Is HTC preparing a couple of Windows RT tablets?

The latest reports indicate that HTC might be working on Windows RT tablets.

Published Date
21 - Dec - 2012
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21 - Dec - 2012
Is HTC preparing a couple of Windows RT tablets?

It is being reported that HTC might be working hard at developing not one, but a number of Windows RT tablets with the goal of competing with Apple’s iPad. The company is said to be working on at least 2 tablets, one a 12-inch slate and a 7-incher with voice calling capabilities. Qualcomm is said to be the provider of the processing chips, but there is no word on whether it will be the existing S4 processors or a new design.

It is said that HTC has been toying with the idea of venturing into the tablet space for a while now - their first attempt with the Flyer failed. With Steve Ballmer sharing meeting rooms with HTC CEO Peter Chou to discuss the future of the two companies’ relationship, one can’t help but wonder if the tablets HTC would go ahead with Windows 8 as the choice of operating system for these upcoming slates.

Recently we reported that HTC had decided against building a Windows Phone 8 phablet, and hot on the heels of that, we have learnt that HTC decided to scrap any plans of building a Windows 8 Pro tablet, as it would run costs close to $1,000. Windows 8 has a wealth of OEMs pushing out Pro tablets, but lacks a phablet device and a 7-inch tablet.

Given that the competing entities, Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android both have devices in the phablet and 7-inch space, it would only make sense that if Microsoft wanted to be a real competitor in the mobile device space, they would need to fill these two voids.

While HTC may have shot down one of those options, but it looks like the 7-inch space might be seeing some generous love from the Taiwanese company. Of course, nothing is official yet, either from Microsoft or HTC, and we wouldn’t hold our breath for such an announcement coming anytime soon though.


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