Best Massage Chairs Online for Full Body

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Lixo LI7001 massage chair

Lixo LI7001 massage chair price in India
When looking for a massage chair for office or home, this Lixo LI7001 definitely stands out as one of the best. It is equipped with 30 plus innovative massage techniques to give you a relaxing and soothing massage. The deep tissue massage mechanism and artificial intelligence double sensing system help in precise body detection, better signal acquisition and intelligent algorithm which work to provide you with the best massage experience and give your sore muscles the much needed relaxing effect. It also comes with adjustable heating therapy that allows you to set the temperature to heat up the chair and give your fatigued muscles the right amount of heat to help them relax. With massage intensity adjustment you can also adjust the pressure level according to your preference. This massage chair also features a unique movable upper leg part for knee massage. With a touch-screen controller and wireless charge technology, it makes for an easy to operate and user-friendly product.

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SPINE JADEX 6180 massage chair

SPINE JADEX 6180 massage chair price in India
If you are looking for a massage chair in India that will give you the most skillful and professional quality massage, then this SPINE JADEX 6180 massage chair might just turn out to be the end of your search. It uses the western electric pulse technology in combination with the traditional Chinese medical theory of point therapy to give you a complete body massage that will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. It is equipped with low-frequency pulse and infra-red heating functions to boost your blood circulation, improve metabolism, relieve pain and alleviate stress and fatigue from your body muscles. The comfortable footrests of this chair massage your foot with heat which lets you experience a spa-like foot massage in the comfort of your home. By using a combination of air compression and rollers, you get a truly relaxing and soothing full body massage.

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HCI eGenki HCI_1043 massage chair

HCI eGenki HCI_1043 massage chair price in India
This HCI eGenki HCI_1043 massage chair is designed for people of all age groups and occupations so that you can have a single massage chair to take care of your entire family’s needs. The chair induces physiotherapeutic effects to stimulate better blood circulation, increase metabolism, and relieve emotional, physical and mental stress. The chair comes with a reclining seat so that you get to be in a comfortable and relaxing position while enjoying the massage. The high-quality material used in designing the chair cushions ensures that you get a soft and comfortable feel and ensures a durable use of the chair. You can buy this chair for enjoying an effective and relaxing massage to your neck, shoulders, back and legs.

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RELIFE full body massage chair

RELIFE full body massage chair price in India
Another good massage chair machine to give you a full body massage and relaxation is this RELIFE full body massage chair that uses the concepts of biomechanics, ergonomics and model physiotherapy to provide you with the most effective and professional massage experience. This 3D massage chair has an “L” shaped curve, which fully covers your body from the back to buttocks to give a complete massage. It comes with three massage to adjust the speed of the massage according to your preference so that you get a customised massage experience. This intelligent massage chair gives you a zero-gravity feel, making you feel light and relaxed. With the in-built 3D audio speakers, you can listen to your favourite music while enjoying the massage.

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iRobo iUnique massage chair

iRobo iUnique massage chair price in India
This iRobo iUnique massage chair comes with a zero space design which allows you to fold the chair completely, making storage easy and saving space. It also features a zero-gravity feature which provides you with maximum relaxation. When you turn the zero-gravity mode on, the chair tilted at 118-degree angle rasing your lower body higher than your heart. The gravity of your body is distributed equally on the massage chair, releasing the body pressure and making you feel weightless. This induces ultimate stress relief and maximum relaxation in all body parts. The chair features different airbags that pack your calf, ankle, and foot to give you the perfect air compression to enjoy a professional style leg massage. The emulation hand touch and advanced roller technology ensure that your feet get a gentle yet effective massage to relieve pain and fatigue.

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JSB MZ21 4D massage chair

JSB MZ21 4D massage chair price in India
This JSB MZ21 4D massage chair comes with the longest reaching rollers with a 4D movement for an efficient full body massage, including your neck, back and hips. It also comes with 79 airbags to provide an effective and relaxing massage experience to your shoulders, arms, hands, calves, and feet. The chair uses a combination of massage techniques, including kneading, rubbing, tapping, shiatsu, knock and vibration to give you a complete body massage, making you feel relaxed and rejuvenated. The zero-gravity design makes you feel light and weightless for an ultimate relaxing effect, and the space-saving design allows the easy placement of the chair. It also features a special x-twist waist massage for increasing waist flexibility. A scrapping massage to your calves and feet improves blood circulation and relieves muscle stress and fatigue.

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Robotouch Echo Plus full body massage chair

Robotouch Echo Plus full body massage chair price in India
The Robotouch Echo Plus full body massage chair is designed with intelligent muted massage hands which can move up and down with kneading and flap functions that will give you a feeling similar to being massaged by a professional massage therapist. The shoulder position automatic detection and adjustment will automatically calculate the acupuncture points according to different shoulder heights so that you get the most realistic and professional shoulder massage. With 10 automatic modes, including dream mode, health recharging, vertical care, swing mode, full-body stretch, waist care, neck and shoulder, lady mode, worker mode, and cybrarian mode, you get the most complete and diversified massage experience. The adjustable massage mode, speed and position allow you to customise your massage experience. It also has an infra-red heating function to improve blood circulation and induce relaxation.

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KosmoCare Shiatsu Massage chair

KosmoCare Shiatsu Massage chair price in India
This KosmoCare Shiatsu Massage chair uses a combination of air compression and heat therapy to provide you with the most amazing full body massage experience in the comfort of your home. It is equipped with 35 airbags located at the arms, thighs, calves and feet positions to ensure that you get the best compression massage to relieve stress and fatigue from your muscles. The heat function of this chair gives gentle heating to your neck, back and waist to relieve pain and improve blood circulation to your muscles. The easy to use VFD control panel allows you to choose your favourite massage program and customise your massage experience. With the recliner and extendable footrest, you can adjust the backrest and footrest according to your convenience.

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Bodyfriend 4D massage chair

Bodyfriend 4D massage chair price in India
The Bodyfriend 4D massage chair is another good option for a full body relaxing massage. It combines various massage techniques like shiatsu, kneading, tapping, knocking and flapping. It comes with an extra belt for head massage and multiple massage modes which you can choose from based on your needs. It has in-built speakers and also comes with a bluetooth connectivity that allows you to enjoy your favourite tracks while relaxing in the chair. With the cloud type massage system that features 50 airbags you get the most effective air compression massage for your arms, legs and feet. The special x twist waist massage improves the flexibility of your waist while also relaxing the muscles and alleviating fatigue. With the scrapping massage function that is applied to your feet and calves you get an improved blood circulation.

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Robocura full body massage chair

Robocura full body massage chair price in India
This Robocura full body massage chair comes with four auto programs that you can choose from to customise your massage to suit your relaxation needs better. With thermal heat therapy, the chair helps in improving blood circulation and reducing muscle spasms by relaxing the tired muscles. The regal’s zero-gravity suspended cabin gives you a light and weightless feeling to enjoy the maximum relaxing effect. The 8 kneading rollers provide the most effective massage from your shoulders to your lower back, while the other 6 rollers activate the pressure points on your ankle and foot to provide a completely soothing and effective rolling massage. It comes with different intensity levels that you can control according to your preference, and features a time control between 5 to 30 minutes.

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List Of Best Massage Chairs Online For Full Body

Product Name Seller Price
Lixo LI7001 massage chair Flipkart ₹ 429,000
HCI eGenki HCI_1043 massage chair Flipkart ₹ 299,999
iRobo iUnique massage chair Flipkart ₹ 185,000
JSB MZ21 4D massage chair Amazon ₹ 278,000
Robotouch Echo Plus full body massage chair Amazon ₹ 119,999
KosmoCare Shiatsu Massage chair Amazon ₹ 104,990
Bodyfriend 4D massage chair Amazon ₹ 126,000
Robocura full body massage chair Amazon ₹ 99,000
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