Moto may reenter tablet market with 'productivity' oriented device

Although much information is not available yet, the new tablet will reportedly house a 'Productivity Mode' and flaunt a large display of up to 10 inches.

Published Date
05 - May - 2017
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05 - May - 2017
Moto may reenter tablet market with 'productivity' oriented devic...

Moto is reportedly working on a new tablet, states Android Police. The company's last tablet, Motorola Xoom was made back in 2011, which is what makes this announcement a bit of a surprise. As per the report, the tablet will come with a 'Productivity' mode, although no other information has been revealed yet.

The new Moto tablet will reportedly house a screen that measures between 9 and 10 inches, diagonally. Additionally, Android Police states that Moto will include a 'Productivity Mode' in the upcoming tablet, which can pin in-use applications to the taskbar, hence facilitating one-touch app switching rather than a separate window to access all recently opened apps. Pinned apps on the taskbar can be closed by long-pressing on the icon and flicking upward. The overall implementation appears to be similar to Chrome OS, like the productivity mode on Lenovo's rather futuristic Yoga Book.

The taskbar may also get an app drawer for quickly accessing all the apps on the system on a ghost menu, which makes sense for someone using multiple apps on a mobile device on the go. There are no further details available on the Moto tablet as of now, and neither are any other inklings of exactly how or what this device will shape up to be. It is also unclear as to what other features the concerned device may have, or if the Productivity Mode would be the only differentiating feature.

Tablets have been out of favour in the market for a while now, which makes it a bit puzzling as to why Moto would be looking to reenter the tablet market. Going by how the Productivity Mode looks like, Moto may be focusing on unveiling a tablet with flagship configuration aimed at content designers and creators, but all of this is only speculation right now. The next few days should give us some clue in terms of what to expect.

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