Best Mobile Charger for Fast Charging (2022)

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MI Original 27W Superfast Charging Adapter

MI Original 27W Superfast Charging Adapter price in India
This premium quality charger by Mi is Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 and BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) certified. It has 10 layers of protection and 380V surge protection that allows you to charge your phone without any worries. The Quick Charge 3.0 enables it to charge devices up to four times faster (than conventional charging), and it is 38% more efficient than Quick Charge 2.0! It is equipped with four capacitances that help it deal with unstable voltage and safeguard it against overheating. It is crafted using premium quality materials for maximum durability and has a minimalistic and sophisticated design. Its 100-240 VAC world standard input composition lets you plug it in and charge your device without geographical restrictions. Last but not least, this compact charger can also be used to charge tablets, as well as power banks.

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DR VAKU Luxos VOOC Flash Charger

DR VAKU Luxos VOOC Flash Charger price in India
This safe and durable 20W flash charger from DR VAKU protects your device from overcurrent, overheating and overcharging. It offers a four times faster flash charging system, which ensures that a 30 to 40-minute charge will charge your mobile phone up to 75% (as claimed by the company). Moreover, VOOC has replaced the voltage reducing circuit with an MCU to protect your device from overheating while charging. Also, its Smart Build Technology ensures that the battery’s temperature is maintained even at low voltage to resist damage to the device being charged due to overheating. Furthermore, it is compatible with a wide variety of smartphones, including iPhones, Realme, iPhone, Samsung and several other Android phones, so that you can charge them without any issues. It has been thoroughly tested to ensure greater durability and safe operation.

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Portronics Adapto 20 Fast Charger

Portronics Adapto 20 Fast Charger price in India
This Type-C fast charger from Portronics is designed to charge your iPhone up to 59% in just 30 minutes (as claimed by the company) as it ensures three times faster charging (as compared to the conventional chargers). The adapter is made from premium quality ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) plastic which contributes to its superior looks and lightweight design. Despite its higher portability, it is rigid and quite durable, so you can add it to your travel kit without any worries. Portronics has equipped it with additional safety measures to safeguard it from current overflow, overheating, short circuits and other mishaps. It is compatible with various smartphone models like iPhone, iPad Pro, AirPods pro, all smartphones with type-C ports, etc. Last but not least, it is BIS certified and can operate in a wide range of temperatures making it an ideal alternative for all kinds of weather conditions.

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Mivi Desktop USB Charger

Mivi Desktop USB Charger price in India
Mivi has recently emerged as one of the most trusted electronic appliance brands that make premium quality products in India. This desktop USB charger is one such product that the company has to offer. It is BIS certified (can charge at four times faster rate than a conventional charger) and also features Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0, which supports fast-charging up to 40 W. Its smart auto-detect technology detects connected devices and adjusts the charge (up to 8A) accordingly. Moreover, its inbuilt protection safeguards your device from overcurrent, overheating, overtemperature, overcharging and short circuits for safe operation. The multiple ports available in the adapter allow you to charge five devices simultaneously. It is made from high-quality material and lets you charge all your power-hungry devices in one go, be it phone, tablet, or power bank!

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URBN 20W Dual Port Charger

URBN 20W Dual Port Charger price in India
This 20W adapter by URBN is a dual-port charger that enables you to charge two devices simultaneously with ease. It supports quick charge and power delivery, so you can charge your devices at a faster rate. This adapter is BIS certified, and the maker claims that it can offer 2.5 times faster charging (in comparison to other 10W chargers). You can use it to charge all kinds of smartphones, including Samsung, Apple, Nokia, Huawei, HTC, Mi, etc. It can act as a type-C mobile charger and has a lightweight and compact design so that you can easily fit it in your purse and carry it around with ease while travelling.

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Pacificdeals 30W Fast Charger

Pacificdeals 30W Fast Charger price in India
This 30W fast charger by Pacificdeals has a minimalistic design and the ability to charge a host of devices in no time quickly. It can safely charge various smartphones (including iPhones) while safeguarding them from voltage fluctuations, overflow of current and overheating. The bulletproof Kevlar fibre, 28 and 22 AWG data wires are protected by double aluminium foil shielding and TPE jacket, ensuring optimum performance and minimal damage during operation. Its lightweight and compact design make this mobile charger adapter highly portable, so that you can carry it around while travelling without any hassles.

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AMX XP 60 price in India
Here’s yet another powerful adapter by AMX. It offers a 62W charger through 4 ports (3 flash charging ports of 17 Watts and a USB-C power delivery port of 45 Watts) so that you can charge your iPhone and other smartphones simultaneously. Its XP60 charger can be used to charge smartphones, earphones, smart speakers and much more, so you won’t have to purchase different chargers to charge different gadgets. It has a durable and rugged build and can handle daily wear and tear with ease. All these features, coupled with the lightweight and minimalistic design, make it a great addition to your travel kit!

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OnePlus Warm Charger

OnePlus Warm Charger price in India
OnePlus has quickly risen to fame and counted among the most trusted smartphone brand as it focuses on usability and elegant, minimalistic designs. This charger falls in the same category as it aims to deliver fast and efficient charging. This 65 Watt Warp charger features a USB Type-C port and can fast charge almost every OnePlus smartphone with ease. It also supports the USB Power Delivery 3.0 and PPS standards, so you can also use it to charge other compatible smartphones and tablets (even some laptops!) through fast charge. Its in-built charging circuitry ensures proper heat management and dissipation, so your phone stays cool while charging and also safeguards it from mishaps, thanks to automatic hardware and software optimisations.

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Ambrane AQC-56

Ambrane AQC-56 price in India
The Ambrane AQC-56 is a Quick Charge 3.0 enabled wall charger that gives an output of 5V-3A, 9V/2A and 12V/1.5A (it auto-detects the device and charges it at the fastest supported speed). It promises all-round safety (protection against surge, overheating, short-circuits, etc.), so you can charge all your smartphones without any worries. It is compatible with a wide range of models of OnePlus, Lenovo, Honor, Sony, etc. This intelligent charger ensures 3 times faster charging than a conventional charger and has a compact design, thanks to the premium hard ABS plastic body that ensures durability and sturdiness. It is BIScertified and has universal compatibility with all versions of quick charge technologies.

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Portronics POR-089 Adapto 89 2.4A Adapter

Portronics POR-089 Adapto 89 2.4A Adapter price in India
Here’s yet another charger by Portronics that enables you to charge two devices simultaneously using its dual USB ports. It can convert normal 220V AC output to 5V/2.4A dual USB output and charge your smartphones at a faster rate. Its smart auto-detection technology recognises and delivers the fastest supported charging speed to the connected smartphone. It is BIS certified and has a sophisticated circuits design that protects the device being charged from short circuits, overheating, voltage fluctuation and other mishaps while charging. You don’t have to worry about the smartphone being damaged due to overcharging, as it automatically stops charging once the phone is fully charged.

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List Of Best Mobile Charger For Fast Charging (Dec 2022)

Product Name Seller Price
MI Original 27W Superfast Charging Adapter Amazon ₹ 549
DR VAKU Luxos VOOC Flash Charger Amazon ₹ 1,099
Portronics Adapto 20 Fast Charger Amazon ₹ 699
Mivi Desktop USB Charger Flipkart ₹ 1,174
URBN 20W Dual Port Charger Flipkart ₹ 724
Pacificdeals 30W Fast Charger Flipkart ₹ 1,212