ThinkDigit Weekly Poll Results (New iPad)

Published Date
21 - Mar - 2012
| Last Updated
21 - Mar - 2012
ThinkDigit Weekly Poll Results (New iPad)

Welcome to ThinkDigits's Weekly Poll results! Last week we had sought your opinion on Apple's latest New iPad tablet. We asked you - “What do you think about the New iPad? Is it worth the upgrade?”

Well, we have the results and not much to our surprise, people seem very skeptical about the pricing of the New iPad, considering Apple devices are always priced high in India. Our poll results reflect the same. We received 356 responses from our readers, out of which as many as 124 votes, 35 per cent, were cast in favour of “Can't say - I'll wait to see the India pricing first!”

Even as the entire world is going gaga over the New iPad, 122 votes that is 34 per cent were in favour of “No, it's not worth the upgrade”.

Retina Display, however, did woo the poll takers, as 67 votes (19 per cent) went to “Yes, the new Retina Display is to die for!”. As many as 43 votes (12 per cent) were in favour of “Yes, the new CPU-GPU makes it worth it!”.

We’d like to thank ThinkDigit readers for their valuable feedback, and hope to see the same level of interest in the future.

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