Best Gaming Chairs in India

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Green Soul monster ultimate series gaming cha

Green Soul monster ultimate series gaming cha price in India
When looking for one of the best gaming chairs in India, you must consider this Green Soul Monster Ultimate Series gaming chair. It has an adjustable backrest angle of 90 to 180 degrees, allowing you to adjust it per your convenience for a comfortable posture while gaming. It has adjustable height and you can change it based on your comfort. It has heavy-duty metal exterior which gives it a durable design and long-lasting use. The PU wheels at the base make movement easy and the 360-degree swivel design allows the chair to turn in any direction. With the adjustable armrest you can comfortably rest your arms without straining them. The large frame size of the chair can comfortably fit any person irrespective of their size and also makes the seating more comfortable. The neck/head pillow and the lumbar pillow are made from a high quality foam and give your neck and back the right support for the most comfortable gaming experience.

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CELLBELL GC01 transformer series gaming chair

CELLBELL GC01 transformer series gaming chair price in India
If you are looking for the best gaming chair that will give you the most satisfying gaming experience while also being ergonomically right, this CELLBELL GC01 transformer series gaming chair is a good choice. With the removable headset and back support cushioning, the chair provides the best ergonomic experience. The high backrest ensures proper alignment and provides neck and back support. It comes with an ultra-soft seat which gives you a comfortable feel while sitting. It also comes with a tilt mechanism that allows you to recline and relax after your body is tired from long hours of gaming. The metal wheelbase allows easy movement, and the padded armrest can be used to rest your arms comfortably while gaming. The height adjustment feature lets you set the desired height and enjoy gaming with utmost comfort.

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Bantia Leatherette Gaming Chair

Bantia Leatherette Gaming Chair price in India
This Bantia Leatherette Gaming chair comes with an S-Shaped curved backseat which ensures that you maintain the right posture and back alignment to avoid straining your back by giving you a comfortable gaming posture. It is made from high-quality PU material, which offers a comfortable feel and makes the chair durable by protecting it from wear and tear. The soft armrest relaxes your arms, and you can recline the chair to relax your body after long hours of gaming. The head support ensures that your neck stays supported and in proper alignment to avoid muscle fatigue and strain. With the movable waist pillow, you can reduce the pressure on your spine by adjusting the pillow’s placement according to your convenience.

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Adcom mutant super gaming chair

Adcom mutant super gaming chair price in India
The Adcom mutant super gaming chair is ergonomically designed to provide the best seating experience for long hours, whether for gaming or office purposes. This also makes this chair multipurpose and allows you to use it in your home or workplace for a comfortable gaming or working experience. It comes with a large frame that makes it comfortable for all body types. With an adjustable lumbar support pillow, you can keep your back correctly aligned to avoid any strain and fatigue to your back muscles. It also comes with a rocking function with which you can shake the chair back and forth so that you get a relaxed feeling after long hours of gaming. It has a height-adjustable design to set the chair at the desired height to get maximum comfort during gaming.

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Alibaba gaming chair

Alibaba gaming chair price in India
This Alibaba gaming chair is made from high-quality leather, which feels great on the skin and gives you a comfortable sitting experience that makes long hours of gaming much more convenient. It comes with a flip lever with the help of which you can adjust the seat's height according to your convenience. The adjustable armrest moves up and down and allows you to place your arms comfortably. The soft PU padding and high-quality foam used in the cushions and seat provide complete support and a comfortable feeling without causing much fatigue. The swivel mechanism allows the chair to move in any direction. The chair will enable you to recline in a comfortable position to relieve the strain on your body from long hours of gaming.

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X volsport racing edition gaming chair

X volsport racing edition gaming chair price in India
The innovatively designed X volsport racing edition gaming chair features a car seat design that includes thigh support side bolsters for complete support to your thighs. It also features waist and shoulder pads that resemble a racing seat and give you total comfort during long hours of gaming. The highly adjustable design of this chair features a removable headrest and a lumbar pillow that you can adjust according to your comfort and give complete stability to your neck and back muscles. With an adjustable backrest angle, you can use this chair as a recliner to relax your body. The pull out the lever and rotate knob allows you to use the rocking game chair function, with which you can rock the chair back and forth. The chair has a heavy-duty base and frame that give it a longer life. The durable PU leather is skin-friendly and protects the chair from wear and tear from regular use.

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Praxon inflatable gaming chair

Praxon inflatable gaming chair price in India
If you are looking for a gaming chair under Rs 5000, which will give you the ultimate comfort during gaming while also not being too hard on your wallet, then this Praxon inflatable gaming chair might turn out to be the perfect choice for you. It features oversized armrests and backrests that are perfect for lounging and provide the utmost comfort when playing your favourite game. The chair features a futuristic print that perfectly fits your game room, living room or bedroom. It comes with a mesh storage pocket that you can use for placing your extra game controllers and other gaming accessories. As the chair is inflatable, it is easy to carry from one place to another and makes it highly portable.

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Sunon gaming chair

Sunon gaming chair price in India
When looking for a good gaming chair, the gaming chair price is a critical factor to consider. This Sunon gaming chair comes at an affordable price while providing many attractive features at the same time. It comes with a high back and wide armrests with a soft pad that supports every curve of your body and gives you utmost comfort by preventing muscle strain and fatigue. The adjustable height design makes the chair ideal for people of all heights. You can tilt the backrest according to your convenience with the help of the side handle. The chair is made from high-quality leather that is wear-resistant and gives it durability. With a 360-degree swivel and 5 smooth rolling PU caster wheels, this chair gets high mobility that allows it to turn in all directions and slide easily on the floor from one place to another.

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Savya home apex crusader XIII gaming chair

Savya home apex crusader XIII gaming chair price in India
This Savya home apex crusader XIII gaming chair comes with a strong steel frame and polyurethane cushioning, giving you comfortable seating and complete back support for a comfortable gaming experience. The solid steel base and alloy wheels provide this chair with stability and smooth movement. With the 360-degree revolving motion, you can turn in any direction when sitting in the chair. The 3D armrest with a soft PU pad comes with 3-way adjustment so that you can move it up-down, front-back, or forward-backwards according to your convenience. The 180-degree tilt mechanism allows you to tilt the chair and enjoy a relaxing experience.

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BAYBEE drogo gaming chair

BAYBEE drogo gaming chair price in India
This BAYBEE drogo gaming chair comes with controllable rocking that allows you to move back and forth for a relaxing experience. It also comes with a retractable footrest that provides comfortable feet placement during gaming. The head pillow and lumbar pillow offer complete neck and back support. The wide frame of the chair makes it suitable for all body shapes. With a winged back that provides multi-point body contact that shares the pressure on the back and relieves strain and fatigue, you can use this chair for long hours of gaming or work. The chair features high-density foam for comfort and a high-quality steel frame for long-lasting durability.

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List Of Best Gaming Chairs In India

Product Name Seller Price
Green Soul monster ultimate series gaming cha Flipkart ₹ 18,990
CELLBELL GC01 transformer series gaming chair Flipkart ₹ 15,999
Bantia Leatherette Gaming Chair Flipkart ₹ 10,999
Adcom mutant super gaming chair Flipkart ₹ 15,500
Alibaba gaming chair Flipkart ₹ 12,750
X volsport racing edition gaming chair Amazon ₹ 18,999
Praxon inflatable gaming chair Amazon ₹ 3,899
Sunon gaming chair Amazon ₹ 10,319
Savya home apex crusader XIII gaming chair Amazon ₹ 12,990
BAYBEE drogo gaming chair Amazon ₹ 18,990
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