install or remove. It has a scalable design as the width can vary between 55 - 95 mm and is compatible with phones with screen sizes ranging between 4.0 - 6.5 inches. The makers claim that this lightweight phone holder has an anti-corrosion and oxidation resistant body with a firm mechanical lock, making it a great phone holder stand for bikes.

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PROBEROS FKF11-10TEMBF Bicycle Phone Holder

PROBEROS FKF11-10TEMBF Bicycle Phone Holder price in India
If you love to explore the unknown winding roads on your bike over the weekends, then this mobile holder by Proberos might come in handy while navigating through the unexplored parts of the city. But the entire outdoor activity can be quite troublesome if you have to constantly juggle between navigating with the help of your phone as you won’t be able to enjoy the scenic views. The FKF11-10TEMBF is a waterproof phone holder that can be used even in light rains. Its transparent top TPU cover is touch-sensitive, so you can use it to navigate through the phone while it is still in the holder. You can even access all ports and buttons and even plug in your headphones to enjoy some music while biking. It has a reflective design that glows in the dark to alert other riders or drivers and has a double zipper so you can store all your essentials with ease. The best part is that you won’t have to worry about the holder bumping between your legs while riding the bike.

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Grand Pitstop Claw-Grip Mobile Holder

Grand Pitstop Claw-Grip Mobile Holder price in India
This mobile holder by Grand Pitstop features an aluminium claw grip that ensures a firm hold over the handle to prevent the phone from falling due to a sudden jerk, while the anti-slip silicon padding at the corners prevent damage. The holder can handle light rain as it is water-resistant. The adjustment ball provides greater flexibility through 360-degree movement so that you can adjust it for the best viewing angles using the knob on the holder. It is compatible with a wide range of phones out there (with screen sizes ranging between 4 to 6.5 inches) as its width can be increased or decreased. The holder can be mounted on a cruiser, sports or adventure motorcycle as it has three handlebar options (32 mm, 22 mm and 25 mm). Last but not least, it comes with a rubber plug and USB cable (includes Micro USB and lightning cable), so you can charge your iPhone or Android on the go through fast charging (5V/2.5A).

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JETLIFE Universal Mobile Holder

JETLIFE Universal Mobile Holder price in India
This mobile phone holder by JETLIFE is compatible with all models of scooty like Activa, N-Torq, Jupiter, Access, etc. It has a plastic cover at the top, which is touch-friendly, so you can use your phone from outside the cover. The makers advise the users to gently remove the phone from the inside with the help of a finger when the cover sticks to the phone’s screen initially. The holder is quite easy to install and remove as it has a premium elastic belt that can be buckled or unbuckled in minutes. The holder also comes with a pouch that can be used to store a power bank, sunglasses, charger or other essential items. It helps protect your phone from dust, light rain, and scratches so you can manoeuvre through traffic without any worries and can accommodate the phone in portrait as well as landscape mode. There is a slot at the bottom that can be used to plug in earphones or chargers to the phone. This durable holder is made of premium polyester and PVC and is a great phone holder for scooty.

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List Of Best Mobile Phone Holder Stand For Bike / Cycle / Scooty (Dec 2022)

Product Name Seller Price
Autofy charger and phone holder Amazon ₹ 423
BOBO Phone holder Amazon ₹ 1,199
AMKETTE iGrip Phone holder Amazon ₹ 629
PROBEROS FKF11-10TEMBF Bicycle Phone Holder Amazon ₹ 999
Grand Pitstop Claw-Grip Mobile Holder Amazon ₹ 1,699
JETLIFE Universal Mobile Holder Amazon ₹ 445