Microsoft Surface for Windows RT available on eBay starting Rs. 38,990

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22 - Oct - 2012
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22 - Oct - 2012
Microsoft Surface for Windows RT available on eBay starting Rs. 3...

Are you a Microsoft fanboy? Been waiting for the Surface Tablet and left a little disappointed when the pre-orders didn’t open in India? Well, it’s eBay to the rescue for you! Just like it happened with the iPhone 5, the Microsoft Surface RT Tablet has surfaced (pun unintended) on eBay with exorbitant pricing.

To let you know what’s out there, the listings on eBay offer two choices, the 32GB Surface RT without the Touch Cover for Rs. 38,490 and the Surface RT with Touch Cover (choice of Blue, Red, Pink, Black and White covers) for Rs. 48,990 for the Black version and Rs. 49,990 for all the rest. There is no 64GB version on eBay (yet), but the Surface RT does come with a microSD card slot that can gobble up a 64GB card to offer you more digital territory to let your movies and songs frolic in.

Currently, the official Microsoft Store is offering the base 32 GB model of the Surface for $499, which roughly translates to Rs. 27,500 while the Touch Cover version is pegged at $599 or Rs. 33,000. The eBay pricing is definitely much higher, but that is to be expected if you’re looking at having the Surface RT around the same time as the US counterparts. The listings are being marked as “Genuine Import from USA” with a ship date of November 2. The Surface pricing on eBay is far better than what we earlier reported for the iPhone 5, which was selling for a jaw dropping Rs. 75,000 (for the $649 16GB version).

Surface RT is Microsoft’s home-grown 10-inch tablet that will run Windows RT (the ARM version of the Windows 8 OS) and will ship with a copy of Office RT (student version) that can be upgraded to the full version for free when it is finally out.


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