Jolla Tablet back on Indiegogo with 64GB version, 4450 mAh battery

Jolla's much hyped tablet is now back on the crowd sourcing website with new set of goals.

Published Date
30 - Jan - 2015
| Last Updated
30 - Jan - 2015
Jolla Tablet back on Indiegogo with 64GB version, 4450 mAh batter...

Jolla, the company known for the Sailfish OS-powered phones, is working on a tablet concept, which was recently listed on Indiegogo. The tablet concept received an overwhelming response as Jolla reached the target of $380,000 in less than two hours. The tablet is now back on Indiegogo with new targets – 64GB built-in storage, 4450 mAh battery and microSD support up to 128GB. It also includes laminated display and sensors such as gyroscope and compass.

Jolla promises contributors will receive the Jolla Tablet in the second quarter this year, right after the contributors from the first phase in Nov-Dec last year.

Jolla says in a detailed e-mail:

We’ve decided to move forward with an open source memory card solution. This enables the use of memory cards up to 128GB on the Jolla Tablet for back-ups and additional storage, but due to Microsoft’s licensing limitation, cards over 32GB that are formatted in Jolla Tablet will not be readable with Windows computers or devices that advertise microSDXC support (cameras/phones/tablets). We apologise for the lack of full Windows support here, but we feel that this suits best with our community's wishes and the Jolla values.

We are also now introducing the 64GB Jolla Tablet! For earlier 32GB version contributors we offer an affordable upgrade to 64GB with just 25USD. Please note that this upgrade price is only valid for earlier 2014 contributions.

Further hardware updates: the battery size of the Jolla Tablet has been slightly increased to 4450mAh (previously 4300mAh), the display is now fully laminated, and we've added gyroscope and compass sensors. The proximity sensor will not be included in the Jolla Tablet unlike previously mentioned.

Along with new goals, Jolla has also introduced special tablet and smartphone bundle offer. The Jolla Tablet perks now available on Indiegogo: Jolla Tablet 32GB: $219, Jolla Tablet 64GB: $249, 64GB upgrade: $25, Shipping: $20, The Combo: Tablet 32GB & Phone: $419, The Combo: Tablet 64GB & Phone: $449

Jolla recently concluded a Series B funding round after a successful crowdfunding campaign for an open source tablet running Sailfish OS. After the B round, the company has so far raised 34 million Euro financing.

After completing campaign’s target of $380,000. Jolla ended up raising nearly five times the target, resulting in total contributions of over $1.82 million in 21 campaign days. With the successful campaigns, Jolla has achieved two goals – support for 128GB microSDHC support and a split screen functionality to its Sailfish OS.

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