10 Best Electric Toothbrush in India

By Afrah Khan | Price Updated on 07-Sep-2021

If you are worried about your oral hygiene and feel your regular toothbrush is not helping you much, then it is probably time to switch to an electric toothbrush to do the job for you! Whether adults or kids, electric toothbrushes are available for all age groups and are safe to use. If you don’t know much about them but want to get one for you and your loved ones, then you can pick your favourite toothbrush machine from this list.

Colgate Pro-Clinical 150

Colgate is best known for toothpaste, toothbrushes, and many more oral hygiene products often recommended by dentists for their good quality, and this product is no different. The Colgate Pro-Clinical electric toothbrush has a slim design and lightweight handle just like a manual toothbrush which makes it efficient and provides a firm yet comfortable grip. It is equipped with an on/off button and a 2-minute timer. You can set the timer for brushing and be done in record duration. It makes sonic vibrations of 30,000 strokes per minute to remove the germs, plaque and food particles from your teeth gaps efficiently. Its power tip bristles and compact head make it easier to clean the areas which are otherwise harder to access. Colgate claims that these features help in faster plaque reduction. You can also easily replace the brush head after the current one is worn and use it without compromising on oral hygiene. This waterproof toothbrush with battery comes with a tongue cleaner with rotatory function (attached at the back of the brush), so no part of your mouth is left unclean.

Caresmith SPARK Electric Toothbrush

The Caresmith SPARK Electric Rechargeable toothbrush features soft and smooth DuPont bristles which closely fit along your teeth to provide a thorough cleaning each time you brush your teeth. This electric toothbrush has an IPX7-rated waterproof design, and you don’t have to worry about it being damaged due to minor water spills. The electronic components are safeguarded from water-induced damage by an airtight covering present on the charging port. Caresmith’s Sonic Technology ensures that this electric toothbrush offers 30,000 strokes/minute and efficiently removes stuck food particles and plaque (as claimed by the company). It also has a 2-minute timer that switches off after every 2 minutes, and a quad interval lets you know the time to switch sides, making brushing your teeth a smooth operation! This rechargeable toothbrush can last up to 20 days on a single charge and has 6 operational modes - High Intensity (for proper cleaning of hard to reach areas), Medium Intensity, Low Intensity, Gum Care, Sensitive Care and Deep Clean. So you can pick the mode which best suits your gums and teeth. Last but not least, its makers claim that this toothbrush can also help lighten the stains if you use it regularly for over a month.

AGARO Cosmic Plus Sonic 33438

AGARO Cosmic Plus Sonic Electric Toothbrush features Sonic Technology which offers 40,000 strokes per minute, making it easy to remove stuck food particles or bacteria on your teeth. It also offers a 3D bristle cutting process by the round tip bristles. Its five brushing modes are Whitening (for the effective removal of stains), Clean (for excellent cleaning every day), Sensitive (so that no harm is done to teeth and gums), Polish (to brighten your teeth) and Massage (to lightly massage your gums). The interdental brush head helps in cleaning between the teeth and in areas that are hard to reach. This electric toothbrush is waterproof and is well guarded by any water-induced damage. Regular use of this electric toothbrush can help you minimise stains on your teeth caused due to consumption of tobacco, coffee, tea or any other substance.

Mi T100 Electric Toothbrush

Mi T100 electric Toothbrush is an electric toothbrush that has soft bristles and an auto-timer so you can clean your gums safely and effectively. It comprises a high-frequency motor that can produce up to 18,000 vibrations per minute, making it easy to remove food particles, bacteria, and stains from your teeth with minimal effort (as claimed by the makers). It has Dual-Pro Brush mode, which efficiently matches your preferred brushing style and pace. This toothbrush (it has a Li-ion battery) can be used for a month without changing the battery. It also has an LED indicator that notifies you about the charging as well as the battery status so you can replace them in time. It sports a sleek, waterproof design that means the Mi T100 electric toothbrush can easily handle water splashes without being damaged. Mi T100 electric toothbrush produces about 60 dB of noise while operating, ensuring that you aren't disturbing anyone around you while brushing your teeth. Last but not least, it weighs approximately 46 grams, making it comfortable to hold and easy to use.

realme N1 Sonic Electric Toothbrush

Realme N1 Sonic Electric Toothbrush can prove to be useful for people across all age groups. It is designed for all kinds of users (the makers kept in mind people with sensitive gums and other issues) as you can choose the appropriate mode according to your requirement)! Moreover, this toothbrush will also remember your preferred mode, so you don’t have to switch to the desired mode every time you need to brush your teeth. Its 3 modes are soft mode, clean mode, and polish mode, so you can pick the one which suits your teeth the best. It also provides vibration up to 20,000 times per minute which helps clean your teeth thoroughly. It has a noise level of less than 55 dB to ensure a peaceful brushing experience. It has a battery backup of 130 days which means it can run for 130 days (on a single full charge and moderate usage), so you do not need to charge it repeatedly. Last but not least, Realme claims that its skin avoids the foreign body sensation so that when you brush your teeth, you don't suffer from sensitivity.


Considered one of India’s best and most trusted brands, Oral-B is known for its premium quality toothbrushes. The Oral-B VITALITY 100 is a rechargeable toothbrush with soft bristles that are easy on the gums and give 16 degrees cross action cleaning. This toothbrush offers better oral care than a regular toothbrush and provides 2D cleaning action with its head rotation and oscillations process for more hygiene. Oral-B VITALITY electric toothbrush has a built-in, 2-minute timer and a 30 seconds alert ( it will vibrate) which helps you to know that 30 seconds of cleaning a specific area are over and you need to change the cleaning direction. Its single charge will provide you with 7 days of dental care. You can recharge it after that. Oral-B Vitality toothbrush is compatible with toothbrush heads of Cross-action, 3D Black, Sensi Ultra-Thin, Sensitive Clean, Precision Clean, Floss-action, Tri-zone, Dual Clean, Power Tip, and Ortho Care, meaning you won’t have trouble replacing the brush head after months of use. Last but not least, this electric toothbrush has a skin-friendly touch, sleek design, lightweight body and an anti-slip grip.

Oral-B Cross Action

We couldn’t help but include another electric toothbrush by the brand that dentists so commonly recommend. So here’s another one by Oral-B that you can get for yourself. The Oral-B Cross Action is designed keeping in mind it needs to clean hard to access areas and reach deep between the teeth for an all-around cleaning experience. Its bristles are set at 16 degrees to clean along the gum line and effectively remove up to 100% plaque. The indicator bristles fade gradually, signalling you to change the brush head for optimum cleaning. You can use any brush head on it as it is compatible with the entire line-up of Oral-B electric toothbrushes except for Oral-B Sonic.


If you are looking for a good electric brush for your little one but don’t know which ones are available online, then you should check out the JSB HF 128. This electric toothbrush can make brushing a fun part of your child’s night routine, as it can also play music to keep them entertained! It has soft DuPont bristles, which oscillate at a rate of 8,800 oscillations per minute, so their gums don’t get damaged. It also sports an auto timer for two minutes which means that your child will brush for entire duration of 2 minutes and 30 seconds by following the timer and even has a 30-second interval timer that alerts them to switch to another area. Coming to the fun element of the brush, it has interchangeable panel stickers for cartoons. It has 4 options to pick from when your child wants to enjoy some music and 2 auto brushing modes (Clean and Sensitive mode) for optimum cleaning! This battery-operated electric toothbrush is powered by two AAA batteries and has a waterproof design to secure it from water splashes.

Philips HX3214/11

If you believe that Philips was only excelling at manufacturing home appliances, you need to recheck your facts. Philips HX3214/11 is an electric toothbrush that can help you maintain stellar oral hygiene with minimal effort! It houses the innovative and patented Sonic Technology which pulses water between your teeth for better rinsing. At the same time, the bristles move and break up plaque and sweep it away from hard to reach areas for a better cleaning experience. Philips claims that it is clinically proven and hence is the number one recommended brand by dental professionals worldwide. It can last up to 14 days in a single full charge with moderate usage. It is designed to glide along the gum line smoothly, and Philips claims that it can remove 3 times more plaque than a normal toothbrush. Last but not least, its easy-start program, SmartTimer and Quad-Pacer, help you time your movements while brushing.

Colgate ProClinical 150

The last product on this list is the Colgate ProClinical 150. It is a battery-powered electric toothbrush with charcoal-infused antibacterial bristles that prevent bacteria growth and maintain better oral hygiene. The power-tip bristle utilises the SONIC vibrations, which deliver up to 20,000 strokes per minute and help clean the gaps between the teeth and hardly accessible parts of the mouth more effectively. A built-in timer of 2 minutes turns off the brush after the maximum recommended brushing time is reached. You can replace the brush head easily (recommended to change it every three months). Colgate claims that it can help remove up to 5 times more plaque than an ordinary brush. It has thin-tipped bristles, which help along the gum line while the cheek and tongue cleaner on the brush removes odour-causing bacteria, so you have clean teeth and fresh breath throughout the day!

List Of 10 Best Electric Toothbrush In India

Product Name Seller Price
Colgate Pro-Clinical 150 Flipkart ₹ 622
Caresmith SPARK Electric Toothbrush Flipkart ₹ 899
AGARO Cosmic Plus Sonic 33438 Flipkart ₹ 1,699
Mi T100 Electric Toothbrush Flipkart ₹ 1,699
realme N1 Sonic Electric Toothbrush Flipkart ₹ 699
Oral-B VITALITY 100 Flipkart ₹ 1,359
Oral-B Cross Action Amazon ₹ 1,035
JSB HF128 Amazon ₹ 599
Philips HX3214/11 Amazon ₹ 3,595
Colgate ProClinical 150 Amazon ₹ 720
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