iFixit tears-down the Microsoft Surface Pro, labels it 'almost un-repairable'

Microsoft Surface Pro got the teardown treatment by the guys at iFixit,and a label as least fixable.

Published Date
14 - Feb - 2013
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14 - Feb - 2013
iFixit tears-down the Microsoft Surface Pro, labels it 'almost un...

Microsoft is yet to launch the Surface tablet in India (Pro or RT), but if you’re one of the few who’s managed to sneak in a unit from the US, and also the DIY type, then here is a bit of news for you. The guys over at iFixit have put the new tablet-laptop thing under their knife and some rather unpleasant surprises have followed.

For starters, the device-dismantling crew at iFixit reports that the Surface Pro is an absolute nightmare when it comes to any DIY fixes. They say “we find a metric duckload of adhesive holding the screen in place. A metric duckload is not to be confused with an imperial duckload.” Sense of humour aside, while the iFixit guys are pros with the hair dryers when it comes to softening up glued assembly parts, we highly doubt that an average user would wield the same skill set. Even if you do manage to get the glue to give way, iFixit says that there are some very delicate ribbons around the display assembly that can very easily be damaged if caution isn’t exercised and if that doesn’t make you crap your pants, then there is the fact that the Surface Pro is being held together by 90 screws.

Just a word of advice, Microsoft does not offer global warranty on the Surface tablets. So if you’ve already bought one, then you’d better hope and pray nothing goes wrong with it (unless you fly to the US as frequently as you travel to the local grocery store).

If you’re someone who’s contemplating buying a Surface tablet, then we quite strongly recommend holding off on the purchase till it is officially available in India through Microsoft.

Source: iFixit


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