Best Horror movies on Netflix

By Team Digit | Updated on 10-Feb-2021

If you love dimming the lights and hunkering down for a night of gore and chills, then you’re probably on the lookout for the best horror movies on Netflix. Now, whether you define horror as violent slasher films, ghost stories, or crime films, you’ve really got to pick movies that break the mold. After all, there’s truly nothing more disappointing than a horror film that’s only filled with jump scares and predictable plots. So, to save you from a night of boredom, here’s a list of the best horror movies on Netflix India. We will keep the descriptions short because as a rule we do not want to give away any spoilers.

Stephen King is undoubtedly the master of horror, as his stories are wonderfully layered, unpredictable, and very engrossing. Gerald’s Game is one of King’s lesser-known novels, and the movie seeks to rectify that general audience error. The premise (no spoilers!): When a couple heads out to a cabin in the woods to spice up their marriage, they end up facing their worst fears. The movie isn’t just about the supernatural – it mixes in psychological elements to create a terrifying ambience for the protagonist. Plus, unlike many other horror movies, this one doesn’t rely on bad lighting to do the job.

The Ring is a horror classic, with newer horror films and spoofs frequently referencing the iconic ghost-in-the-tv scene for kicks. While it’s almost two decades old, the film is still one of the most notable Hollywood horror movies and certainly merits a watch, or even a rewatch. The premise is based on a supernatural videotape that kills the viewer seven days after watching it, and if you’ve ever been superstitious about a chain mail (are you too young to get that reference?), then you should definitely watch it. Make sure the lights are off

Ghost Stories is a compilation of four Hindi horror movies, each exploring a different sub-genre of horror, each by different directors. Dibakar Banerjee’s story explores what can only be described as a cross between the werewolf and zombie sub-genres, with the protagonist arriving in a ghost town plagued by unnamed monsters that eat humans. Anurag Kashyap explores a more surreal take on horror, with his protagonist battling demons in her mind until they gain a life of their own. Zoya Akhtar’s horror movie is a bit more traditional in terms of its interpretation of the horror genre, while Karan Johar’s story is more of a horror-comedy (intentionally). You can take your pick and watch a single story, or binge-watch all four.


Possession is a great movie to watch if you love special effects and stories involving, well, possessions. After a young girl discovers a box, she opens herself up to demonic possession. As she grows more obsessed with the box itself, her family and friends notice that she’s not the same person she once was. While most films centered around demonic possessions tend to be rather predictable, this one tries to bring a new take, which makes it worth a watch.

1976’s Carrie is arguably one of the most iconic horror films that’s credited with making the horror genre more mainstream. The film centers on a young teen who lives under her religious mother’s thumb, and soon discovers that she has supernatural powers. Now, Netflix doesn’t have the original, but it does have the 2013 remake starring Chloe Grace Moretz and Juliane Moore, which brings a fresh take to this beloved film. With the story upgraded to suit newer audiences, there’s a high chance you’ll enjoy this more than the original.

If you like horror stories that offer more than ghouls and gore, then Bulbbul might be right up your alley. Mixing mythology with real-life horrors (aka, the horrors women are subjected to rather routinely), Bulbbul is a film that lets one introspect while also enjoying chilling storylines. The film employs creative cinematography and an unabashed view of patriarchy in old-India. Of course, many issues discussed in the film mirror today’s society (in a way, this is one of the scariest movies on Netflix), which is why it’s definitely a movie you’ll relate to, even if you’re not a woman.


The Conjuring Universe sprawls over six films (not counting those in production), with the Annabelle doll featuring in almost every film. The movie, Annabelle, takes us to the doll’s history, before it was possessed by a demonic spirit. While the history is briefly glossed over in The Conjuring, it doesn’t offer insights into Annabelle as the film covers a period in the doll’s existence that the Warrens were unaware of. Annabelle also introduces us to other important characters within the Conjuring Universe, which is why you cannot skip this film if you’re following the series.

Devil offers a whodunnit take on the horror genre, with five unwitting strangers stuck in an elevator, and one of them being the Devil. The protagonist, Detective Bowden, must figure out who the devil is before everyone in the elevator is killed. The movie offers high-octane drama and a sense of urgency that’s often lacking in modern horror films, which is why it’s on our horror movies list.

While looking for the top scariest films on Netflix, don’t discount the gory ones as they have their own ways of keeping you up at night. That’s why our list includes 2005’s Hostel, a film that chronicles the journey of three travelers in Slovakia who are subjected to brutal torture. Not sure if this is for you? Here’s a snapshot of what to expect – one of the movies most memorable scenes includes a woman splaying open her victim and enjoying a warm shower of blood and entrails. Yummy or yucky, you decide.


Finally, let’s look at a horror film franchise that’s mostly for entertainment – Final Destination 5. The Final Destination franchise has a cult following, and each movie is progressively gruesome, much to the delight of its fans. The premise of the franchise is that no one can escape death, and while characters in the film certainly try their best to outwit death (you need an invisibility cloak, resurrection stone, and Elder Wand for that, guys), they meet their ends in creative and gruesome ways.

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