Net Neutrality: DoT panel to submit report next month

The Indian government has hinted at supporting the net neutrality in India. However, a DoT panel will submit its report next month following which the government will take a final decision.

Published Date
14 - Apr - 2015
| Last Updated
14 - Apr - 2015
Net Neutrality: DoT panel to submit report next month

A telecom department panel will submit its recommendations on net neutrality next month after which the government will take a final decision on the issue. The development comes amid heated debate over the net neutrality.

Interestingly, the government has come out in support for the net neutrality. Political leaders including Aam Aadmi Party leader Arvind Kejriwal and Telecom Minister Ravishankar Prasad have extended support to the net neutrality. Moreover, there's already online campaigns such as the going on in support of net neutrality.

"We feel that the Internet is the creation of human mind. Internet should have linkages to the common man in a non-discriminatory manner,” Prasad is quoted as saying.

Here's a viral video in support of net neutrality:

Debate about net neutrality triggered in India after Airtel launched an Airtel Zero initiative that gave users free access to apps associated with the initiative – many believed the programme is against the concept net neutrality. Moreover, the telecom regulatory authority of India (TRAI) has already floated a consultation paper on the issue.

Even as majority of netizens are supporting net neutrality, telecom operators have repeatedly pointed out the revenue losses they have suffered because of the OTT players. Airtel, however, has said in a detailed response how the Airtel Zero is not against the net neutrality. Here's the Airtel response on the issue.

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