Best Fantasy Shows on Netflix

By Andrew Lu | Updated on 27-Nov-2020

As we wake up to a brave new world in light of the Coronavirus outbreak, more lockdown restrictions have essentially led to more consumption of media such as films and TV shows. So, with that in mind we’re recommending some of the best Netflix fantasy series that you should be watching during this trying time. There have been a few excellent all-round shows on Netflix but these Netflix fantasy series in 2020 have raised the bar in terms of fantasy drama series on Netflix for a while now. Fantasy has always been a niche genre but in the past few years, there has been an explosion of shows and films that dive head-first into the whole fantasy trope. The Lord of the Rings franchise is largely responsible for the resurgence in popularity of the genre and the series’ influence can be felt to this day.

Fantasy shows are not just limited to Netflix series’ with supernatural powers but come with a different variety of stories and even different languages. We will be sure to include some of the most watched fantasy shows on Netflix but a few shows we’ve recommended aren’t as popular but are just as exciting and action-packed as the top fantasy series shows on Netflix. And not to disappoint the horror hounds, this list will contain a few supernatural shows on Netflix as well. We hope you all stay home, stay safe and are sitting on your couches watching some of these awesome shows. .

One of the newer shows on the list, Paranormal comes from Egypt and really hits all the right fantasy/horror notes with its high level of production and creepy storylines. The show follows an unwilling man who is dragged into the world of the paranormal and must figure out a way to help people affected by evil. Do check it out, it’s worth a binge!

October Faction tells the tale of a monster-hunting family and how they deal with fantastical creatures and monsters. Based on the comic book by Steve Niles, the show is not as violent or gory as the comic but it does a good job of replicating the feel and tone of the source material.

A true fantasy epic, Outlander tells the story of a woman displaced in time. An English combat nurse is sent back in time to the Scottish war and must figure out how to deal with the mess. It’s a lavish show and has some great dramatic moments as well.


Written by Max Landis of Chronicle fame, Dirk Gently is a truly weird and fantastical series. The show follows the titular Dirk Gently as he grapples the supernatural using his detective skills. Based on the "Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency" novel series, written by Douglas Adams, the show is funny, quirky and truly does justice to the books.

The Teen Titans have been a major part of DC in the past three decades and this time they’re got a full live-action show. Titans takes a grittier, more mature approach to superheroes and is a character-driven show. Sure, you’ve got the cool costumes and the fight scenes but it’s more about how the Titans deal with the aftermath of a vicious attack by their greatest enemy, Deathstroke the Terminator.

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