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By Andrew Lu | Updated on 18-Jun-2021

The beauty of adventure movies is that you can live vicariously through the images on your screen, and partake in crazy journeys and adventures. All whilst munching on popcorn and sitting snugly in your favourite chair, or even while in bed. If you’re looking for adventure movies on Netflix to do just this with, you’re in luck, because what we’ve got for you is our picks of the top adventure movies on Netflix. That’s your weekend sorted!

In The Dark Knight, Batman must face one of the most unique and dangerous villains yet, the Joker. As this psychopathic criminal mastermind terrorises Gotham City, this war turns out to be a psychological one as much as a physical one. One of the best movies in the Batman franchise, The Dark Knight, is considered to be the late actor Heath Ledger's finest performance. A riveting movie, it is sure going to keep you engaged and invested because it’s certainly one of the best adventure movies on Netflix India.

Gotham City has been crime and terror-free for eight years, but all of that changes when a notorious terrorist named Bane decides to attack it and ruin the peace. One of the best Hollywood adventure movies, this is the last movie in the Batman trilogy. In The Dark Knight Rises, Bruce Wayne must once again don his cape and face his nemesis to save Gotham City.

Cobb has the ability to steal information from his targets by entering their dreams. He is then approached by someone who promises to clear away his criminal record in exchange for a favour, and the favour is to perform an inception on his competitor’s son. Christopher Nolan’s Inception is not only one of the best adventure movies on Netflix India, but also truly a delight to watch. It takes you to an enveloping sheet of dreams and reality, dreams without reality, and reality within dreams.


One of the best adventure movies on Netflix India, Enola Holmes released in 2020, and won over everyone’s hearts. Away from the world's traditional ways, Enola has been raised with her mom as the centre of her universe. However, when her mother goes missing, leaving behind a trail of cryptic clues; Enola must venture out into the real society to bring her back. Will her famous brothers help her out? Or will she have to make this journey on her own?

When it comes to Hindi adventure movies, this has got to be the title we start with, surely! Combining the themes of politics, revenge, power struggle, and more, Gangs of Wasseypur: Part 1 is the first movie in the two-part instalment, directed by Anurag Kashyap. It’s a drama that spans across three generations that bring to you family feuds, power struggles, and bloodbath. It takes you to the period between 1941 to the mid-1990s. As the gangs clash, the story explodes with blasts and bullets. The daring, deadly, and dubious journey takes you into a war over the scrap trade and lands of coal.

The movie that finally gave Leonardo DiCaprio his much-deserved Oscar win, The Revenant is definitely one of the best adventure movies on Netflix India. Following the era of the 1820s fights, it’s the story of a man who is a frontiersman. On a fur-trading expedition, he gets mauled by a bear, and the members of his hunting team leave him behind. A tale of primal violence, retribution and revenge, this is the story of how he survives and what happens after.


Who hasn’t heard of the epic Baahubali duology, the franchise that went on to become the biggest in Indian cinema. In this first instalment, Shivudu, who hails from Mahishmati, falls in love with a woman from a warrior tribe. However, he soon learns about his past and true lineage, which leads to the uncovering of several truths. The extravagant visuals are truly going to leave you mesmerised. Indeed, it is pure entertainment.

The son of an imprisoned crime lord has been kidnapped, and the job of rescuing him falls upon a black-market mercenary. However, what none of them is aware of is that in the world of drugs, weapons, and dirty crime, a dangerous mission is already brewing and ready to explode. A story set in Bangladesh, Extraction looks real and gritty. It serves a global thriller with blown-up cars and a barrage of bullets. The physicality and charisma of Chris Hemsworth makes this a gruelling action flick.

Watching Sherlock Holmes is like going back to the days when we only had the books to fuel our imagination. In this adaptation, Robert Downey Jr. dons the cap of the famous detective, Sherlock Holmes, and Jude Law becomes his trusted friend, Dr. Watson. Together, they must uncover the crime trail left behind by a man they had caught in the past. An inspirational, sentimental, and magical flick, the adrenaline hunters are surely going to get a good dose of relentless action.


Musicals are rare in Bollywood, which is what makes Jagga Jasoos special. Jagga is a boy who was sent to boarding school as a kid, soon after which his father, Bagchi disappears. As he grows up, Jagga takes up the task to find his father, and for that, he must take the help of a journalist named Shruti. Their journey together makes this one of the best adventure movies on Netflix India. The undeniable acting gifts make this movie a must-watch. Over its runtime, it beautifully holds its avowed course.

Barfi is a boy who is deaf and dumb. He meets Shruti, and the two of them fall in love. Shruti, however, is married off, and Barfi is soon reunited with Jhilmil, a girl who has autism. Together, the two form an unlikely pair, and later on, Shruti comes back into their lives. Will she return to uproot their lives, or make any changes? Watch this adorable movie to find out. With a few tears to match, Barfi seems to be the most challenging performance of Ranbir’s acting career.

A love story and an adventure? We’ve got you covered, because Imtiaz Ali is a filmmaker who can master them both in one movie. Ved and Tara meet miles away from their homes, in Corsica. They talk, dance, go on fun adventures, and fall in love, all while having just one condition: They don’t reveal their true identities to one another. Years later, they meet again in Delhi, and this time the truths that come out aren’t that pleasant. Will their relationship be able to survive amidst the chaos of life?


Spider-Man: Homecoming was Tom Holland’s first proper introduction to the Marvel universe, as he took on the role of Spider-Man. After having gotten his two minutes of fame in Captain America: Civil War, where Iron Man and Captain America fight, Peter Parker must return to his dull life by laying low while awaiting his next mission. However, days pass, and nothing exciting happens. This is until Peter must face the demons in his own city, and prove that he is so much more than just the friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man.

In Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation, Ethan and his team must face a race against time itself as they attempt to uncover the existence of a deadly terror organisation called the Syndicate. With the CIA trying to track him down, and the IMF demolished, the team must act fast before the next attack occurs. This fifth instalment of MI is a perfect combination of thrill, adventure, and of course, drool-worthy Tom Cruise. It is one of the most enduring and lovable screen products to watch.

Growing up in a sheltered ambience with a loving family, Rani has never known loss, or the struggle to do things on her own. However, when her fiancé leaves her just a few days before their wedding, she is faced with the decision of choosing between mourning and living her life. She decides to go on her honeymoon alone, and in doing so, discovers a lot about life and the strength she possesses. This fun, the light-hearted movie Queen is indeed one of the best adventure movies on Netflix India.


Cheated and betrayed by his own crew members, Parker, is left to die. After surviving against the odds, he remerges with vengeance on his mind. He starts his journey with an unlikely ally by his side. Adapted from a book that’s a part of a series, the movie is another example of Jason Statham’s skills. In Parker, revenge and action are central to the plot. Dim the lights and get the thrill with some unmissable action stunts from the cast.

A heist is being planned in the multi-border zone of South America by operatives of the Former Special Forces. This is the first time they are taking on a mission for themselves and not the country. Will they succeed? Will their loyalty and skills be tested? Triple Frontier is a fully-packed action movie with well-staged action scenes, strong acting, and impeccable photography. Each character keeps up with the type of character and brings in enough shadings to the surprising act.

When North Korean paratroopers attack the city, a Marine veteran must escape into the woods with his brother. Following their father's death, they decide to seek vengeance and fight back by forming a guerrilla group. With little dialogue, Red Dawn instinctively occupies the high ground, while hitting the hapless enemy forces who can easily be found on the streets with bullets. While only eavesdropping on speeches and shouting exhortations, the team seems to be gifted strategists with heavy-duty automatic weapons.


Four immortal warriors have been silently protecting humanity for centuries. However, their lives are threatened when they learn of a new immortal who risks the possibility of revealing their mysterious powers. They must fight back to ensure the peace of the world stays intact. The Old Guard is not a Marvel or DC style visual extravaganza with hungry fans waiting on sequels and debating what is cannon and what isn’t. It does have the Marvel-style teaser after the credits roll, so watch out for that.

In an Alaskan village far away, wolves have caused the death of three children. That’s when a wolf expert is hired to catch the wolves, which is when he finds himself in the middle of a mystery that he must unravel. Hold the Dark is unflinchingly violent. Not a simple whodunit, the storyline dives into impulsive Hobbesian horror. The screenplay is unlike the rest of the mysterious thrillers. The main protagonists are men with few words. When a little supernatural exoticism is added to the mix, it makes the cruelty of life during the colonial civilisation period look especially dark.

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