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By Andrew Lu | Updated on 02-Jul-2021

Some nights, you are in the mood for a horror thriller to spook you out of your wits. Other nights, you have a sci-fi or a sitcom-driven comedy on your mind. But sometimes, all you want to watch is an immersive historical movie with the ability to transport you to another time and place. Here’s a list of the top 10 best historical movies on Amazon prime India. Although the prices of the products mentioned in the list given below have been updated as of 25th May 2022, the list itself may have changed since it was last published due to the launch of new products in the market since then.

A masterpiece by the celebrated director Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Padmavat chronicles the tale of Queen Padmavati of Chittorgarh, who performed self-immolation or “Jauhar” to save her honour after her fort was invaded by the brutal Allaudin Khilji. This movie boasts of a stellar cast with names like Ranveer Singh, Deepika Padukone, and Shahid Kapoor and is pretty historically accurate. If that wasn’t enough, this movie is a masterpiece in its own right with impeccable production design, grandeur sets, gorgeous costumes and crisp storytelling. We would say that if you are a history buff, you are definitely going to regret skipping this one.

This 2019 action-war historical film is the honourable story of 21 Sikh soldiers who laid down their lives fighting against thousands of Afghans in a bid to keep the Saragarhi fort under the British Indian flag. Starring the terrific Akshay Kumar and Parineeti Chopra in titular roles, Kesari showcases various significant events of the 1800s. Loaded with jaw-dropping dialogues, amazing cinematography and nail-biting action sequences, Kesari is undoubtedly a must-watch for every history buff out there.

The plot of Enemy at the Gates revolves around the highly documented battle between a Soviet and German sniper who are engaged in a fight to the death. Apart from a stellar star cast consisting of names like Jude Law and Ed Harris, the Enemy at the Gates is packed with gruelling action and entertaining war sequences. With an amazing background score and crisp direction, this historical drama film is sure to keep you glued to your seats till the very end.


Simply put, The Great Escape is one of the best world war II movies out there. The plot of this historical film revolves around a large group of imprisoned allied soldiers who were captured during World War II and plan to escape from the German camp. Starring an ensemble cast of Steve McQueen, James Garner and Richard Attenborough, The Great Escape is thoroughly entertaining to the core. However, what truly set this movie apart are the well-written introduction scenes for the main and supporting cast,\ which in turn help the viewers connect better with the host of characters.

Starring Charlie Hunnam and Robert Pattinson in lead roles, The Lost City of Z is the story of Percy Fawcett – a legendary British explorer who disappears while searching for a mysterious city in the Amazon. This historical movie is a true-life drama, and apart from being technically sound is a visual treat to the eyes. Moreover, with an amazing background score and great direction, this Hollywood history movie to watch on Amazon Prime is a must-watch for anyone into historical adventures.

Starring the fierce Kangana Ranaut in the titular role, Manikarnika is one of the few Bollywood movies with a female protagonist. Based on the life of Rani Laxmi bai, Manikarnika is a one-woman show with amazing dialogues, stellar cinematography, mind-boggling action sequences and an impressive supporting cast. Tackling the themes of patriotism and independence, this best Hindi historical movie on prime video is a sincere ode to Manikarnika and her struggles as a Queen and as a warrior.


Directed by Christopher Nolan, Dunkirk is a historical war film set against the backdrop of world war II. The plot of this historical movie revolves around the soldiers of the British empire, Belgium and France, who are surrounded by the German forces on four sides and are thereafter evacuated during an arduous battle. This best historical movie on Amazon prime boasts of a stellar star cast and marks the debut of Harry Styles. However, that’s not all; being the work of Christopher Nolan, Dunkirk is packed with thrilling action sequences, brilliant background score and spectacular cinematography, but at the core of it all, it is an honest recalling of a historical tale.

Hotel Rwanda is the incredible true story of Paul Rusesabagina, played by Don Cheadle, who displays immense courage and offers refuge to hundreds of Tutsi civilians from Hutu extremists in Rwanda, Africa. This top historical film on Amazon prime is a rare humanitarian film about a noble soul and is an absolute must-watch. Apart from the gripping storyline, this movie has amazing cinematography, a great background score and multiple memorable scenes that are sure to stay with you much after watching the film.

Based on the 1998 comic book of the same name, 300 is a fictionalised retelling of the battle of Thermopylae. The plot of this movie revolves around the King of Sparta, Leonidas, played by Gerard Butler, who leads 300 Spartans to fight the Persians at Thermopylae in 480 B.C. One of the best historical movies on Amazon Prime, 300 is a treat to the eyes; with beautiful cinematography, stunning war visuals, terrific dialogue delivery and multiple memorable scenes, this historical movie is a must-watch for every movie buff out there.


Starring the perfectionist Aamir Khan, the plot of Mangal Pandey: The Rising revolves around Mangal Pandey, an Indian revolutionary who rises in revolt when the East India Company introduces a rifle that uses objectionable cartridges. Apart from the gripping storyline and stellar star cast, this movie is a massive winner in terms of background score and visuals. Additionally, with a focus on themes like patriotism and independence, Mangal Pandey: The Rising is undoubtedly one of the best Bollywood historical movies on this list.

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