Vodafone Mobile Vans offer Aadhaar-SIM linking at customer's doorstep in Rajasthan

Vodafone is offering doorstep SIM upgrades and Aadhaar verification in smaller towns and villages of Rajasthan

Published Date
22 - Nov - 2017
| Last Updated
22 - Nov - 2017
Vodafone Mobile Vans offer Aadhaar-SIM linking at customer’s door...

As government has announced that telcos can re-verify their existing customers using Aadhaar. Vodafone has announced that, in order to make the process easier, they are deploying two Vodafone Mobile Vans for facilitating doorstep SIM upgrades and Aadhaar verification in smaller towns and villages of Rajasthan.  

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As a part of Vodafone’s endeavor to make their customers lives simpler and better for people residing in the rural heartland of the state, Vodafone has deployed two mobile vans to travel to the villages and smaller towns of Rajasthan, facilitating doorstep SIM upgrades and Aadhar verification.

Initiated in January 2017, These Vodafone Mobile Vans have covered over 450+ villages like Jhunjhunu, Mahapura, Hingoniya, Bhadra, Fatehpur, Bandikui, Makrana, Panchpadra, Phalodi etc. and will move on to traverse the deeper precincts of villages like Nechwa, Kasli, Dhod, Hindaun, Manoharpur, Kirdhauli, Singrawat, Kurli, Pulasar, Mangloona etc.

Inviting the residents of rural Rajasthan to utilize the benefits provided by the Vodafone Mobile vans, Amit Bedi, Business Head- Rajasthan, Vodafone India, said, “Over the past years, Vodafone has added additional 4G sites to strengthen Vodafone SuperNet 4G and extended Vodafone’s best network to more and more towns and villages in Rajasthan.

The Vodafone Mobile Vans will ensure that our existing 2G/3G customers are able to enjoy the benefits of Vodafone SuperNet 4G with free SIM upgrade done at their doorstep. The service of linking SIM number with the customer’s Aadhaar is an important step in line with Vodafone’s commitment to a Digital India. I am happy to say that this service has now been made simple and accessible to our valued customers even in remote villages, through our Mobile vans. Over the past 10 months, we have helped thousands of customers with 4G SIM upgrades along with their Vodafone SIM linked with Aadhaar number. ”