MediaTek announces quad-core MT8135 tablet SoC, features big.LITTLE design

MediaTek is stepping up its SoC Game with the MT8135, which ditches the standard quad-core configuration of the MT8125 and goes for ARM's big.LITTLE design instead.

Published Date
30 - Jul - 2013
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30 - Jul - 2013
MediaTek announces quad-core MT8135 tablet SoC, features big.LITT...

MediaTek has just announced a new tablet SoC (system-on-chip), the MT8135, a quad-core offering built on ARM’s big.LITTLE architecture. MediaTek claims that the new configuration would allow for maximum optimization of battery life while keeping performance at peak.

The new SoC incorporates two Cortex A15 cores and two Cortex A7 cores along with the latest PowerVR Series 6 GPU. The big.LITTLE is a configuration in which at any given time, either the A15 cores are functioning or the A7s. Given the task at hand, the device running such an SoC can switch between CPU cores (between A15 or A7) to optimize for performance and battery life. Noel Hurley, Vice President, Strategy and Marketing, Processor Division, ARM said that, “ARM big.LITTLE technology reduces processor energy consumption by up to 70 percent on common workloads, which is critical in the drive towards all-day battery life for mobile platforms,” said. “We are pleased to see MediaTek’s MT8135 seizing on the opportunity offered by the big.LITTLE architecture to enable new services on a heterogeneous processing platform.”

The MT8135 features a MediaTek-developed four-in-one connectivity combination that includes Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, GPS and FM, designed to bring highly integrated wireless technologies and expanded functionality to market-leading multimedia tablets. The MT8135 also supports Wi-Fi certified Miracast to allow sharing of multimedia content between devices.

The MediaTek MT8135 is currently being touted as an 'SoC for high-end tablets', but there is nothing stopping MediaTek from allowing it to go into the phablet segment as well. We should start seeing tablets and possibly large phones powered by the MT3185 coming into the market very soon. Coming to the 'high-end' part of the tablet SoC claim, we believe that just like its counterparts in the mobile space, the MT8135 SoC will power mid-range tablets from budget manufacturers, once again providing unprecedented performance for great value.

For more information, visit MediaTek’s website.


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