Test code hints future iPads to come with Touch ID and Apple Pay

iOS 8.1 beta code alludes to Apple Pay settings with Touch ID for iPad reference

Published Date
30 - Sep - 2014
| Last Updated
30 - Sep - 2014
Test code hints future iPads to come with Touch ID and Apple Pay

New code in iOS 8.1 developer beta hints at upcoming Apple Pay mobile payments service and Touch ID fingerprint readers in the new iPads..

Developer Hamza Sood has discovered new settings in the latest iOS 8.1 beta after the upcoming maintenance update was released earlier this week. He has uncovered Apple Pay support code is for in-app transactions, however there has been no mention of NFC connectivity. Read: Larger iPhones, new watch: A roundup of last night's Apple event

According to reports, Apple Pay will be managed through the Passbook settings menu in iOS 8. It will also support adding and removing credit card information and the settings pane will also store default transaction details like a go-to credit card, email, billing address and shipping address required by retailers.

Sood has also uncovered a string of code that references Touch ID-enabled iPads. The string reads, "Pay with iPad using Touch ID. With Apple Pay, you no longer need to type card numbers and shipping information."

Apple Pay is expected to be rolled out in October and is the company's first foray into the digital wallet sector. The tech giant had made it clear that Apple Pay will not be used to track users’ purchases. However, the service’s privacy statement reads, “the location of your iOS Device at the time you use your iOS Device to make purchases in stores may be sent anonymously to Apple and will be used to help Apple Pay improve the accuracy of business names in the Passbook card transaction history and may be retained in the aggregate to improve other Apple products and services.”

Source: Hamza Sood (Twitter), Apple Developer Blog