MediaTek reveals world's first 'true octa-core' mobile SoC

MediaTek has teased the world's first SoC that packs eight-processing cores which can run simultaneously in your mobile device.

Published Date
31 - Jul - 2013
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31 - Jul - 2013
MediaTek reveals world's first 'true octa-core' mobile SoC

MediaTek just got done announcing their new quad-core processor running ARM’s big.LITTLE architecture, and today, we’re getting word of an unnamed octa-core processor from the Taiwanese manufacturer. However the company’s put its own twist onto the octa-core race, calling out Samsung, the maker of the Exynos 5 Octa.

MediaTek claims that unlike the competition, which does have eight processing cores, but uses only four, the octa-core processor from the company uses all eight processing cores, making it the first true octa-core processor. The company claims that their new SoC will be able to deliver better multimedia content playback, better gaming and an overall better user experience without letting the battery take a hit.

Currently, Samsung offers the Exynos 5 Octa, which is an eight core SoC built on ARM’s big.LITTLE architecture featuring four A15 core and four A7 cores. In the current design, at any given time, only one of 2 core clusters can operate, that is, either the four A15 cores work or the four A7s. So, while the specs may technically be correct in boasting 8 cores, the reality is that at any given time, you only get quad-core performance.

MediaTek is aiming to address that with their new octa-core processor, which is the first processor to operate all eight cores simultaneously. At the moment, MediaTek has not announced when this processor will be available, and neither have they revealed any juicy details such as the clockspeed range or the die size. We can only hope that MediaTek releases not just the details about the processor but the processor itself soon!

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