Airtel offers fastest 4G speeds in India, not Reliance Jio: OpenSignal report

Airtel reportedly offers 4G speeds of 11.5Mbps, while Jio offers 3.9Mbps, but Jio's LTE network is more easily available

Published Date
24 - Apr - 2017
| Last Updated
13 - Jun - 2017
Airtel offers fastest 4G speeds in India, not Reliance Jio: OpenS...

A few days ago, a report by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) declared Reliance Jio to offer the fastest 4G speeds in the country in the month of March. However, a report by OpenSignal begs to differ. As per its report, the State of Mobile Networks: India, Airtel offers the fastest 4G speeds in the country as opposed to Jio. In fact, Jio was said to be amongst the slowest in the country. As per its report, while Airtel offered 11.5Mbps 4G speeds, Jio offered 3.9Mbps. Both Vodafone and Idea offered around 8Mbps. The tests were conducted by 93,464 OpenSignal smartphone users between December 1, 2016 and February 28, 2017.

OpenSignal’s report notes that the limited speeds that they came across during their Jio tests could be explained by the operator's success. It says the 100 million subscribers Jio garnered in the space of months, combined with free data offers, led to a high 4G data usage, which “would tax any network, no matter how powerful.” While Airtel may have won out on 4G speeds, Jio won out on availability. Testers were able to get a Jio LTE connection 91.6% of the time, which the report says is an exceptional score, even on a global level.

OpenSignal also notes in the global picture, India’s 4G speeds are still relatively slow. It’s report states that all four national 4G operators offered less speed that the global LTE download average of 17.4Mbps.

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