Best Sandwich Makers in India

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V-Guard 2-in-1 Sandwich Maker (VSX75)

V-Guard 2-in-1 Sandwich Maker (VSX75) price in India
Using a food-grade, dual non-stick coating, the V-Guard 2-in-1 Sandwich Maker will be the perfect morning companion for you. Why? Well, thanks to its non-stick coating, any accidental spillage of food could get easily wiped, making clean-ups hassle-free! Powered by 750 Watts of power, rest assured this appliance can whip out delicious sandwiches in little to no time. Featuring a cool-touch handle, you won’t need oven mitts or gloves to open or close this sandwich maker. However, the feature that makes it amongst the best sandwich makers in the market is its changeable plates (grill and triangle). Hence, you could make a fusion of perfectly seared sandwiches (using the grill plate) or completely sealed right-angled sandwiches (using the triangle plate), without worrying about burnt edges and uncooked centres! In addition to these specs, the appliance also boasts an intelligent thermostat, dual-LED indicators, and an easy locking system.

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Prestige Sandwich Maker (PGMFD 01)

Prestige Sandwich Maker (PGMFD 01) price in India
The Prestige Sandwich Maker is available in a matte finish to match the aesthetics of any modern-day kitchen. While its exteriors have been made using Bakelite, its interiors have been designed using die-cast aluminium. This translates to optimal durability! The bakelite body helps deliver stellar heat resistance, keeping accidental burns at bay. The die-cast aluminium, non-stick heating plates helps make healthy sandwiches with little oil. Overall, it is an ideal combination of tech and nutrition! To indicate whether the appliance is preheating or cooking the food, it comes fitted with 2 LED indicators. Where red light means the unit is preheating, the green light indicates the unit is preheated, and also that the food is cooked. It leverages nearly 800 Watts of power, which means it can cook sandwiches within a few minutes! Apart from these features, this sandwich maker also has a long cord (1.5 m) and a lid lock.

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Pigeon by Stovekraft Sandwich Maker

Pigeon by Stovekraft Sandwich Maker price in India
This sandwich maker works on fast heating technology to facilitate faster and efficient cooking. to facilitate faster and efficient cooking So, when you are running late, you could use this appliance to make yourself a quick and delicious breakfast! Its convenience is further enhanced by the cutting-edge non-stick plates that ensure food scraps can be cleaned without breaking a sweat. Moreover, it weighs merely a kilogram and has the dimensions of 24.5 x 10 x 23.5 cm, which means it can be stored in any corner of your kitchen! In terms of aesthetics, the sandwich maker has a graceful white shade. It has an operating voltage of 220 - 240 volts and a wattage of 750 watts, giving quick results and energy savings. Plus, since it has a built-in lid lock, you won’t have to worry about keeping the appliance pressed. Its other notable specifications are a power light indicator and bigger and deeper plates.

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Borosil Super Jumbo Sandwich Maker

Borosil Super Jumbo Sandwich Maker price in India
As the name suggests, the Borosil Super Jumbo Sandwich Maker is a large capacity appliance that a family of 3-4 can use. Being a 4-slice sandwich maker, it is ideal for those who need to make breakfast for their entire family in the rush hour! It has been designed keeping in mind utility and user convenience. For instance, the appliance comes equipped with an oil collector to drain the excess oil and butter in your sandwiches without making a mess. Another USP of this sandwich maker is that it opens at an angle of 105° to make daily use hassle-free. This appliance will be the perfect fit for all the grilled cheese lovers out there as it works on deep ribs for extra crispy grilling! The device consumes a total power of 2000 watts to dispense uniform heating. It also has a built-in automatic temperature control that ensures no electrical damage occurs.

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Havells Sandwich Maker

Havells Sandwich Maker price in India
Your love for sandwiches deserves a high-performance sandwich maker. Hence, you must take a look at the Havells Sandwich Maker that comes along with food-grade, non-stick aluminium plates to support healthy cooking. It has a complete Bakelite body that keeps the exterior cool, preventing any unforeseen accidents. Its safety is enhanced by the presence of cool-touch handles, which allow you to operate the appliance without any mitts. Its grill plates of die-cast aluminium make way for efficient cooking. It uses 800 watts of power to operate at full capacity. The Havells Sandwich Maker also has a light indicator that keeps you informed whether the appliance is receiving power or not. Other remarkable details are a hinged lock for better safety and a compact design.

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Concord Sandwich Maker

Concord Sandwich Maker price in India
Do you like to make extra-loaded sandwiches that overflow with veggies and cheese? Then you must consider buying the Concord Sandwich Maker! It uses a unique floating hinge mechanism that can automatically adjust to any size of toast. This appliance is much more than a sandwich maker as it can be used for making grilled chicken, paneer tikka, and more! This multi-purpose device opens 180° flat, giving you a large cooking area. It is a 4-slice sandwich maker and can be used by a family of 3-4. Speaking of features that make your life easier, the Concord Sandwich Maker boasts an oil drip tray for the collection of excess oil and an adjustable temperature control knob for complete control. This multipurpose kitchen appliance also has multiple safety specs, such as a cool-touch handle, skid-resistant feet, and LED indicators. Plus, owing to its non-stick grill plates, you won’t have to spend any extra time cleaning it.

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iBELL 3-in-1 Sandwich Maker

iBELL 3-in-1 Sandwich Maker price in India
On weekends, you might want to make something more than sandwiches for breakfast. This is where the iBELL 3-in-1 Sandwich Maker can help you! Being a sandwich maker with 3-in-1 functions, you can also make waffles and other delicacies with this appliance. It uses non-stick plates for cooking, and since they are detachable, you can remove and clean them effortlessly. It averts any electrical damage that might take place due to overheating, thanks to its state-of-the-art auto shut-off mechanism. It features an elegant black and silver hue that could complement the décor of your kitchen. The thermostatically-controlled heating element enables the sandwich maker to preempt any unanticipated accidents. It operates at 220-240 voltage and wattage of 750 watts. In addition to these specifications, it also comprises a grip handle, quick cooking time, and a durable build.

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Cello Super Club Sandwich Maker

Cello Super Club Sandwich Maker price in India
The Cello Super Club Sandwich Maker’s interior has been made using die-cast aluminium that enables it to sustain high temperatures. Thus, it can perform with high efficiency for several years down the lane. For allowing you to carry out oil-free toasting, its plates are coated with a non-stick layer. The appliance features a heat-resistant Bakelite body and prevents the the exterior from getting hot. With an ergonomic design, compact shape, and lightweight body, the Cello Super Club Sandwich Maker can be kept anywhere. Its elegant black finish is coupled with indicator lights, giving it a modern look. You can use the appliance without any mitts as it comes fitted with cool-touch handles. It can also heat up quickly and give fast results since it consumes a total power of 750 Watts.

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Lifelong Sandwich Maker (LLSM120G)

Lifelong Sandwich Maker (LLSM120G) price in India
If you enjoy well-grilled and low-oil sandwiches, then the Lifelong Sandwich Maker might be the right fit for you! Its plates are non-stick and are covered with premium-quality Teflon, which means you won’t need oil or butter to remove the sandwich from the plate. It is also loaded with an array of smart functions, including overheating protection and power efficiency. Both of these features help in ensuring optimal safety! Since this sandwich maker is electric, it is powered by 750 Watts of power. This enables it to make a delicious breakfast within 15 minutes only. It has a hinge lock to ensure that the sandwiches are grilled properly. The appliance also has a built-in LED indicator that intimates when your sandwiches are ready. With an ergonomic and space-friendly design, you can store this sandwich maker at any place.

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Kent Sandwich Maker (16024)

Kent Sandwich Maker (16024) price in India
Your last night’s leftover veggies can be turned into 4 crispy sandwiches with the latest Kent Sandwich Maker. Its inner plates have been made using a non-toxic ceramic coating that uses little or no butter and yet, provides amazingly crispy sandwiches within minutes. The coating also makes for easy cleaning with a damp cloth! This sandwich maker has an ergonomic handle that helps you open the appliance or lift it without having safety concerns. Also, its handle locks ensure that no heat is wasted, and you always get perfectly toasted crispy sandwiches. The Kent Sandwich Maker has an automatic temperature cut off feature that shuts off the appliance once the cooking is done for your safety and peace of mind. Apart from these, some of its other remarkable details are a drip-proof build, LED indicators, and compact size.

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List Of Best Sandwich Makers In India

Product Name Seller Price
V-Guard 2-in-1 Sandwich Maker (VSX75) Amazon ₹ 1,999
Prestige Sandwich Maker (PGMFD 01) Amazon ₹ 1,299
Pigeon by Stovekraft Sandwich Maker Amazon ₹ 1,099
Borosil Super Jumbo Sandwich Maker Amazon ₹ 4,360
Havells Sandwich Maker Amazon ₹ 1,486
Concord Sandwich Maker Amazon ₹ 3,299
iBELL 3-in-1 Sandwich Maker Amazon ₹ 2,071
Cello Super Club Sandwich Maker Amazon ₹ 1,049
Lifelong Sandwich Maker (LLSM120G) Amazon ₹ 899
Kent Sandwich Maker (16024) Amazon ₹ 1,349
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