LG will make the first "Project Tango" tablet next year

The tablet will be equipped with incredible cameras that allow it to see the world in 3D.

Published Date
27 - Jun - 2014
| Last Updated
27 - Jun - 2014
LG will make the first "Project Tango" tablet next year

At the Google I/O 2014, it has been revealed that LG will be making a consumer tablet for the ambitious “Project Tango” which will arrive in early 2015. Google didn’t share any details on how much the tablet will cost or when it will hit the market. The Tango tablet (developers edition) which was shown at the I/O conference was running an Nvidia Tegra K1 chip. But, Google was tight lipped on whether the LG Tango tablet would run on the same specifications or LG would be partnering with someone else for the tablet.

“Project Tango” is an ambitious project from ATAP group which is a special division inside Google which has made outrageous projects like “Project Ara” possible. As defined by Google, “the goal of Project Tango is to give mobile devices a human-scale understanding of space and motion”. The technology uses camera and various sensors to map the environment in 3D and in depth for various purposes. Google is working with various partners from big manufacturing companies to students in universities for its development.

Game developer, Limbic has announced that they will be utilizing tango sensors in their game “Zombie Gunship Reality”.

As for now, if you are an interested developer, you can sign up with Project Tango and start developing. Project Tango runs on Android and can run standard Android applications written in Java, C/C++, as well Unity Game Engine. 

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