Best Mirrorless Digital Cameras in India

Updated 20 - Jun - 2019

Mirrorless cameras have been growing in market share steadily but quite slowly. Mirrorless cameras in India are still a novelty, but offer a number of benefits like light weight, interchangeable lenses and fast shooting rates. The best mirrorless cameras in India are led by Sony, with other companies presently following suit. Mirrorless cameras are priced higher typically, but for enthusiastic photographers, offer a lot of benefits. Here are our recommendations for the best mirrorless cameras in India.

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Here's is the summary list of Best Mirrorless Digital Cameras in India 2019

Product NamePrice starting fromAvailable at
Olympus OM-D E-M1100990 amazon
Fujifilm X-Pro179999N/A
Olympus OM-D EM591435 flipkart
Olympus E-PL544990N/A
Sony Alpha NEX-635990 amazon
Fujifilm X-E157899 amazon
Panasonic Lumix G611499 flipkart