Best Drawing Tablet with a Screen and Pen in India (2022)

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Bestor Drawing pad with a screen and pen

Bestor Drawing pad with a screen and pen price in India
If you are an artist, a graphic designer or a student looking for a drawing pad with a screen and a pen that will help you showcase your talent and also practice your skills then this Bestor drawing pad might turn out to be a great choice for you. With a 12-inch screen, you get a wide area to draw, work and showcase your artistic abilities. This screen can also come in handy for making notes, doodles or lists and will help you go paperless. The drawing pad also comes with a pen which will help you to draw with ease on this tablet with just the right pressure that allows you to draw both thick and thin lines with ease. It comes with a one touch button to erase your drawings and the table will keep displaying your work until you choose to erase it by pressing the button. It comes with a replaceable battery that can last up to 50,000 erases after which you can easily replace it with a new one. The tablet comes with a dual case and a recessed screen which makes it durable and safe to carry along when travelling to have your own personalised drawing pad with you wherever you go.

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SYGA 8.5” Drawing tablet with a LCD screen an

SYGA 8.5” Drawing tablet with a LCD screen an price in India
The SYGA 8.5” drawing tablet comes with a screen size of 8.5 inches that you can use for drawing and creating your art without using a pen and paper. The stylus or pen that comes with this tablet gives the perfect drawing pressure to ensure a smooth working experience. The tablet has a non-radiation screen that is easy on your eyes and protects them from the strain and irritation which is usually caused by prolonged screen time. With long-lasting batteries that do not require often changing, this SYGA drawing pad makes for an energy-efficient device. The screen lock function that locks the tablet screen when not in use avoids energy consumption and adds to the energy-saving design of the tablet. The durable design gives it a long-lasting use and makes it safe to be used by people of any age group. With features like eye protection, this tablet is considered pretty safe to be used by kids for drawing, doodling, writing and learning to spell. This new style of learning will help to improve their interest in learning and make them more enthusiastic to learn new things every day.

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Kartavya Enterprises GI015 GILCD drawing tabl

Kartavya Enterprises GI015 GILCD drawing tabl price in India
The 8.5-inch screen on this drawing tablet makes it an ideal choice for artists, students and kids to showcase their drawing talent and also to make notes, lists amongst many things. With a 1024 pressure level, the pen that comes with this tablet ensures just the perfect pressure to give you a smooth drawing feels and make it seem like you are drawing on an actual paper. The tablet has a 1024 LPI input resolution that allows you to clearly view your art on the large screen. It comes with magnets on the rear side which enable it to stick to a metal base and this allows you to enjoy a comfortable drawing experience without the tablet moving about. The screen lock feature works to ensure less energy consumption and the one-button erase allows you to erase the unwanted content by simply pressing the button. The lightweight, compact design makes it easy for you to carry the tablet everywhere and the thickness of only 4.5 mm gives it a slim and sleek look which makes for an attractive design that you would love to flaunt.

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XP Pen Artist 15.6 Pro Graphics tablet

XP Pen Artist 15.6 Pro Graphics tablet price in India
When looking for a drawing with a pen and a screen that will help you showcase your artistic creativity on a wider platform, you cannot go wrong with this XP Pen 15.6 Pro Graphics tablet. It comes with a large display screen of 15.6 inches which allows you to freely express your creativity while drawing, working on animations, creating illusions, editing, presentations and many more. The display is fully illuminated and comes with an anti-glare film that you can easily replace when in need of a new one. The anti-glare film is highly useful in reducing glare for distraction-free viewing and also protects the screen from scratches while offering maximum transparency for a great viewing experience. The 8 customisable keys featured in this tablet enable you to change the button functions according to your preference and make this tablet truly personalised to suit your drawing or working needs. By offering an 8192 level pressure sensitivity between the screen and the stylus, the tablet gives a real pen to paper experience and ensures maximum precision while drawing thick as well as thin lines. The stylus that comes with it is accurately sensed by the tablet which then allows a 60-degree tilt that enhances the drawing experience by proper shading and the pen in itself ensures that there is no lag when drawing a straight line on the tablet. By being compatible with various devices including Mac OS 10.10 and above, Windows 10/8/7, Linux and many more this XP Pen graphics tablet allows wide compatibility.

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Bromind drawing tablet with a screen and pen

Bromind drawing tablet with a screen and pen price in India
This Bromind drawing tablet comes with a wide LCD screen that offers a large platform for showcasing your artistic abilities and freely expressing your creative talents. Whether you are an artist, student, engineer or graphic designer, this tablet is ideal for all as it proves to be an environmentally friendly alternative to the traditional pen and paper. It comes with a smoothly functioning pen that works comfortably on the LCD and helps you to put your art on the screen with a seamless drawing experience. This digital drawing tablet comes with a long-lasting battery and durable design which allows you to use it for a longer duration without interruptions. The stylish and sleek design gives it an attractive look and the lightweight makes it easy to carry so that your creative side can be expressed when you are on the go and travelling.

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HUION Kamvas 13 drawing tablet

HUION Kamvas 13 drawing tablet price in India
The HUION Kamvas 13 drawing tablet comes with a fully laminated 13.3-inch screen that combines glass with screen for a minimum parallax and greater viewing experience. The anti-glare film on the screen makes the screen transparent and results in glare reduction which allows you to view your drawings clearly even in a bright light surrounding. You can customise the Kamvas 13 according to your needs with the 8 press keys featured by it that allow you to change the settings according to your preference and drawing style. The tablet comes with a PW517 battery-free pen which does not require any charging and comes with a highly sensitive nib that adds to the life of the pen ensuring that you can use it for numerous drawings and graphics. The pen also gives a 60-degree tilt function, 8192 pressure level sensitivity and stability for enhancing your drawing experience.

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Peatop Multicolor Digital Drawing tablet

Peatop Multicolor Digital Drawing tablet price in India
If you are looking for a drawing board with a screen and a pen for your kids to enhance their creativity and learning experience, then this Peatop Multicolor digital drawing tablet that comes with an upgraded pressure-sensitive LCD technology might be the end of your search. This technology helps you to draw lines of different thicknesses by varying the pressure on the screen with the pen that comes along with the tablet and gives you a smooth and seamless drawing experience. The 12-inch wide LCD screen makes for a large canvas and also gives a better viewing experience. Your kids can learn and draw doodles on this widescreen with ease and this will help them to enhance their creativity. The in-built replaceable CR-2 battery cell can last up to one year to give your kids an endless and uninterrupted drawing and playing experience with this tablet. The lock/unlock feature protects your drawings, notes and doodles from accidentally deleting and the one-click delete button is easy to use.

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VIGOR Drawing tablet

VIGOR Drawing tablet price in India
This VIGOR drawing tablet comes with an 8.5-inch anti-glare and anti-radiation screen which gives your eyes maximum protection while using the tablet and prevents eye strain and fatigue. This feature also makes the tablet ideal for use by children and can make for a great gift to your kid for bringing out their creative side. It comes with a stylus that makes multiple activities like drawing, writing, making lists, doodles, memos, playing cross and noughts, etc. easy and smooth on this tablet. The durable case and recessed screen make it safe for use in outdoor environments and allow you to carry it along while travelling. The stylus gives a smooth feel on the screen and makes you feel like you are writing with an actual pen and paper. The tablet has a built-in stylus dock which can be used for conveniently storing the stylus with the tablet itself when not in use. You can also use this stylus as a kickstand when showing off your drawings or displaying your written messages. The ease of use, durability, lightweight and multiple user-friendly features make this VIGOR drawing tablet an ideal gift for your friends, colleagues and even your kids.

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Portronics Ruffpad 15 Drawing Tablet

Portronics Ruffpad 15 Drawing Tablet price in India
With a 15-inch LCD screen and the rewritable feature, this Portronics ruffpad 15 drawing tablet is a perfect choice for bringing out your creativity and for working. With an extra-large screen, you get a bigger and better canvas for expressing yourself which makes your creativity flow and compliments the artist within you. With the smart lock technology that this tablet is equipped with you can easily switch on the in-built lock at a tap of a button to protect your art, drawings, messages and other important contents of the tablet from accidentally deleting. The single tap erase function helps you to erase the unwanted material with a single tap and makes the tablet rewritable. With a stylish and efficient pen that comes with this Portronics Ruffpad, you get crisp and clear handwriting and enjoy a smooth writing and drawing experience.

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Honey Peach Drawing tablet

Honey Peach Drawing tablet price in India
This Honey Peach drawing tablet has a 10-inch big and widescreen to give you a larger area for drawing and working. It also comes with a functional and efficient stylus that makes your drawing easy and smooth by allowing a perfect pen to screen pressure sensitivity with the help of the advanced sensitivity technology used by this tablet. Made from reliable and strong ABS materials, this Honey peach tablet gives a long-lasting use and comes with a durable design that allows you to easily and safely use it even in outdoor environments. By saving you from using pen and paper for your writings or drawings, the tablet forms an environmentally friendly design. The ultra-thin and lightweight tablet is easy to carry in a backpack, briefcase or a scheduler.

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List Of Best Drawing Tablet With A Screen And Pen In India (Dec 2022)

Product Name Seller Price
Bestor Drawing pad with a screen and pen Flipkart ₹ 685
SYGA 8.5” Drawing tablet with a LCD screen an Flipkart ₹ 285
Kartavya Enterprises GI015 GILCD drawing tabl Flipkart ₹ 288
XP Pen Artist 15.6 Pro Graphics tablet Flipkart ₹ 40,999
Bromind drawing tablet with a screen and pen Flipkart ₹ 216
HUION Kamvas 13 drawing tablet Amazon ₹ 23,899
Peatop Multicolor Digital Drawing tablet Amazon ₹ 1,299
VIGOR Drawing tablet Amazon ₹ 349
Portronics Ruffpad 15 Drawing Tablet Amazon ₹ 1,099
Honey Peach Drawing tablet Amazon ₹ 625