Best Charging Cables for Electronic Gadgets in India (2022)

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Mivi cable

Mivi cable price in India
Mivi offers an original type C cable made with bulletproof material to make sure you can charge your phone without worrying about damaging your charging cable. The 1.8 m long cable is extremely durable, flexible and strong, thanks to the nylon braiding that makes sure it lasts longer than regular cables (as claimed by the company). You don’t have to worry about the quality of the product as it is USB IF Certified and is compatible with all android devices, tablets and several other devices. The cable features copper conductors that support a current of up to 2.4 A which help in ensuring that the device is charged safely and quickly. The cable doesn’t tangle easily, thus ensuring easy storage and use. The aluminium casing of 10.5 mm lets you plug the cable into different phone cases without any difficulties. Moreover, the reversible design of the USB C helps you to insert the connector into your devices correctly every time you insert it, thus saving time. Last but not least, this AWG twisted cable provides a high signalling rate and anti-interference.

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Rakrish price in India
This 3 in 1 magnetic charging cable can prove to be a useful travel companion if you are constantly on the lookout for Type-C, iOS and Android chargers. It is an environment-friendly product that comes can offer a cable speed of up to 480 Mbps and also has an LED. The premium nylon braided material on the exterior ensures greater durability and provides strength to the cable to handle normal wear and tear. The copper wire inside the cable not only contributes to faster charging but also makes the entire process safe and hassle-free (it prevents short circuits or excessive flow of current). You can use the Micro USB, Type-C or iOS compatible head to charge all kinds of gadgets and devices, thereby saving some bucks as you won’t have to buy three separate chargers. Its 1 m long cable allows greater flexibility and the sleek design makes it highly portable and a great addition to your travel kit.

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Extronica price in India
This corrosion-resistant smartwatch magnetic suction charger from Extronica offers a fast charging speed and can charge your watch within one or two hours (as claimed by the company). You can connect this charger with a power adapter, laptop or power bank. It also features a voltage regulator inside to protect your watch from short circuits or overflow of current. Moreover, this charger is lightweight, portable and can act as a perfect replacement if you have misplaced the original charger. It is designed to make charging your smartwatch a hassle-free process and the same is evident from the 44 mm adapter, 45 cm cable and magnetic interface which keeps the charger in position while the watch is charging. Its cable is compatible with almost all the Noise, and bOAT smartwatches. This magnetic suction charger with two pins features a nickel-plated connector material and offers a cable speed of up to 1 Mbps.

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AmazonBasics Micro USB Charging Cable

AmazonBasics Micro USB Charging Cable price in India
AmazonBasics is an Amazon brand known for manufacturing tech accessories at pretty affordable prices and this charging cable is no different. Apart from charging the device, this cable can also be used to transfer data to and fro from your device at a maximum speed of 480Mbps. This AmazonBasics micro USB cable can be used for charging Android smartphones, tablets, PC/mobile accessories or connecting external hard drives, printers, gaming controllers to your PC. When it comes to building quality, AmazonBasics has made sure to leave no stones unturned and equipped it with gold plated compact connectors that resist corrosion and ensure proper data/power transfer without taking up much space. The charging cable is 3 feet long which makes it easily reachable without tangling up and creating a mess.

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WeCool Fast Charging Cable

WeCool Fast Charging Cable price in India
If you are looking for a charging cable with multiple connectors (micro USB, USB Type-C and lightning), so you can charge all your electronics with a single cable, this one is the right choice. The ability to charge multiple devices using a single cable not only makes it easy to carry but also saves you money. This 3-feet fast charging cable supports up to 3 amperes of current and is universally suitable for charging and data transfer between smartphones, tablets and smartphone/PC accessories. WeCool has braided this cable with high-quality Nylon material which makes it universally compatible, tangle-free, rugged and premium to touch. You can even charge 3 devices simultaneously but the current will be shared among the devices, so charge your devices accordingly.

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Ambrane ACM-1 Micro USB Cable

Ambrane ACM-1 Micro USB Cable price in India
Ambrane is one of the best smartphone accessory manufacturers out there, so there’s no reason why their data cable shouldn’t be included in this list. Ambrane ACM-1 is one of the cheapest micro USB cables that you can find online right now. But don’t let its low price tag fool you as it offers the same features that most charging cables at higher prices offer. This charging cable can also be used to transfer data to and fro from your devices with data transfer speeds of up to 480 Mbps. Ambrane ACM-1 is 1 metre in length and is compatible with almost every device out there with a micro USB port on it. Ambrane has claimed that their cable has a lifespan of over 5,000 bends making it more durable than most cables out there. When it comes to cable material, Ambrane has made sure to leave no stones unturned.

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Portronics POR-654 Konnect Core

Portronics POR-654 Konnect Core price in India
Portronics is another brand known for manufacturing quality mobile/PC accessories and peripherals and that too at pretty affordable prices. Portronics POR-654 Konnect Core is a 1-metre long charging cable that you can use to charge all your devices with a micro USB port. When it comes to build quality, Portronics has used premium Aluminium alloy for the connectors and an extra thick leather finish coating that protects the wires from everyday wear and tear. The brand claims that this Konnect Core cable has a lifespan of over 5,000 bends which is much more than what other charging cables at this price point has to offer. Apart from charging your device, you can even use it to transfer data from your device at speeds up to 480 Mbps or connect other accessories and peripherals to your computer.

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boAt A 350 Type-C Charging Cable

boAt A 350 Type-C Charging Cable price in India
This Type-C charging cable by boAt is one of the best when it comes to safe and quick charging of devices like smartphones, tablets, PC peripherals, speakers, and power banks. This charging cable supports 3 A Fast charging and is made of durable PVC material for extended life and minimal damage due to rough handling and daily wear and tear. boAt claims that the cable has been tested to last over 7,000 bends in its entire lifespan and supports data transmissions at speeds up to 480 Mbps. When it comes to looks and design, the premium cotton braided skin contributes to its funky yet casual look and also provides strength to this 1.5 meters long cable. Last but not least, its reversible metallic aluminium tip lets the user connect devices easily and quickly.

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Mi 2-in-1 USB Cable

Mi 2-in-1 USB Cable price in India
Seeing the rapid rate at which Mi is creating its customer base in India, it wasn’t surprising to spot this top-notch product by the company. The Mi 2-in-1 USB cable sports an innovative design and also helps in charging your devices in no time. It can act as a Micro USB as well as a Type-C charging cable and supports Quick charge also (up to 2.4 A). The cable can provide speeds up to 480 Mbps and has a durable build, thanks to the 250D Nylon body and the copper wire reinforced with it. The cable is 100 cm long so you won’t be stuck in awkward positions while charging your phone to stay close to the power source. It is equipped with 16 conductors wrapped in premium quality copper braids that allow it to handle daily wear and tear without getting damaged. This multi-functional cable can come in handy if you need a USB Type-C charger or a Micro USB to charge different devices.

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Apple Charging Cable

Apple Charging Cable price in India
We will conclude this list with an Apple charging cable as these might be a little difficult to find. If you are on the lookout for a premium quality charging cable for your iPhone, iPad or iPod then this product might come in handy. Equipped with a USB 2,0 Type-A connector and a lightning connector, this charging cable ensures that your device is powered up in no time, the cable length is approximately 100 cm and has a long-lasting and flexible design. This 100 cm lightning cable can offer speeds up to 480 Mbps and can also be used to connect cameras, and other peripherals. The best part about this charging cable is that it has a reversible design so you can easily plug in your phone for charging in a single attempt. The cable can be folded easily and does not weigh much which makes it highly portable and easy to use.

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List Of Best Charging Cables For Electronic Gadgets In India (Dec 2022)

Product Name Seller Price
Mivi cable Amazon ₹ 449
Rakrish Flipkart ₹ 179
Extronica Flipkart ₹ 299
AmazonBasics Micro USB Charging Cable Amazon ₹ 229
WeCool Fast Charging Cable Amazon ₹ 349
Ambrane ACM-1 Micro USB Cable Flipkart ₹ 79
Portronics POR-654 Konnect Core Flipkart ₹ 125
boAt A 350 Type-C Charging Cable Amazon ₹ 299
Mi 2-in-1 USB Cable Amazon ₹ 269