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By Andrew Lu | Updated on 02-Jul-2021

From time to time, we all need an adrenaline rush to awaken our senses. Whether it is classic ghoulish women or the present-day sinister spectres, the horror genre of the film industry stimulates our minds, keeping us wide awake at night. Representing the darkest fantasies that the human mind can conjure, watching horror movies exposes you to the other realm. With an eclectic collection of horror films, Airtel Xstream has to be the one-stop for all of your horror cravings. If you are yearning to watch some blood-curdling films over the weekend, the ideal option would be to tune into the horror movies list on Airtel Xstream. Here are the best horrors on Airtel Xstream that you could enjoy over a tub of popcorn: Although the prices of the products mentioned in the list given below have been updated as of 27th May 2022, the list itself may have changed since it was last published due to the launch of new products in the market since then.

Filled with scenes that would make you want to switch on the lights, The Lazarus Effect is the perfect blend of robust cinematography and direction. Peppered with spine-tingling scares, this film revolves around a team of medical researchers who have achieved the impossible - bringing the dead back to life. As a chain of unfortunate events occurs, the plot ultimately unveils the gruesome reality of interfering with death.

Starring Sara Paxton, Dustin Milligan, Chris Carmack, and Katharine McPhee, Shark Night 3D would appeal to your fear of open waters. As seven college friends plan to enjoy their weekend at Sara’s lake-island cabin, an unforeseen danger lurks behind them. As the film progresses, they soon find out they are in the middle of shark-infested waters containing fifteen bloodthirsty sharks species. With excellent work behind the camera, Shark Night 3D is amongst the best Hollywood horror movies on Xstream.

Jigsaw (2017), the brainchild of Peter Spierig, has achieved new heights in horror, thriller, crime, and mystery genres. The factor that sets it apart from other films is the constant puzzle of who is behind all the horrors. After a series of murders take place bearing the symbol of the Jigsaw killer, law enforcement agencies find themselves following the trail of a man who has been dead for over a decade. Has the infamous killer returned from the dead? Or is it some psychopath indulging in copycat killing? Find these answers yourself by streaming Jigsaw (2017) on Xstream.


With three wins and seven nominations, the Blair Witch is amongst the best horror movies on Airtel Xstream. Along with a group of friends, a young man goes into the Black Hills Forest to solve the mystery of his sister’s disappearance, who has been missing for seventeen years. What initially started as a search and rescue mission soon turns into a terrifying experience for everyone, as the legend of the Blair Witch comes into existence. With phenomenal direction and performances, the film is definitely worth watching for those who want to have a hair-raising experience.

Not many films in the horror genre have a comical element, but Boo 2! A Madea Halloween manages to stand out of the crowd. The plot revolves around Tiffany, who recently turned eighteen, goes to a Halloween frat party in the middle of the woods to celebrate her birthday. Worried and frantic about her adventure, Madea, Aunt Bam, and Hattie hop into a car to save her from a terrible fate. Soon terror and chaos fall upon them as they encounter an array of boogeymen, monsters, and goblins. With timely punchlines and chilling horror scenes, Boo 2! A Madea Halloween is the ideal amalgamation of the comedy and horror genres.

A birthday surprise that later turned into a nightmare See No Evil II would give you goosebumps. A group of friends visit the city morgue to surprise their friend Amy for her birthday. But the plot takes a deadly U-turn when the surprise turns into a slay-fest. A dead, sadistic mass-murderer arises from the dead, going on a killing spree with power saws and hooks. With excellent cinematography and sound direction, See No Evil II is amongst the scariest movies on Airtel Xstream.


Inspired by Lois Duncan's young adult thriller, Down A Dark Hall is based on five emotionally fragile teens who attend Blackwood, an eerie school for gifted girls. Run by the head-mistress Madame Duret, the girls are mesmerised by the institution, thinking they finally discovered a place where they can flourish. However, as they unearth the appalling purpose of the school, their dream soon turns into a horror. With the cast bringing the characters to life with their stunning performances, Down A Dark Hall would allow you to take a peek into the supernatural world.

Blending the genres of horror and mystery, Scream 4 is an all-time horror classic. The storyline revolves around Sidney Prescott, who returned to the town of Woodsboro for her book tour. She put herself back together by immersing herself in writing due to the events that shook her ten years ago. However, Sidney’s return paves the way for the return of Ghostface, a serial killer who carved a deadly path in Woodsboro, putting Sidney’s friends and herself in danger. With a plot that won’t let you zone out for even a second, Scream 4 is amongst the top scariest films on Airtel Xstream.

Starring Sarah Snook, Joelle Carter, and Mark Webber, Jessabelle is a refreshing horror film based on a creative storyline. Jessie, who was in a car accident that killed her husband and unborn child, moves to Louisiana with her estranged father to recuperate. During her recovery, she finds a series of videotapes left behind by her late mother, leading her to a long-tormented spirit that has been seeking her return. By creating an eerie atmosphere, Jessabelle is a highly creepy and enjoyable supernatural movie.


The Factory Aka Ascent To Hell is amongst those few horror films that creatively draw out a link between the history, horror, and thriller genres. The storyline revolves around Kate, a determined commercial real estate agent who has her eyes set on a lucrative contract involving an affluent investment manager. However, things turn out for the worst when all the parties involved in the deal have to survive a supernatural trap. Now, to fight for her life, she must identify the pointers that lead her to uncover the building’s history. With exceptional editing and an innovative storyline, The Factory Aka Ascent To Hell is amongst the finest Hollywood horror movies on Xstream.

With a grand total of eleven wins and nineteen nominations, MAMA is based on the concept of a mother’s perpetual love for her children, and the director, Andres Muschietti, builds an exceptional horror story around it. Starring Jessica Chastain and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, MAMA’s storyline revolves around a young couple who take in their long-lost nieces. However, everything changes for the worst when they find out a damned spirit named Mama has latched on to the two girls. With some of the best cinematographic skills portrayed in the film, MAMA dispenses the ideal horror film experience.

Starring Ryan Reynolds, Gemma Arterton, and Anna Kendrick, The Voices was well-received by its critics and audiences. While horror-comedy films find it difficult to be widely acclaimed, The Voices was undoubtedly an exception. The plot circles around a mentally deranged factory worker who musters the courage to pursue his office crush. However, things take an evil turn when she stands him up for a date. Now, he must decide whether to listen to his talking dog, who advises him to strive for normalcy or to his talking cat, who pushes him to become a killer.


Coming from the creators of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Insidious, Ouija is amongst the scariest movies on airtel Xstream. With excellent direction and a phenomenal script, this movie is about a group of friends who try to communicate with their late best friend from the other realm through an Ouija board. Instead, they make contact with a mysterious spirit. What happens next? What is the spirit’s intention? Would they communicate with their best friend? The only way to find the answers to these questions is by streaming it on Airtel Xstream!

The Last Exorcism Part II is a sequel to The Last Exorcism that was released back in 2010. Found alone and scared to death in the rural region of Louisiana, Nell Sweetzer settles in New Orleans. Not being able to recall the terrible chain of events that took place in the preceding months, she just knows that she is the only surviving member of the family. As she takes her first step towards a new life, the evil spirit returns to possess her, implying her Last Exorcism was truly only the beginning. Full of scary moments and constant action, The Last Exorcism Part II is a good horror flick.

Starring Neil Nitin Mukesh and Sonal Chauhan, 3G: A Killer Connection is a Hindi horror, a sci-fi thriller with an intriguing storyline. The plot revolves around Sam, who buys a secondhand 3G enabled phone while vacationing in the Fiji Islands with his partner. His vacation, however, takes an unexpected turn when he starts receiving mysterious calls on his phone, endangering his life and also of his partner’s. With extraordinary cinematography, this is amongst the best Hindi horror movies on Airtel India.


With a riveting storyline not usually seen in the Marathi film industry, Karma Chakra deserves a spot on this horror movies list on Airtel Xstream. The movie is based on five best friends who decide to embark on a journey to unearth certain artefacts. However, in the course of their adventure, they accidentally awaken their fate, leading to a series of events that unleashes horror upon them. Due to its stunning cinematography and script, it is a good Marathi horror flick.

Another Hindi horror flick that would captivate your mind, Mushkil - Fear Behind You, revolves around a group of four friends experiencing supernatural events while holidaying in Greece. One fateful day, they decide to take shelter in a church, where they come across Aveer, a mysterious stranger who would help them escape the mortal danger they’re in. Starring Pooja Bisht, Rajniesh Duggall, Nazia Hussain, and Kunaal Roy Kapur, Mushkil - Fear Behind You, the film showcases excellent performances.

Directed by Sameer Khan and performed by Iti Acharya, Nirab Hossain, and Asif Basra, Raaz E Sheitaan is based on a couple who adopt a girl child. However, their happiness soon turns to ashes when they go through several horrifying experiences, eventually realising that a demonic force possesses their adopted daughter. They take the ultimate step to get an exorcism done. Is the exorcism successful? That is something you’ll have to uncover by watching the film yourself on Airtel Xstream.


With a star cast of Emraan Hashmi and Kalki Koechlin, Ek Thi Daayan is amongst the best Hindi horror movies on Airtel India. The storyline revolves around Bobo, a famed illusionist haunted by his past. Seeking help from a psychiatrist, he relives the suppressed memories of his past. He soon realises that the nanny who took care of him when he was a child was a demon. Ek Thi Daayan gave a fresher perspective to Hindi horror films with its unpredictable script and excellent cinematography and hence is a must-watch!

Ms Lekha Tharoor Kaanunnathu is a horror-cum-thriller that would make you ponder about the supernatural. Written by Kannan Sooraj and Shajiyem, this movie is about Ms Lekha Tharoor, a television journalist who begins experiencing unsettling visions. When she tries to find solace in her friends, they believe she is psychotic. What follows is a sequence of events that would change her life in the most unexpected way. How? Well, that’s an answer you’ll have to find for yourself by streaming it on Airtel Xstream.

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