Best GPS Tracker for Cars (2022)

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LocoNav GPS Tracker

LocoNav GPS Tracker price in India
This GPS tracker by LocoNav is designed to run and manage vehicles through a single platform. It not provides the location of your vehicle but also sends live alerts for over-speeding, entry or exit points, maintenance alerts and much more precisely. You can even get an overview of the health and mileage of the vehicle based on the distance covered during a specific time interval and keep an eye on it by checking its location in real-time. If you think this is just a tracking and locating device, then you’re in for a pleasant surprise! This GPS tracker’s software also enables you to remotely lock the vehicle so no one can start it without your consent. If you often leave your vehicle in the care of your driver or any other person and wonder how they’re handling the car, then you can easily check the fuel consumption, idle time and other parameters with the help of LocoNav.

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Intelli Eco GPS Tracker

Intelli Eco GPS Tracker price in India
The Intelli Eco GPS Tracker by Trak N Tell is an affordable GPS tracker that enables you to monitor your car using a multi-lingual mobile application. It has several useful features like intelligent GPS tracking (real-time), location sharing (via WhatsApp), alerts for different instances (like overspeeding, unauthorised access, etc.) and much more! The tracker has a straightforward two-wire installation process so that you don’t have to hire a professional to set up the device and get it running. The tracker helps you keep a tab on essential metrics by providing trip reports for the last 90 days. You can also check the ignition status on your Android or iPhone by signing up for the monthly subscription pack.

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SeTrack GPS Tracker

SeTrack GPS Tracker price in India
This waterproof and lightweight GPS tracker by SeTrack can come in handy if you want to do more than track your vehicle in real-time. SeTrack claims that this device uses a highly sensitive GPS chip and advanced software so you can get timely updates about your car no matter where you are. When switched to the safety mode, it acts as an anti-theft alarm (you can turn it on at night or when parking the car at a secluded place) and sends alerts if someone tries to force open your car. You can also switch off your vehicle’s ignition remotely (using a smartphone) and get daily statistics like mileage, idle time, speed, etc., to ensure optimal performance and proper maintenance of the car.

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OneLap Micro Plus

OneLap Micro Plus price in India
OneLap Micro is a compact, water-resistant GPS tracking and security device that helps you manage your vehicle and makes it ultra-secure. You can get the driving history, speed, mileage, and other metrics from the past 90 days. The device is quite easy to install and can provide the location of your car with an accuracy of up to 10 meters. The makers claim that it has a tracking sensitivity of 165dBm and capture the sensitivity of 148dBm and can operate within a temperature range of -25°C to 75°C, which makes it a great tracking device for your car during all kinds of weather. You can also use it as an anti-theft alarm and get alerts for ignition, geofence boundaries, overspeeding, etc., on your phone.

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AutoWiz price in India
When it comes to GPS tracking devices for vehicles, this one by AutoWiz tends to steal the top place with ease. It can prove to be a highly efficient and useful diagnostic (when coupled with AutoWiz OBD) and surveillance tool for your car. It offers real-time tracking of your car so you can see the live location using your phone and even check the speed, past trip details and other vitals no matter where you are. You can even get alerts for unsafe or excess idle time to ensure safety and cost-cutting by curtailing unnecessary driving actions. The device is quite easy to install and helps you set up a geo-fence so you can get notified when your car exits or enters one. The device also monitors the engine’s health so that you don’t have to suffer an unexpected breakdown.

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Trakpod GPS Car Tracker

Trakpod GPS Car Tracker price in India
This plug and play tracker by Trakpod is compact and quite useful for people who want real-time updates on the location and health of their cars. All you need to do is plug it into the On-Board Diagnostics (OBD-II) port of your car and install the Trank N Tell mobile application to monitor your car’s status and the location at all times. Its 4G sim card comes with a five-year subscription and helps communicate with the device. You can use the watchman mode to safeguard your car and get anti-theft alerts when someone tries to break in. you can also set boundaries and get notified when the car exits or enters the geofence boundary, and even get overspeeding alerts to prevent accidents.

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Manycast® Magnetic GF07

Manycast® Magnetic GF07 price in India
The Manycast Magnetic GF07 is a compact and efficient GPS tracking device for vehicles that can be quickly set up and help monitor your car’s whereabouts anytime and anywhere. The dual SIM card number allows you to easily track your vehicle by hearing your voice through the device and also monitor the surroundings without being noticed. It is equipped with two powerful magnets which ensure fast and secure attachment to the vehicle. You can start or stop recording by sending codes and using the various safety modes to monitor and safeguard your car from thieves at all times. This discreet tracker is super light (approximately 30 grams) and has dimensions 1.57x0.91x0.61in so that it can track the car without catching anyone’s attention.

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Acumen Track UC 600

Acumen Track UC 600 price in India
Acumen Track introduces the compact and efficient UC 600. It is a superior quality tracker which is water-resistant and dustproof so that you can monitor your car in all weather conditions without any interruptions. It is equipped with a microphone and an SOS Panic Button, which can be used in an emergency to share your live location with your family instantly. You can also listen in on the conversations in your car by calling on the GPS sim. The tracker makes use of the advanced “ACUMEN TRACK” tracking software, which gives the accurate location in real-time at all times with the help of Google Street and satellite maps. Last but not least, it can also generate a report covering vital metrics related to the trips made in the previous 90 days.

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Lamrod GPS Tracking System, GT02A

Lamrod GPS Tracking System, GT02A price in India
The Lamrod GT02A is a highly accurate tracking system that sends you the location of your car in real-time. But there’s to than meets the eye! It can also be used to keep a check on the car’s fuel consumption as it shows you how long the car was idle yet consuming fuel. The data is provided quickly and accurately with the help of Google Map and AWS servers so that you are never out of touch. You can even set up an anti-theft alarm using this tracker, analyse the driving history, mark your favourite locations for instant push notifications and share location with your friends and family with a single click. It is quite easy to install and works well with cars, buses, bikes, scooty and several other vehicles.

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Drivool 890-IN

Drivool 890-IN price in India
The Drivool 890-IN is a wide-ranging multi-vehicle tracking GPS device that acts as a real-time locator and has a robust and waterproof design. It is quite easy to install and helps detect the ignition status, sleep mode, and various other safety modes to safeguard your vehicle from thieves and mishaps. You can even get alerts for various instances like overspeeding, unauthorised access, entry or exit to geofenced areas, etc. It is compatible with 2G, 3G and 4G sim cards and consumes 300 MB to 500 MB data per month. It can be used for monitoring multiple vehicles, starting/stopping the engine, monitoring the battery voltage, get reports on past trips (for the last 30 days), and share live locations over WhatsApp with friends and family, which makes it a value for money product.

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List Of Best GPS Tracker For Cars (Dec 2022)

Product Name Seller Price
LocoNav GPS Tracker Amazon ₹ 3,499
Intelli Eco GPS Tracker Amazon ₹ 1,999
SeTrack GPS Tracker Amazon ₹ 1,599
OneLap Micro Plus Amazon ₹ 3,690
AutoWiz Amazon ₹ 6,990
Manycast® Magnetic GF07 Amazon ₹ 999
Acumen Track UC 600 Flipkart ₹ 2,990
Lamrod GPS Tracking System, GT02A Amazon ₹ 1,999
Drivool 890-IN Amazon ₹ 1,699